Comments for “Pixar Should Be Embarrassed,” Disney Offends ‘Lightyear’ Fans

Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear

Credit: Pixar


  1. John

    Omg! Who cares. It’s all in good fun. I like the promo ad

  2. Jeff

    The tweet shared that ended with the word sad was a joke picking on people who get mad about these films. It is not someone being outraged about the art 😂

  3. Whothehellcares

    Seriously?! This is a non-story.

  4. Jose

    The LGBTQ population of the United States is estimated to between 3% to 6% of the population.

    Disney employs a much higher percent of LGBTQ population than what represents the US population, therefore what sexual values the LGBTQ hold is not representative of the wider population.

    Disney is endanger of destroying their company if they remain on this path. The US population will tolerate LGBTQ beliefs, but not as an alternative to their own core family values.

    1. Bob

      And other polls have it as high as 10%. The 3% number is crap.

      Get out of here with your bigoted crap. You’d think someone who’s faced racism would have some empathy but apparently you’re as big a monster as any.

      1. Richard

        Sorry, won’t be seeing it for numerous reasons. Buzz has always be my favorite. Sorry to see things go in this direction.

    2. S1

      Considering how many people are closeted or in denial, the real number is probably closer to 30-40%. Odds are pretty high that you are actually gay and just refuse to admit it.

      1. sam


        not that it matters, but you’re suggesting that 1 in 4 people are LGBTQ+.

        to contextualize that, if you look at 2 M/F coupling, 1 of those 4 is pretending, is what you are saying.

        not likely. and at the end of the day, not at all relevant.

        the point of the hate for the movie is that parents want to take their children to see these films without the film introducing them to a concept that they are not ready to have their children introduced.

        which is very much the responsibility of the parent to then decide to go watch the movie, not hate on a person because of who they love.



    1. kurt

      Such a nice man.

  6. Sue

    Disney Pixar is just getting too political. Turning off a big chunk of lifelong fans.
    I don’t care who people choose to love but quit trying to push it on us. That and the price gouging have us deciding to take our family of 8 elsewhere. They lost our $10,000+

    1. SomeMumblingBum

      Good. Less bigots to foul up the park.

  7. sam

    if you find the movie isn’t kid appropriate don’t let your kids watch. this includes if it introduces them to concepts which you don’t think they should be introduced at the age at which they might see the film.

    parenting is hard.

  8. D

    Why does any character need to kiss any other character to begin with? Leave it out, keep it a Kid’s movie, then Voila!, You won’t have a controversy!

    1. Jordan

      Last I checked, kissing is a completely normal thing that all families do. No reason why it shouldn’t be in a family movie

  9. DeLaunhardt

    Gang-the ENTIRE MOVIE focuses on the Lesbian relationship represented by the controversial “lesbian kiss”….

    OOOPS! Did i spoil the movie for the alphabet person agenda drivers at Pixar?!?

    The entire movie is a funless, agenda driver, aimed RIGHT AT YOUR KIDS, about a lesbian relationship-BTW THE VILLAIN in the movie is Buzz himself!!

    …and its only because if he “rights things” then the lesbian relationship would not have occurred….the “kiss” is nothing compared to the rest of the movie which is squarely focused on the lesbian relationship itself….

    Does this sound like “wholesome family fun” to you?

    This film is just another version of Dr. Strange 2 which ALSO focuses on another lesbian relationship driven movie….

    Both of these films will deservedly land on the same trash heap that contains other Disney Woke movies that bombed…..

    Say it with me: GET WOKE-GO BROKE!!

    This is NOT what Pixar used to be about…..

  10. Jason

    ITM is just ridiculous with their reporting! Look I don’t expect Woodward & Bernstein on here but have some dignity! Quit injecting your opinion over facts.
    Let me help you;
    Firstly, it was called the PARENTAL RIGHTS IN EDUCATION not DONT SAY GAY bill!
    Second, people opposed it (a majority of Fla Dems & Reps) because they opposed having kids from pre-k to 3rd grade exposed to adult issues pertaining to sex.
    Third, this movie was not review bombed. If anything it was review bombed for positive reviews from people like the one that wrote this article.
    And finally, as demonstrated elsewhere on this site, ITM is denying reality and trying to claim that LIGHTYEAR is a success despite the fact that it’s a massive failure!
    Hmmm, someone denying reality and claiming to be something that it isn’t and claiming that all who point out the reality are some kind of “phobe”! Sounds so familiar.

  11. Brandon

    Woke agenda should not be in kids’ movies. Shane on the producer.

    1. Jordan

      There is no woke agenda

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