Comments for Movie Theater Removes Sign Warning Parents of Same-Sex Kiss in ‘Lightyear’ Amid Backlash

Left: Buzz Lightyear walks with Alisha Hawthorne in Lightyear. Right: A warning sign posted by an Oklahoma theater about the same-sex kiss in Lightyear.


  1. Boycott

    If I owned the theater, I would refuse to show it and explain why.

    1. Tim

      That’s because you’re a trash human

    2. Aaron

      Then you wouldn’t have a theater. Most people don’t want to hand their money over to a bigot.

  2. Opinion

    When you have Young little girls in a family who admire these Disney fictional characters and they request a doll to play with and make these two same sex dolls kiss this becomes an issue for a young childs mind this is the beginning so yes there should be ratings maybe two different versions please understand the concern of parents
    Next to two little girls will be playing together and will kiss because they are playing these two same characters in movie My kids boy girl always identified as different characters being a parent this is the beginning of a huge concern in the future
    I just believe easy solution ratings on movies edits to different versions satisfy all

  3. D.

    Yes as Chris Evans has said… this is the norm now. But the Norm for who? It’s widely accepted amongst adults, even in conservative parts of this great country. However, young children should be learning to read and write, mathematics, and right and wrong. Disney movies shouldn’t be a lesson in human sexuality. Let the kids be kids a little longer. Children who are in homes with same sex couples don’t need Disney to educate them either. Their two moms or their two dads can handle that just fine.

    The LGBT ABCDE…. on screen movement has certainly moved way beyond the percentages of the actual population that make up that community. Nearly every television show now seems like they incorporate some character who is gay, trans, bi, xyz, and it’s become so forced in television that the viewers resent it more because it is soo prevalent. Don’t believe me? Look at the CW.

    So yes, Chris Evans is right, it should be accepted as the norm, but the ‘norm’ doesn’t get crammed down your through in EVERY show/movie.

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