Comments for Disney/Pixar’s film “Newt” has been cancelled


  1. Jorden

    LAME. I was really looking forward to that one over the other ones they announced with it..

  2. Clay Matthews

    Dang – but that’s Pixar: if at any point in development it’s not going to be a home-run they don’t swing.

  3. Peter

    Sounded like a decent plot, but I’d prefer a Monsters 2 any day.

  4. Misty pike

    This would have been a great film teaching kids the importance of looking after our planet and the creatures on it, I’m sure there’s loads of kids that have never even seen a newt so come on pixar “we want Newt”

  5. Malificent2000

    Sounds like the same story that Rio was based on.

    1. Jadon

      And Ice Age 2, i think

  6. amy

    it souds bad i dont like the plot

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