Guest Leaves Popular Theme Park Disappointed, “I Was Too Big to Ride Anything”

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One Guest recently decided to leave a popular theme park after realizing he could not fit in any of the Park’s attractions.

When visiting a theme park, Guests can expect to enjoy a fun-filled day for the whole family, with thrilling rides, exciting attractions, different entertainment options, delicious dining offerings, and so much more. However, things don’t always go as planned, and Guests sometimes have to face some unpleasant situations.

Windseeker at Cedar Point in sandusky ohio
Credit: Cedar Point

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One Guest recently decided to end his visit to Cedar Point, a popular theme park in Sandusky, Ohio, after realizing that he wouldn’t be able to ride any of the attractions due to his size.

Redditor u/ParticularApricot805 shared his experience, commenting that he decided to leave the Park “after realizing I was too big to ride anything…”, adding that this is the first time he has been unable to ride a coaster for his size and asking viewers if they had similar stories of visiting a theme park and finding out they can’t go on any attraction.

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Credit: Cedar Point

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Fellow Redditors were quick to react to this story, commenting their surprise after hearing this Guest was unable to experience any of the Park’s roller coasters, as the original poster doesn’t look “anything super out of the ordinary” in a pair of photos attached to the post. This Guest did comment that he is 6’3 and around 320 pounds and that the few people he’s talked to about the incident have also been surprised.

Redditor u/ParticularApricot805 added that he is all for safety and would’ve been fine “if those seat belts extended at all.” He commented that the last attempt he made was at Gatekeeper but decided to leave the Park when the belt at this attraction was about an inch away from the connector.

Cedar Point-gatekeeper
Credit: Cedar Point

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Fortunately, this experience ended on a positive note, as the original poster commented that he made his way to customer service, where the staff gave him a “hassle-free refund,” as he decided to leave the Park early on the day. He added, “I’ve been going to the gym regularly since June, so I’m doing the stuff I need to do, but I was just like damn, I can’t ride anything. Just gotta keep on with the routine.”

While it is unfortunate that this Guest was not able to experience the thrilling rides Cedar Point has to offer, it is inspiring to see him being motivated and working hard to be able to enjoy all the fun and excitement at the Sandusky Park.

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Cedar Point is a must-do destination for every thrill-seeker visiting Ohio. With 70 amazing rides, from the family-friendly Snake River Expedition to the adrenaline-pumping roller coasters like Steel Vengeance and Millennium Force, live shows, immersive dining, and signature summer events, Cedar Point has a little bit of something for every Guest. In addition, Cedar Point Shores Waterpark is right next door and is home to multiple water gadgets, pools for younger Guests, and slides for the whole family!

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