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Knott's Berry Farm

Credit: Knott's Berry Farm


  1. Chris

    If Knott’s didn’t make any changes, then they could have a leg to stand on, but Knott’s has made changes to their protocols to.imprpve safety and they are constantly improving.

    Even the night of Knott’s, shut down to help ensure safety of all guests. Why would anyone expect a refund for something that Knott’s had no control over? Now if say they shut down every attraction for the rest of the year, then there might be some discussion to be had, but Knott’s shouldn’t refund in this case anymore that Disney should for all of the violence breaking out there.

  2. Domingo

    I feel knots berry farm acted accordingly 21to supervise I m not sure about that 21can super ice 14and younger probably but a lot of 21year olds are in gangs snd like to fight to but they took action witch I feel is a good thing it’s a family park and I’m sure the guest used thier pass multiply times so no refund for them seems right

  3. Elizabeth Frantes

    This is just so crazy it might work, even here in CA. Arrest, convict, and imprison those who break the law, and start charging teens as adults when they run amok. they know nothing will happen to them. And let the disgruntled pass holder sue the TEENS whose activity shut down the park for refunds. Permanent ban for any one of any age who fights or causes disruptions in theme parks. Just another reason I’m glad I’ve never gone to such a place. Standing in line for pimped out carnie rides while gangbangers shut down the park doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

    1. LiQuiDM3tH

      It amazes me that any and every person reading your response knows how sheltered and shallow a life you live. Now that is saying so much more than you managed with small opinion you voiced…crazy huh?

      1. Brandon

        Does no one else think it’s weird that this person brought his business partners brother to the park? Why would you do that? Odd relationship. If you haven’t figured out my sarcasm, I hate when people refer to a girlfriend, husband or wife as a “partner”. A partner was almost never used like that until our crazy age today.

    2. John

      If this is your running theory… than how would you explain the July 25, 2022 incident at Universal Orlando where there was a massive fight that cause other visitors to think there was a mass shooter event in their parking lot?

    3. Dupa

      Bring the parents of juveniles into court and levy fines!
      Maybe then they’ll start beings parents.

    4. Rory

      I agree 100% there’s no way I would take my teen there let alone pay for a pass to worry about gang fights. Just never go there end of problem.

  4. Mindy

    It sucks, but those are the terms you agreed to when buying the pass. All you can do is just not renew it when it expires.

  5. Alyssa

    I can see where this incident at their park would have one wanting some compensation for the traumatic experience, but the reasoning for the request are absurd.
    Hearing only one side to a story but seeing the terms and conditions on the season passes I can see why he’s issue couldn’t be transferred to any one.

    1. Your mom

      So another traumatized, outraged, angry, and offended alphabet person. Shocking that they want a refund after they obviously read the terms and conditions.

      1. Wesley

        Alphabet person?

        1. Joe

          Don’t get them started. The comment section here’s a big enough circus as is.

        2. Dan

          Sounds like some weak gay dudes trying to get some $ if that tramatizes u and your boyfriends brother then u got a hard road ahead

          1. Wesley

            “ When my partner was able to get through to customer service they told her. They would not help her they would not transfer her to any other support.” what does this have to do with gay people exactly? The “word” partner pops up and it’s automatically gay? Read the whole article.

      2. LbGirl

        Good one ! We’re about to lose all comedians everybody’s too damn offended about everything it’s ridiculous can’t stand California anymore.

    2. Ladyblueyes22

      Entitlement, pure and simple. The park didn’t cause the traumatic experience, park GOERS did. Knotts did the right thing by closing down early and instituting new procedures to be sure this didn’t happen again. Take the child to therapy. You used the passes – why should you go for free? That’s what you are asking. You are NOT entitled to a refund simply because you demand it. Read the fine print. Don’t renew your passes. Grow up.

  6. KDC

    Seems like Knott’s tried to do what was in everyone’s best interests by shutting down, but then wanting a refund for something that someone else did doesn’t seem right, or Knott’s would be giving refunds to everyone who paid for that day when violence broke out… Why would just one or a few get refunded if everyone was shaken?

  7. Trina

    Basically you take a risk with anywhere tou go anymore. This can happen in your own town. Do you not watch the news with all the shootings we have had or bullying at schools. If you don’t like it or want to chance life stay home and isolate your family! Traumatized my butt. Have you ever suffered death, cancer or anything?! Grow up and next time read the stipulations before you get season passes. As well stop trying to get things for free this is why they charge high prices for family parks because people like you are greedy!

    1. ThinSkinned

      “tipped over baby strollers”… Just reading about that has left me traumatized!!! I need money from someone to heal….give me free stuff… For my emotional suffering

    2. Joel

      You looser please keep your comments to yourself. They make no sense. Maybe you should call your Dr. about addressing your mental health issues and increase your meds.

      1. Joel

        My response is for Trina.

    3. Skyler Manning

      Definitely not why they charge high prices. Everyone saying this isn’t valid is insane.

  8. David

    Unless you were in the area around the incident and for not being your fault get hurt is a different story. My current beef is that I’m a 20 year old father of a family of three and due to the new chaperone. I’m not being able to be let in because I am not old enough and they do not want to refund me my season passes for my family

    1. Ladyblueyes22

      @David thanks for stepping up and being a responsible dad. I believe in your case you should contact Knotts and explain your situation. I’m sure they would make exceptions for you as a head of household and responsible adult.

  9. Phil0 Sophic

    What is really traumatizing is that morons like this and all the do-gooders on social media start using lawyer initiated polysyllabic words to describe their experience.
    Wake the fu@k up, this merica in the 21st century a failing empire destroyed from within and beyond salvation.
    Yeah I’ll post on Reddit and EVERYONE will agree with me while supporting candidates stealing their rights. Hahaha such fools.

    1. Optimist

      Our country is not beyond salvation. Granted, the first generations of social media is the most difficult, using it for evil instead of good (kitty videos). We’ve been through worse. In the mean time, buckle up!

  10. LiQuiDM3tH

    Hmm, so he uses the passes a handful of times the season is coming to it’s end summer is close to over and kids be back in school in 2 weeks and he can’t figure out why they won’t refund the passes? 😆 No wonder why an upside down chair and stroller hurt their sensibilities so deeply lol

  11. If the day this all happened was the first time using the passes, I could see Knott’s possibly refunding them because of the overall climate of the park, even though it wasn’t Knott’s fault by any means.

    However, in this case, the passes had been used previously, and you only need to go a couple of times to break even on Knott’s passes, so of course they will not refund the passes for something out of their control. Honestly it sounds like someone trying to get free Knott’s vacations for the year.

  12. Walker H.

    So they’ve used the season passes a handful of times already, and have one bad experience, and want a refund for the entire season?
    Okay. A fair solution: Charge them the standard individual day rate for each day they have used the passes, and then refund the cost of the season pass. That’s fair. News flash: They’ll end up OWING money. Lol

  13. Joe

    Why would the refund him? He paid for a non-refundable pass, and wants to refund it because he doesn’t want to go to the park any more?
    I’m not saying his reasoning for not wanting to go is invalid, but a refund???

  14. Annette S. Mason

    I use to visit Knotts Berry Farm lot’s and I miss going there. I was going there for vacation with my Mom and kids. I have Not been there since my Mom passed away about 8 years ago. We used to have a great time and love to get their famous fried chicken and Boysenberry Punch I guess that I would still go to visit the stores to now to just shop. To much is going on with them. Knotts Berry Farm used to be really good back in the day.

  15. Chuck

    How about you stop raising your kids to be pansies! The rest of your family needs to grow a pair…

  16. Bruce verbeck

    Knotts is a bargain and a half. Stop trying to Cancel my Knotts Berry Farm!

    1. Corey

      I agree with the no refund. They agreed to the terms when they purchased the season pass. I understand it was a horrific moment but business is still business. It wasn’t the parks fault for low lives to cause trauma in public. It bites it happened. But incidence like this can happen anywhere. Especially as of late since people are all for themselves and none for all. But it’s no different to purchasing a season pass at a golf course and you use it only once. You will not get a refund because you couldn’t go again the whole season. So I completely agree with no refund and it’s sad they experienced the situation they did and hopefully someday things in the USA will get better.

  17. Bruce verbeck

    This publication is a provacator. Knock it off! It obvious you favor Disney! We do not!

  18. Dawn

    Sorry, no free SEASON passes, you are a greedy over sensitive a##hole.
    My husband was a survivor of the mass shooting in VA Beach- so what we pay no more taxes? What is wrong with you 😫

  19. Skyler Manning

    It doesn’t even makes sense that they wouldn’t refund. I bought 2 season pass tickets to busch gardens for my boyfriend and I. Then he and I broke up due to him becoming addicted to methamphetamine. No, we hadn’t been able to visit the park yet, but even if we’d gone once, I believe the park would’ve refunded me. When I told customer service I’d moved out of FL and to another state to leave this man, they were immediately willing to give me a refund. The Berry Farm place needs to do BETTER.

  20. Tony

    The other day I had a terrible meal at a chain restaurant. I am so traumatised, I may never be able to eat there again. I DEMAND that this restaurant refund me for every meal that I have ever had there. If they refuse, I am going to social media to cry a river and hug my emotional support stuffed bunny.

  21. CJ


    It is alleged there was sounds of gunfire, outside of Knott’s Berry Farm in the parking lot area (no gunfire is confirmed to this day by Buena Park Police)

    Yes there were violent and unruly young adults (unsupervised, too much for a minimal Security Staff to handle). This caused Knott’s Berry Farm to be shut down 3 hours ahead of regular closing + park guests to seek shelter from violence inside shops and restaurants + park guests fleeing (causing a stampede which injured many) + Buena Park Police was called (when they really should be present and Knott’s should let Police Officers in uniform roam freely inside the theme park).

    You are not going to get a refund on your Knott’s Berry Farm Season Pass, but you can cancel it and not return if you don’t feel safe.

    I applaud Knott’s Berry Farm for addressing the issue by announcing a “chaperone system” (those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by one adult 21 and over, the maximum one adult can bring in is 4 underage guests – adult must supervise the underage guests at all times + have an ID that matches the address of at least one of the under age guests + must have phone available and turned on at all times – any form of misconduct will result in immediate dismissal from the park and / or banned from the park – any illicit or legal activity will result in the arrest by Buena Park Police).

    The only problem? Gang Members come in all ages (I agree with everyone who wants to file a lawsuit against these unruly teenager’s parents, but these same adults that are supposed to be chaperoning these teenagers could be Gang Members themselves!)

    This situation isn’t questioning whether or not I will go back to Knott’s for Scary Farm, it’s the levels of covid and monkeypox cases (our family doesn’t want to catch anything!)

    We will continue to support Knott’s Berry Farm, just as we continue to support that theme parks are for everyone – with the exception of those who are unruly, violent, breaking the law (you need to give cast members the authority to remove those causing the problem AND you need more than immediate actions by Security, you need Police Officers ready to respond immediately.

    1. Corey

      Well said.

  22. Puffy McPuffdog

    Sounds like a Karen, can and/or snowflake kind of complaint. There was reports of gunfire from people when it was actually backfire from a car on the street along the park.. There was 3 different incidents where there were fights in 3 different areas of the parks during 3 different times the evening it was closed down early. Read the fine print before you buy season passes people all cells are final. They cannot foresee the future and your fellow neighbor visiting the park.

  23. Jacob Flanigan

    File a lawsuit against the park where the court has enough evidence to get the park a restraining order (give the family a refund)

  24. LawTrekker

    I agree that the full refund of a season pass (as opposed to a one or two-visit ticket) is an unreasonable request; as the park pointed out, the guests had used their passes on multiple occasions already. Nonetheless, refusing any compensation is poor customer service. If the guests paid separately for that day’s parking, the company should refund that amount. Additionally, they should offer everyone affected by the events coupons for free food and drink at a later visit. A gesture like that would go a long way towards repairing ill will.

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