Comments for Disney “Castrated” Buzz Lightyear By Axing Tim Allen, According to Patricia Heaton

tim allen with buzz lightyear

Credit: Disney


  1. Tim Allen dodged a bullet. He was replaced for being conservative. That doesn’t work with Disney homosexuality and grooming of young children agenda. I will not watch lightyear. Perversion!

    1. Jordan

      Ignorance at its finest right here lol. He wasn’t replaced. This is the story of the man, not the toy. He’s still in the Santa Clause series coming out, so I doubt they would have a problem with him if they put him in that.
      Take your homophobia elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with 2 people who love each other kissing

      1. CalledIt

        Forget it facts mean nothing to these people.

  2. S1

    I don’t want that man anywhere near Disney. Once he got out of the closet he became a hateful, sexist, bigot.

    1. CalledIt

      Being a coke dealer didn’t help either.

  3. Shellebelle

    Keep creating a caste system progressives (commies). Whites and conservatives are the lower castes, right? Chris Evans said those who don’t agree with the LGBT lifestyle are backward idiots. It’s fun living with a caste system! I heard that a woman in India who married someone who wasn’t in her caste was hacked to death by her brother. Such righteousness and justice, right?

  4. Emma

    I’m disappointed by this movie and a lot of moves that Disney/Pixar have been making. I’m a very big supporter of LGBTQ, I have many great friends that are walking this life path and they are fabulous people who I love. That being said I do not agree with the display of “the kiss”(a kids movie is not the place to make a political stand) and I’m very disappointed that Tim Allen won’t be Buzz. I understand that the reasons that everyone says he isn’t voicing him but I have heard rumors and it is hard to know what is true anymore. My little one adores Buzz as does my brother (who grew up with him). They want to see it together but I don’t think I’m going to be supporting this movie. It is upsetting when movies -that should be removed from worldly drama-brings the drama in and challenges parents to make hard decisions.

    1. Jordan

      A kiss isn’t a political stand, especially when you consider kissing is in any and everything. If it’s a matter of it being done by 2 women that makes you uncomfortable, then that’s something you need to fix inside yourself, not others.


        ADAM/EVE GET IT?

  5. Samuel G Alterio

    Tim Allen MADE Buzz Lightyear. I’m not interested in the movie if he’s not in it.

    1. CalledIt

      No Pixar made Buzz Lightyear, not Tim Allen. Btw you realize that Allen is the voice for the toy not the real guy right?

  6. Susan

    Tim Allen is THE Buzz Lightyear! Why in the world would you think to change him? Who’s next? Mickey Mouse??

  7. Sad

    It’s too bad Disney is more concerned about pushing an agenda and pandering to a small minority than making quality content that continues its previous legacy.

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