Comments for Over a Dozen Families Robbed During Visit to Popular Theme Park

Dragon coaster at legoland korea



  1. Kristi Louie

    Catalytic converters are so expensive. In fact, they are about $3500 here in the states. This is totally unacceptable. The park should take some responsibility for those thefts.

    1. Reality

      Why? Most lots do not take responsibility of actions, just like shopping carts at shopping centers.

      Granted IF,
      they were stolen by the same people, how @they got IN,
      a paid parking lot and out, is question. (Theme park parking fees aren’t usually cheap,
      Converters aren’t the smallest kind of auto item.)
      This isn’t the whole story, of the information available.

      1. Critical thinker

        Parking is $25 for the day and catalytic converters are about the side of a loaf of bread. Throw a bunch in the trunk of your car and then leave the lot. Seems pretty simple to me.

  2. M

    I hurt a lot now there Younger ones are getting trapped now😔😔😔😔☹☹🙁🙁. I be smart not let my youngest one get on the rides.

    1. Dawn

      ???? What are you rambling on about? That has nothing to do with the theft of Catalytic Converters from vehicles in a parking lot.

  3. Sam

    Theft and robbery are not interchangeable terms. In this article theft is the proper term.

  4. Tammy Baylor

    Places like these or grocery stores they only care about making money they could care less if someone world is turned upside down

  5. Betty-B

    How about cutting the trees since you know blocking camera. Signs usually say not responsible for items in car, lock door. So they should be responsible for the ourside

    1. Phil


  6. Nikki ImaTellitTrue Lewis

    That’s completely ridic AF I would be beyond pissed off!Obviously their security sucks smdh…they should up it immediately more cameras, golf cart security/security walking around/on bikes/and or segways -not one of these but all of these! It ain’t like they aren’t making money so invest in security for your customers bc w/o them = no job there 🙄 duh ya want happy customers they tend to spend more time and money they tip better at restaurants and will recommend it to their family and friends and on social media ffs! Don’t be cheap!

  7. George sands

    I accidentally booked two rooms at legoland Hotel in 2020 as i didnt get a booking confirmation. The page timed out, took my payment twice wouldn’t refund me for one!

  8. Karen

    Trust me when I say the security is getting a piece of that action. I guarantee it!!!

  9. Matt

    Stupid title, it was not a robbery.

  10. Mr White

    The blacks are at it again.

    1. Dawn

      Racist. You have no idea who did it.

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