Comments for ‘Hocus Pocus’ Star Faces Backlash For Transphobic Tweet

Credit: Disney


  1. Walt

    You’re either born female or male, period. Regardless of what Disney says, folks who choose to be act or transform themselves into another gender aren’t normal and if you don’t like that well then, welcome to America. It’s called freedom of speech and what a lovely freedom it is indeed.

    1. Victor Nazarian

      I’m curious why Bette Midler has not already been canceled and labeled untouchable. If Gina Carano said the exact same words the corporate media administration and general popular media outlets would not only crush her life and career but also attack anyone defending her. Why isn’t Bette treated the same way?

  2. Steve

    The left constantly lies with “phobic”. We are not afraid of you, we think you have serious problems that need addressed.

  3. Chris

    Umm, not transphobic, genetically speaking, you are either male or female (with very rare exceptions that are born as both).

    It doesn’t matter if you transition or not or if you change parts, you cannot change your DNA, you still remain biologically male or female, that can never change.

  4. drew who

    Good for Bet ! we need more people like her who are willing to speak out against all this craziness .

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