Comments for New Captain Marvel Actress Speaks Out After the MCU Replaced Brie Larson

Alexandra Daniels (L) and Brie Larson as Captain Marvel (R)

Credit: Alexandra Daniels Instagram (L) / Marvel Studios (R)


  1. J’sson

    Is replaced the word you should use? Pretty sure we’re still getting Larson in the movies. Someone had a similar article about Spidey, I don’t think replaced is the word to use, they’re just voicing them for the animated projects.

    1. Justin T

      But “replaced” gets more clicks. Want more eyes on your article? Make sure to feed the Culture War peeps.

      1. Couldn’t tell you how I liked seeing/hearing alexandra Daniels voice as capt.marvel b/c I still have yet to watch the what ..if series personally I could Never stand it when successful companies e.g.marvel /disney completley change the formats of their movie such as going from live action to animated

      2. Iron

        Dever much cared for MCU and now i like it even less., to the point me and mine won’t watch. You are all a bunch of RACIST PIGS

    2. Bruce Francis Simpson

      TOTALLY agree! You guys really have something against Larson!

      1. “You guys” being disney/marvel if I may ask 🤔🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤨..!!??

      2. Maria

        First Scarlett johansson Now BRIE LARSON?!?!

    3. Gary G Diaz

      Not a good idea/choice. Larson was perfect for Captain Marvel.

      1. Jiyu

        It’s actually very unusual that they used so many of the live action actors as the voice actors for What If… Typically, animated series almost ALWAYS use lesser known voice actors in the roles of superheroes 8n animated series because they receive much lower salaries and save a ton of money for the studios. They are never “replacements” for the live action actors, just less expensive substitutes, and it works just fine because they don’t have to look anything like the live action actors, since you never see them, you only hear their voices. So calm down fanboys, NONE of your beloved actors have been “replaced,” nor will they be, iess they voluntarily leave the franchise as Downey and Evans have done, or passed away like Bozeman unfortunately did. But don’t be surprised when THOSE actors are eventually replaced, because their characters are too important in the MCU to stay “dead” or “retired” for long.

    4. Bender Rodriguez

      It’s gonna be alright without Larson.Were more than content with that. And if we’re apt enough by this point, we all know we can always watch the Larson movie via movie recap done wonderfully, courtesy of YouTube. Saves us the extreme close up of that fivehead of hers, at that.

    5. BFG

      As long as she’s still in the actual movie 🤷‍♂️

    6. Jonathan Diosa

      It’s crazy that people not only skipped the article to come to the comments but they missed reading your comment which is at the top.

  2. Caleb

    Its funny when your ms marvel stand in is actually more true to the original character than your main actress.

    1. Yepper McGee

      Love this switch! Brie Larson is the main reason that Captain Marvel turned out so badly.

      1. Padriac

        Well the writing and directing didn’t help either. It was a terrible hero story from the ground up. Brie Larson may or may not be a great actress but the way the movie was written and directed you’d never know it.

      2. Rob C

        That’s your personal option. There was nothing wrong with her performance.

      3. gss2131

        6.8/10 on IMDB.

        79% on Rotten Tomatoes.

        64% on Metacritic.

        $1.128 billion box profit against a $175 million budget.

        Tell me again how the movie turned out so terrible.

  3. Jay

    Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they replaced Brie Larson in the live action. She’s boring.

    1. Jorge Farelas

      How do you make her character not boring? Captain Marvel is a boring character. Not much you can do.

      1. Gregory Brusstar

        You don’t know the Starlin Marvel who defeated Thanos by destroying the cosmic cube! That was exciting. Brie Larson is boring!

        1. The Emperor

          That is the real Captain Marvel. If Captain Marvel was actually very good character why wasn’t she in the original Infinity gauntlet. If I remember correctly it was quasar who had Captain Marvel’s role and Catherine Marvel I’m sorry quasar had his hands removed during the battle. Of course you can’t do that in it and end game because then it’s toxic and misogynist

      2. Ailias

        Maybe give her some personality in your delivery. That’s not writing, that’s just acting

    2. RS

      I wish Capt Marvel was still a hunky guy.

      1. Um.. that’s capt.america I’m somewhat sure your thinking of PLEASE PARDON MYIGNORENCE I JUST STARTED WATCHING/READING THE COMICS THANK YOU VERY MUCH AVENGERS😖😡🙄🤬👎👎..!!??

        1. Hera

          No the original Captain Marvel was a hunky man. This one in the MCU is from an alternate reality created by SW

          1. D Brown

            Yes! They should kill her off, give cancer like the original Cpt Marvel and bring the next Cpt Marvel back as a male! excelsior!

      2. Ces

        I agree!
        Don’t understand the need to change things!

    3. Jessie Cantor

      Brie Larson SUCKS. She’s a wokester. All wokesters are idiots. I won’t ever watch anything with that stupid girl in it.

      1. Diana

        U are an ignorant idiot lol

      2. Me

        You’re disgusting!

      3. Banky G

        That’s rude 😠

      4. Tim

        Then you would really hate the comics, they’ve been “woke” for many decades.

      5. Igor

        Are U one those Russian trolls? Go home.

    4. m.s.

      that’s a big assumption. a ton of the ticket sales were empty seats to make her movie look good. I’ve never watched it. not even on cable. won’t either. she’s not even actually blonde and a terrible actress

      1. Brian Critchley

        you really belive disney was buying up all the seats themselves? are you really that gulliable?

        1. The emperor

          Pictures are worth more than words.
          But if you insist on lala land, wait till part 2

        2. If Disney was giving out tickets to the people who had their streaming service I’d have been the first one to have had a ticket for this show/movie 😖😡🙄🤬👎👎..!!


  4. The movie will not be as good Brie is a great actress and makes the character shine.

    1. Boo Boo Doo Doo

      Your mental illness is not a laughing matter & should be taken seriously & you should seek professional help seeing as how you think Brie Larson is a good actress.
      Your mental disability is of great concern. Please seek help. 😬👍

      1. Jones

        Well… Various awards committees would disagree with you. How many of her movies have you seen? Apparently not many. Get back on your incel bandwagon.

        1. Jessie Cantor

          “Incel”…lol. stfu, b I tch. Larson is the most overrated actress to come around since Tommy Wiseau. And anyone defending her has no accounting for taste.

          If the Marvel industry wants to be a vehicle for lefty SJW BS, it can die a slow and painful death. Those “films” already don’t have much in the way of substance to go on, other than the same trite theme and characters over and over again [yawn]. It’s boring. It isn’t high art. Don’t take my word for it. Marty Scorsese said it best: “That’s not cinema”. And he’s 1000% right. It’s garbage for ignorant betas like you and now for ignorant little feminists with zero grey matter to be found upstairs.

          1. Timmy Cantor

            What a ridiculous reply. It’s entertainment, and for those people who don’t have sticks up their a$ses, they can be fun. No one would claim it’s “high art,’ but who cares? It’s escapism. Fantasy. Imagination. You keep watching “Through a Glass Darkly” and being impressed with yourself and your seriousness.

        2. TS

          Those ceremonies are required to make sure they select enough minorities and women so as to not appear biased and bigoted. You have too many white men who win awards within the year and you are being accused of racism and sexism, and then you become burdened to disprove that even though it’s entirely possible that there weren’t any women or POC good enough for any awards that particular year. It’s really as simple as that. We saw the SJW crowd becoming upset every year when more white men were being recognized for their talents over POC and women who were not as talented. So, everybody gets participation trophies these days rather than it being based upon merit, experience, and skill.

          Brie Larson has no acting skills, she just has the privileges that come with being a (white) woman in a century which demonizes men and she is celebrated for her faux ‘bravery’ that she preaches just to make herself look good to the public eye. Some of us just know it’s all BS pandering.

          It’s not incel behavior to comment that Brie Larson sucks. People who dislike Brie Larson can probably suggest at least a dozen other female actors who could replace her movie roles, so incel is a buzzword that doesn’t even fit here. Calling someone an incel any time they may criticize a woman or question her is part of the issue.

          We aren’t creating a world where women are so superior and protected that nobody can dare challenge them unless they are an “incel.” Get over yourself, simp.

      2. Odinsatanas

        Well you’re both right, she IS a good actress in Room..it’s just her characterization in captain marvel was more wooden than a 2×4 haha. Zero growth, zero development.. Just dry, wooden banter the entire film with other characters saying how awesome/funny/great she is haha.
        It doesn’t help she’s insanely OP..but she isn’t phased killing an entire ship of people, doesn’t face any difficulty or challenge, just gets a second wind and one shots whoever she’s fighting. It’s Saitama without any of the good writing haha.

        It didn’t help all those press junkets painted her as so rude unlikable and douchey either.
        I think with a better script she could do a great job, the movie wasn’t like DCEU bad but it was still really dull.

        Kamala Khan will most likely completely show her up in the sequel and be way more interesting haha.

      3. Mach

        Oscar – Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

        BAFTA Film award – Best Leading Actress

        Screen Actors Guild Awards – Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role

        Golden Gloves – Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama


        1. Jessie Cantor

          “A broken clock is right at least two of the day”

          The same can be said of acting, it you get the right roles and the right exposure with plenty of capital.
          I’m sure she’s done a lot of favors through years with that big mouth of hers too; other than talking. 😏👄👅🍆

      4. Bob Sacamano

        That’s neither funny nor clever.

    2. Gregory Brusstar

      False! She has the fan approval just about the same as Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman!

    3. The Emperor

      If that is the case why is the movie being called marvels and not Captain Marvel too? Reality is Disney knows that Brie Larson is a dumpster fire when she opens up her woketarded mouth. Fact is they don’t have confidence in her so that is why they are bringing in Monica Rambeau and the failure that won’t stay down Kamala Khan.

  5. michael ericson

    I think they are making a mistake I liked cap marvel she did great and added that fun , as they change out the actors, those are movies I will not go to or pay to see , this is my opinion

  6. Paul Braun

    I think they need to look at partnering with people who will be around in ten, fifteenth years to play the parts and build a brand that way.
    I blame it a lack a vision and I’m not working for them😃

  7. Michele

    Absolutely false. Brie Larson is the reason that movie sucked ass. They need to replace her for real immediately.

    1. Jay, you’re an idiot! Brie Larson IS and always will be the only Captain Marvel I and millions others will watch!

      1. Johan Andersson

        Slappna av..

      2. Ces

        Ha ha really?
        Better make the most of the next movie then!

    2. Al

      Never liked Bre Larson she’s too self-absorbed in her own world I’m turn make her pretentious, arrogant lack of self awareness that most want her to be replaced. I certainly would love to see a fresh new actress like Alexandra Daniels star as the new Captain Marvel. Plus Alexandra Daniels is much more beautiful than that Larson chick.

  8. Michele

    They need to replace that twat waffle for real. She absolutely destroyed the movie and destroyed the character. She was one of the worst Marvel actors or actresses out there.

    1. John w

      If there’s a market for Bre Larson idiology in these types of films then good for them. I’m 0% interested. For me it’s just ill will, I’m doubtful they could ever win me back, at this this point, even if they changed completely. So I guess they probably just should keep going down this path. They seem to think there’s endless money for these projects lets see.

  9. Jason

    Michele, Thank you! Finally, someone with some sense!

    1. Karina

      An Alexandra Daniels to vocifer Captain Marvel ? What could be more wrong then this.. I am waiting for real magic to happen , something good and lifechanging . What can i do to make that happen ??

  10. Adam

    Nah, Bre was and still is better. When you start changing things people get less interested.

    1. Gregory Brusstar

      Not in this case and the co-stars in the MCU don’t like her either. Fans and castmates? Not a good combo!

    2. m.s.

      didn’t seem to be a problem for Hulk now did it? though i preferred Ed’s Hulk personally. and how could such a terrible actress when anything? oh, that’s right, same way Disney bought tickets for her movie. it got paid for. did no one see her in Kong? she was pointless and acted terribly. makes me wonder if she did favors for Samuel and others to get the job. either that or Samuel is a moron or didn’t speak up…or Disney ignored him if he is smart and told them how bad she is.

      1. m.s.

        dang autocorrect! not “when” supposed to be “win” lol

  11. Scott Ward

    Another new one….already…just because of inclusiveness…so many characters getting a makeover..the originals is what made them great…my opinion…

  12. This really gets underneath my skin when people get changed and movies I’m fed up with this if they keep doing this I just won’t watch it it’s ridiculous open. If the actor can still play the part why change them this is one that it’s really irritating and two Spider-Man also is getting changed I hope they both flop

  13. AC

    What’s with all the articles saying these characters were recast? They’re versions from different universes. Not the same exact character we know from the MCU.

  14. Del Cox

    “So they sent a clip of Brie Larson from the movie and I was like cool, I can do that”
    You mean stare blankly into the middle distance and recite lines bereft of any passion or commitment to the moment? Sorry hon, you failed. I was actually pulled in by your portrayal of the character as a human being instead of a robot.

  15. Robert

    Larson is a plain jane. Captain marvel should be waaaay hot.

    1. Jones

      Because all women must appeal to the male gaze… Raise your standards you pig.

      1. Gregory Brusstar

        Pig??? Attractiveness helps sell the movie.

        1. Wes

          Yeah but you’re not the arbiter of attractiveness. She looks like the animated version and ditto you do sound like a creep

      2. John w

        I don’t see many unattractive men staring in leading roles these days. The lead women keep getting less attractive, the men keep getting to look like male models. Tge marketing is see thus frumpy looking woman gets this maie model. Beyond that it’s not like the frumpy woman or the male are good actors or that they have any chrisma. None of this makes for good movies. There were plenty of not so good looking people in old movies, but they usually had something to bring to the table. Something that made you want to watch or add to the storytelling.

        1. Timmy Cantor

          Bring back Gabe Jarrett as a leading actor!

      3. TS

        Male gaze is one of those feminist terms that exists just as much as the opposite does, but feminists don’t want to admit to their own perversions because it’d make them hypocrites . . . which they are by nature. We all know women love seeing eye candy on the screen, as well as in real life. All the male actors for superhero roles are always these muscular hunks, and there’s plenty of shirtless scenes of them as well which clearly serve as a fanservice for the female audience.

        There’s nothing wrong with a man who wishes for a more attractive female actor, and Brie Larson lacks that conventional beauty. The directors even knew that hence why they found a stunt double who has a bigger derriere. You might find it unfair that sex sells but guess what, sex sells for women too so get over yourself. You don’t see men complaining about being objectified.

        Dehumanizing someone to that of a pig just because of a simple comment they make says way more about you than anybody else.

        P.S. Fat and obese women are not hot either and shouldn’t be in movies. If men have to exercise and be fit then so do women. It’s only fair.

  16. Vivekavathi

    The actor is also so much nice I don’t feel upset or shocked if they replace brie larson also

  17. Leigh B.

    If your going to start making changes to characters after their first movie, then you shouldn’t have started with them in the first place. We as fans get behind the new actor if they have proven to do the job with that character. When you(ie: the company) have a tizzy fit and fall in it and want to get rid of an actor then you should think about that first, because We the fans are the ones that buy the tickets and make you all that money. If an actor is due to be paid, then pay them and get your underwear out of a bunch. If that particular actor has a scheduling conflict, then you figure out away for them to do their part of a character..If they need more money, then you agree on it before the start and you make it for a long term contract. If they make you a fair amount of profit then when their contract is up you should increase what they should be paid, but not a ridiculous amount but reasonable. Remember they helped you get there in the first place and if you keep changing the actors because you don’t want to pay them or you want to keep more of the money then just remember this. WE the fans are the Ones that made you that Rich and if it wasn’t for us you Wouldn’t be there in the first place,very too can be fickle too and drop you like a Bad habit. Do more Comi Cons and ask the fans about who should play who because some people might surprise you and remember it’s Our hard earn money that gets you there. “Think about it”.

    1. John w

      They are way beyond worrying about what that fans/customers think. They don’t respect your intelligence, they know what you need. Your wants are considered silly.

    2. Jonathan Diosa

      This is about the cartoon voice acting not the actual movies.


    Making Capt. America a girl sucked in the first place. Waiting for Disney to change Scooby-Doo into a poodle.

  19. GG

    “Her Name is White Cheese” 🧀

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  21. Jane

    How many times in the artlcle did the actress being interviewed use the word “like”? I lost count.

  22. Ruben

    What the hell she’s a great actress why replace her you jacks.

  23. Bob

    Don’t care

  24. Ryan killpatrick

    I knew it wasn’t Bree. But it still ran well. Not a disappointing alternative at all! The CAPTAIN MARVEL portrayal in WHAT IF… was still as cool and quarky and dominant as the movie version was. The new girl can voice the role ANYTIME! I love BREES portrayal…. but the new girl was just as awesome. She’s definitely got me as a new fan.

    1. Jonathan Diosa

      Comparing a cartoon role to an acting role though? Cartoons tend to portray more bubbly characters.

  25. Windy

    Brie is a totall Goddess. She has become an Icon. The power she has over the altright chuds is epic.

    1. Jonathan Diosa

      Let’s add she’s a singer as well. She does live performances on her social media.

  26. Windy

    I love that Brie is getting paid so much . The se xim and misigyny she has to deal with from the altright is abhorent.

  27. Windy

    Brie scored $5 Million in her debut as Captain Marvel and will double and triple her salary for the sequel and Avengers 5. Epic winning

  28. Hera

    OR! Orrrrr y’all can give us the ACTUAL Captain Marvel OR Monica Rambeau or even the original Captain Marvel’s Son Genis-Vell who was filling his dads shoes… we need our FULL KREE warrior and not the half baked Carol Danvers alternate world created by Scarlett witch “Captain Marvel” that ultimately fails anyways… but y’all got the millions so y’all do what y’all want.

  29. Windy

    Imagine by the time it’s all set and done, Brie will have made around $60 – $70 Million+ from the MCU. Not to mention, residuals from merchandise etc etc.. Queen Brie FTW

  30. Windy

    Carol Danvers is the most popular and longest running Captain Marvel. She has now become an icon as the first female superhero to reach $1 BILLION at the world wide box office.

    1. Ken

      Um… No. She is the Captain Marvel with the most (and shortest) number of runs under her own title. They always fail.
      And what merchandise are you talking about? There aren’t any. Captain Marvel is the Rose Tico of the MCU.

  31. Windy

    Think about that for a second . Captain Marvel is THE ONLY female title in the Billion Dollar Club.

  32. Windy

    The neckbeard chuds tried so desperately to sabotage Captain Marvel and it only made her stronger and more successful. Brie is now one of the highest paid actors in the MCU next to Scarjo and RDJ.

  33. Windy

    It’s actually mind blowing we are living through history . Brie Larson is the first woman to lead a female title to Billion dollars at the world wide box office. Absolute Queen💪

  34. Windy

    Reviewing the box office, it’s absolutely incredible!

    Captain Marvel made more money than Wonder Woman and Shazam COMBINED!!

    1. Ken

      And the best selling western comics are made by right wing conservatives. They’re outselling Batman (the former best selling comic).
      So a guy who actively puts down Bree and Tico is making more comic money than DC and Marvel combined.
      One dude. One dude who made fun of SJW so hard he became more relevant to the comic world than the 2 biggest comic companies in the world.

      1. Jonathan Diosa

        Who are you even talking about?

  35. Windy

    Kevin Feige loves Brie so much she was cast 3 years before they began production of Captain Marvel . Think about that.

    Brie was cashing huge pay checks from Marvel, just to not spoil had been cast. That is baller money moves right there!

  36. Windy

    Must be a blast to make all that money and work with all these amazig peopel like Marvel, Nissan, Nintendo, Decorte. Brie Larson is on another level. I hope she becomes Samus too and makes even more money. Incel tears are delicious😁

    1. Jonathan Diosa

      Samus! Most underrated comment ever!

  37. Windy

    Fun Fact: Brie Larson’s Unicorn drinks only the saltiest of her haters tears.

    1. Justsomeguy

      Yet Japanese Manga authors are creating series that earn billions in just Manga sales, are enjoyed mostly worldwide, sell figures/merch and don’t harm the stores with products that can’t sell, and are likeable to everyone. The movie made a billion but don’t forget the budget was around 152 million to 170 so subtract that and it’s reputation which has dropped now. If Brie has a large group who dislike her then releasing another film with her is a risk they shouldn’t take which explains why they didn’t do another Captain Marvel and jump straight to the Marvel’s and judging from the latest Marvel movie this one won’t do as well as Captain Marvel.

  38. Marvel and DC started struggling to sell comics and movie tickets for a while. Pandering hurt them tremendously you can’t say otherwise. This movie won’t be successful do to this decline in these products. Even if they get 15 million in opening week if the budget for it was over 500 million its a failure but all your hear is it got 15 million and its first in the box office and not that it’s below projected values but this is just a example. Meanwhile Mangas/anime has be making more than Marvel and DC combined. Demon Slayer has more than 1 billion in sales now and keep selling like crazy. They won’t make those numbers for years or ever and old comics that sell for millions don’t earn money for them but for the owners who bought them so that doesn’t count. This decline won’t go away so just support them if you want or watch something else.

  39. D Broown

    I have been a marvel fan since 1971, Brie lLarson should never have been Cpt Marvel!!! She and Ryan Reynolds are in the same class give them to DC comics! They are not bad, they suck) I will not see a movie with either in it, boycott. I recommend giving Cpt Marvel cancer, and giving the role to a male, just like the comic, ( in reverse), but anything is better than Brie Larson. She has to go! Imperious Rex!

    1. Dagmar

      The fact that you think Ryan Reynolds is the reason why Green Lantern was a bad movie is a testament to your prolific stupidity as a low IQ knuckle dragging Neanderthal.

  40. Jon Evans

    You all actually believe this??? You would think this would be world wide movie news of an actress who fronted a billion dollar movie was replaced by someone no has heard of dontcha’ think? Some of the comments on here are hilarious…

  41. Just A Guy Who Loves Comics

    To all who think Larson is being replaced it’s not happening. She clearly stated Larson had a scheduling conflict, which prevented her from doing the voice over. It was strictly for the What If? series. Larson is dope as Captain Marvel. I just hope Disney dies her justice with better hairstyles. That short haircut in End Game was terrible 🤢

  42. Mike D

    I don’t like it. Maybe because I wasn’t a comic reader. But I do enjoy the marvel movies. At first I didn’t get the Brie Larson character is Captain marvel but that’s not watch the second time her part seemed ok to me.

    1. Jonathan Diosa

      People were writing her off months before the premiere of the movie. They were biased because people who complain about things are very loud while the silent majority maturely enjoyed the movie and moved on. Every now and then someone admits they were wrong to dislike Brie or the movie based on other people’s strong opinions.

  43. taylormadealpha

    Brie Larson didn’t do the voice for What If…? Just like Robert Downey wasn’t Tony Stark and Scarlett Johansson wasn’t Black Widow. The way this is titled sounds like she’s been fired which isn’t the case. I get the business; negative Brie Larson stories generate clicks but do better by the fans.

    1. Jonathan Diosa

      Atleast some of us see through the bs. It’s shocking people think they are actually replacing the actress in the movies. Then again we don’t know whose behind the screen posting clueless comments.

  44. Jonathan Diosa

    Well she’s not going anywhere is she. This is just voice overs for the cartoon “What if.”

    I can tell not everyone reads especially being this isn’t the first What if Actor to be replaced.

    Replacing someone’s voice in a cartoon is not the same as replacing an actor in a movie.
    Also for anyone to complain about Brie Larson years after the movie came out must be a straight up hater. Like don’t you have anything better to do then hold resentment towards an actor?

    Negan killed Glenn and that didn’t stop people from liking Negan.

    Even with good actors people will always complain about something like they do with Eternals.

  45. Bengie Valdez

    It was awesome. Excellent voice work. Job well done and I’m a hardcore Marvel comics/MCU fan. What if… One of my favorite comic magazines of all time. I’m glad to finally see the title on television.

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