Comments for Tim Allen Ignites Heated Debate With Tweet That “Offends Everyone”

tim allen with buzz lightyear

Credit: Disney


  1. Azrael

    Not sure whatever happened to basic respect, but since rightoids seem to love incivility, guess I’ll start playing them at their own game, misgendering wherever they’re found.

    1. Kevin

      Because two wrongs always make a right, correct? Go ahead and act exactly like the people you don’t like (You already are by labeling everyone who leans right and doesn’t agree with you “rightoids” btw). It makes you EXACTLY like them AND turns you into a hypocrite all at the same time. Really not something to be proud of.

      1. Tim

        So you labelling someone that has their own opinion as hypocrites, that makes it all that much better then. Yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night to justify your agenda.

    2. Jack Hart

      Basic Respect? Please tell us what happened to it, as clearly you do not practice basic respect either! If you’re going to preach about incivility and respect, maybe practice what you preach first. Calling people “rightoids” is not respectful, is it?!? Maybe try viewing people as individuals and stop clustering them into groups.

      I’ll offer myself up first. I am generally right leaning, however I have a LGBTQ+ flag in my front yard, i’m for open borders and support BLM. So would I still be a “rightoid?” The problem with clustering is that there are allies of your cause in the least expected places. Choosing to call them inaccurate names, could cause them to cease their support of your mutual causes.

      Allies that become Enemies are the most dangerous, as they already know your secrets!

    3. Backcountry164

      LMAO!! Pot or kettle??

  2. Steve

    Lost all respect for Tim a long time ago not only as a person but also as the characters he plays. I don’t watch anything in movies or TV shows with him anymore. He needs a lot more himility

    1. Jack Hart

      HIMILITY? Crack a dictionary, can’t just go around making up your own words!

      1. Brandon Marlowe


        1. Kevin

          Them-ility. Don’t misgender now.

        2. Tim


      2. No

        You know that the u and I are next to each other on the keyboard, right?

  3. Katy

    What a moron. Everytime he opens his mouth I like him alot less.

    1. JJ

      Hes only saying what the rest of us are thinking. It was only a joke but oh well, no one can take them anymore! So let’s whine about him on social media!

    2. Jack Hart

      Name calling? Doesn’t make you much better, does it?

      1. Katy

        No, I guess you’re right calling him stupid isn’t right even if he is stupid. It just makes me so outraged when people with a platform are on the wrong side of history. Like do better, be better, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, stop having so much hatred and bigotry in your heart. FYI you can’t be a republican and be a supporter/alley for minorities communities. The republican party actively goes after marginalized communities, making it harder for them. If you vote republican you are part of the problem. You vote to keep letting your leaders have laws that are outdated or enact laws that hurt poc, lgbtqia+ and under privileged communities.

        1. Kevin

          So was the hypocrisy in your follow up statement intentional or…?

  4. S

    How about shut up bigoted homophobe.d

    1. WhineyS

      How about not everyone who doesn’t agree with you is an -ist or a -phobe or a bigot?

      1. James

        That would be asking a liberal to exercise critical thought or understand nuance, and we all know they’re not capable of doing so.

        1. WhineyS

          Thats a fact!

    2. Jack Hart

      What are you like 12 or 13 years old? You see or hear something you don’t like and immediately start hurling your own insensitive remarks. So do you believe it’s okay for you to spew hateful and aggressive rhetoric, but not for others? That would make you the classic definition of a hypocrite! But that wouldn’t be surprising, as you are likely part of the “do as I say, not as I do” generation.

      1. Stevie Hughes

        You tell ’em! You can’t call people hateful when they’re being hateful. Tim was just punching down. What do you want people to do, not make life harder for people facing challenges they can’t understand? It’s okay to hate people for things that they cannot change and do not harm others, but you can’t call people out for that hate!!!! How dare you😠

  5. waldo

    How about Tuesday rest of u overly sensitive types go fing drown yrselves. Oops was thst to insensitive lmmfao pussies

    1. Stevie Hughes

      You tell em!

      And to add to that:

      Shdjeh and hey ahshrurp bahehd Spippledy dipple, wwhoo Ned’s to Finnish therd grad?

  6. eb

    I had an English teacher that taught that pronouns must match a person’s gender they were born with. Guess
    what? They still do!

    1. Dawn

      Guess what…. They/them has been used as”personal pronouns” since before the Elizabethan era. Shakespeare used them quite frequently used them in his writings (as did other authors of the time).

  7. Walt

    Oh good grief. If this is the biggest issue in your life and your panties are on fire for the comments Tim made – you really need to get a life. By the way there are only 2 genders, sexes whatever you want to call it.

    1. Peter

      Tim Allen has the right morals. All those thin skinned gay immoral pansies can just keep whining!

    2. Sam quill

      Hey all! You need to get over it!

  8. JohnF

    Thanks Tim for putting the proper perspective on those seeking attention by being contrary to the obvious. I have a transgender friend I refer to as her because that’s what she looks like. If someone wants to avoid confusion, dress appropriately. They remind me of parents that get upset when their baby boy with long blonde hair gets referred to as a girl. Cut their hair or politely correct.

    It’s a choice and takes far more effort to be offended or indignant.

  9. Kevin

    Not offended at all. Its not like he said “Hey [Insert derogatory name here]”

  10. J

    That tweet is supposed to be offensive? Umm…ok… I guess this means we don’t have any real problems if this is the sort of thing people choose to get hysterical over.

  11. Tyler

    I think it’s absolutely hilarious. Both Tim’s tweet and the fact that people at getting pissed about it. Tim is a comedian, he is gonna crack jokes. It’s time that the snowflakes get off their pathetic horse and grow a pair.

  12. Jack Hart

    If you look like a female, then you get “Ma’am” and if you look like a male you get “sir.” Generally I don’t get corrected either way, as folks don’t normally correct folks that tower over them. 🙂

    Judge people by their character, not their appearence!

  13. Spencer

    If you get offended from someone saying “Hey you” There’s something seriously wrong with you.

  14. L. Jen

    Tim Allen seems like one of the very few celebrities that have a soul still.

    Unlike the voice actor for the new buzz movie saying over half the worlds population will die off like dinosaurs.

  15. Joe Schmo

    Yeah if this tweet offends anyone then I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe “you are a sad strange little man”. People are seriously lacking confidence and attacking others over a joke that honestly isn’t incorrect because they can’t or won’t understand and control their own thoughts and feelings. Not sure how you is any different then they,them etc. etc. This world is due for a correction.

  16. Joe

    How about everybody in here crack open a Bible and actually pay attention to what it says, you are normalizing this for our children it is not normal for a child to be exposed to this. I have two girls and a boy and guess what when they pass away they will be two girls and a boy there won’t be no furries or nothing like that y’all people are taking this way too far y’all need to get closer to Jesus read a Bible. And I love Tim and the work that he does. I’m just glad that somebody with a platform as big as his finally had the balls enough to say it.

    1. DKTluvsputin

      Save the Bible beating for someone that gives a s**t

    2. Jezebel

      You know the Bible is fiction right?! You Bible thumpers really need to start taking your meds.



  18. DJTluvsputin

    Timbo doesnt need “more power” he needs more intelligence… Uhh uhhh.

  19. Denise

    Offends everyone? Nothing could be further from the truth. The only ones offended by this are the whiny woke dopes who are offended by everything and anything.

  20. Josh

    When people do not respect us, we are sharply offended; yet in his private heart no man much respects himself.
    -Mark Twain

  21. KMAN

    This all sounds like a KID in SCHOOL desperately trying to find an identity, trying to be noticed , trying to standout ,
    Pay attention to me !!
    My mommy said I’m Special !
    Grow up people segregating people into sub-groups leads to hate and division .

  22. kurt

    Wow! I didn’t know he was out of jail!

  23. Mr White

    These people are holding us hostage to our whims. Call yourself what you want, but the rest of do not need to go along with this perverted BS.

    Good on Tim.

  24. billnyenotascienceguy

    Sorry if Tim Allen’s rights offend you. Wait..No not sorry.

  25. lmariel

    What has this world gone to when saying “hey you” creates such hatred. And why are we told to bow down to the minority or 1 to 2% of the world’s population. Makes no sense to me. But it is in the left’s playbook to divide and conquer to create havoc so we don’t see what their end game is until it’s too late. Do your own research and do not believe everything you hear on social media or the news.

    1. Dave

      “Do your own research,” precedes idiocy almost as often as “I’m not racist, but,” precedes phrases from the KKK 1941 book of most hateful phrases. For those keeping track… Alex Jones is an imbecile, not a researcher.

      1. L

        Wow, Dave, so edgy. You must be very proud of yourself.

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