Comments for Fans Decry Title of ‘Captain America 4’ For Racist Origins

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Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Walt

    Racist origins?


    1. Nope

      Maybe Captain America is going to prevent the New World Order? People freaking out over a movie title and don’t seem to realize that it could actually be happening, some Democrats are wanting to remove all Republicans from office, thus starting the NWO. If you don’t like the name of a movie, don’t watch it. The moment Disney started making movies to please the lbgtq alphabet group, I boycotted them. They even made Obi-Wan bisexual, Jedi’s can’t do that, it’s against their code to love or have relationships…shows Disney’s stupidity right there.

      1. arosary

        I must to missed the Obi-Wan being bisexual. When did this “happen”. I watched Obi-Wan and nothing sexual was shown to me.

        I guess it is normal to watch reality shows like 90 Day Fiancee, Married at First Sight, you know the “normal” shows.

  2. Nick

    It’s a movie.

    Who TF cares.

  3. Eric

    Why is everything racist now? You can’t say three words without some morons getting upset and thinking it means something deeper. Enough of the so called PC nonsense.

  4. Dan

    And in the 90’s the new world order was a heel group in pro wrestling!! Who doesn’t want Sam as the new cap? These people need to get a freaking life!!

  5. Aaron

    Stupid reason to hate a movie. Get over it

  6. Mason

    The race card is getting old. People don’t want the Falcon to be Captain America because the only Captain America is Steve Rogers. That is all. People don’t like the name New World Order because it is the same name of a “conspiracy theory”.

  7. bluecollarcritic

    These blue check twitter fools are being triggered by their own ignorance and I for one hope it keeps triggering them for they need to be triggered daily as well as mocked & ridiculed for their foolish ideas & beliefs.

  8. Mr White

    These people will literally not stop until we all sat in our small flats staring at no colour walls not offending anyone.

  9. Siro

    I’ve noticed that when this site uses examples, they more often than not come from a bunch of randos – it’s like you’re giving them attention because this site needs more clicks

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