Comments for Fans Confused, Furious Over AK-47 Featured In Latest ‘Star Wars’ Trailer

Unknown character holding AK-47 in 'Star Wars: Andor'

Credit: Lucasfilm

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  1. AmericanbyGod

    You bunch of pansies need to get a life. Who cares what it looks like. A gun is a gun, no matter what it looks like. A gun can no more control its appearance than it can shoot without someone pulling the trigger. So, thank a gun owner for standing up for our 2nd Amendment rights. Because when the crap hits the fan, like if we are invaded by some foreign power, like China, you’re going to be wishing you had a friend with firepower to protect your whiny butt. I am American, I am NRA, I am a Patriot, and, if it ever came to it, I would protect everyone around me, including you, no matter what your opinion about whichever firearm I have on me at the time. That’s how us Patriots roll, so, we would appreciate you not attacking us for our guns. Go after the mental illness of those using our tools of protection as tools of terror. They are your enemy, not us.

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