Comments for ‘Fantasmic!’ Replacement Debuting This November as Disney Reveals Details For New Spectacular

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  1. CWK

    They need to demolish the whole Fantasmic section at Hollywood Studios in Florida. It takes up so much property for a show that runs at best once per day weather permitting. The show is great to see, I’ve seen it live, but it’s stadium seating with concrete steps to sit on and it sucks. Horribly uncomfortable. The park would be much better served with a new themed land with 2 or 3 new rides in that space.

  2. Sari

    Fantamisc at Disneyland is wayy better . glad it’s not leaving there

  3. EricJ

    Maybe, like all the other imports, this will inspire WDW to replace their Pressler-era “Mickey vs. the Villains” show, from that sad phase of history.
    I like the idea of Fantasmic, but the execution had a wrench thrown into it.

  4. Alicia

    This is insanely depressing for me. I’ve been saying I won’t return until they re-open Fantasmic and I guess that’s not happening. Logistically, I get it, they want to change it. It’s just a really personal thing for me. My brain has tied the beginning music of Fantasmic to “childhood happiness” for me. Don’t know why, it’s weird, I wasn’t attached to it as a kid or anything. But as an adult I NEED to see it every trip and I cry whenever it starts, lol. For me, that music IS my happy Disney memories. With all of these changes and penny-pinching guests, Disney has really gone down the tubes, ESPECIALLY since Chapek took the helm. So tired of it.

    1. Dawn

      Can go watch it at Disneyland, I don’t see it leaving anytime soon.

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