Comments for ‘Hocus Pocus’ Star Under Fire AGAIN After “Racist” Tweet

HOCUS POCUS (USA 1992, Regie: Kenny Ortega) v.r. Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy / Hexen ------- WICHTIG: Nutzung nur redaktionell mit Filmtitelnennung bzw. Berichterstattung ber diesen Film. Buch- und Kalendernutzungen nur nach Absprache. --- IMPORTANT: To be used solely for editorial coverage of this specific motion picture/tv programme/ RTG2 Picture AllianceEverett Collection


  1. Brooke

    The term American Taliban has been used in commentary regarding SCOTUS repeatedly. Bette Midler is nowhere near the only one, nor is she the first one. And women have no rights under the Taliban, the commenter above who states that they do, is incorrect.

  2. Chris

    Overturning Roe v Wade does not make abortion illegal, all it does is return the power to the states, where it belongs since there is nothing in the federal constitution that says you have a right to an abortion.

    The comparison is to the Taliban is a very bad one though.

  3. J

    I guess if you spend your life surrounded by yes-men and yes-women, constantly telling you that everything you do is great; you develop the idea that the public eagerly awaits hearing what you think about everything. News Flash: We do not.

  4. jeff

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,
    Maybe Bette should stick to her bad singing and terrible acting. It is nice to see when these people turn on their own. She is entitled to her own opinion whatever that may be. That being said who really cares what is coming out of these actors mouths. Most times they are way out of touch with reality when they speak anyway.

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