Comments for “What a Disaster,” Warner Bros. Cancels Completed DC Movie, Fans Disgusted

Ben Affleck as Batman

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.


  1. Michael

    Batgirl was obviously a freak show that no one wanted to see. Just trash it, and learn from the obvious mistake.

  2. Eroc

    DC knows that going the Marvel “WOKE/SJW” is a losing proposition.

    1. Jayne1955

      Thor added 46 million the second weekend and it’s not even their best film. I don’t think Marvel is down the tubes yet.

  3. Goheidigo

    This may be a marketing stunt. Or is this a grudge against someone part of the movie’s cast or crew?

  4. Rteker

    So too late for reshoots or is it the entire film itself that’s bad or is it any one actor

  5. Jayne1955

    It must have really sucked. But don’t worry about the cast and crew. They got paid, didn’t they? Remember to them this is just a job and they will go on the next job and be fine.

  6. Paul W

    It’s a frickin movie…it won’t affect your life one way or the other. Nor that of those who worked on it, they still all got paid.

  7. Vin

    What movie?

  8. C

    Barbara isn’t Hispanic, anyway, so good riddance. Stop being “inclusive” and changing characters. Just make new ones

  9. PL

    “Leslie Grace will no longer have the spotlight as the first Hispanic actress to play this very white character.”

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