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bob chapek

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  1. S1

    I agree, they should lower capacity by 1/5th and sell tickets for $100.

  2. Ortiz

    Walt Disney would not allow this. Same on you guys

    1. Telissa

      There tickets should not be more than 50.00 and kids tickets 25.00 13 and under there prices are over board! A meal for 3 will cost you 50.00

  3. Jay

    It’s simply not even remotely worth it anymore. I’d rather go to the state fair. Same environment.

    1. Karin murray

      It’s so sad that they are charging so much money to go there , I went years ago and then it was expensive but now it’s out of control, Disney should be ashamed

    2. Bud

      No it’s not…

  4. Scott

    It’s not only the out-pricing but the absence of service. There’s no checking in, no bell service, no room service and nowadays no one to take your order. Disney should be paying me for all the work I do for them. I can (and do) go to Las Vegas 3 times for every Disneyland trip I took.

  5. Marty

    I dumped my Florida resident passes after last year with the “woke” bull crap. The prices were the icing on the cake. Been at Disney since ‘74. That’s over.

    1. Ron Desantis

      Lol. Have fun at home banging your mattress.

      1. Russ

        Obnoxious much?

      2. There are many other places to go to like Universal and Busch Gardens and SeaWorld. I am not renewing my pass and I moved to Florida just to go to Disney.

        1. Ken Brenner

          Hi. I understand about moving to FL. I actually considered it after retirement since I liked WDW so much (plus the ocean and beaches). Glad I didn’t. Thankful you have other places to go, hoping they will be a blessing for you…

    2. Jayne1955

      I have no idea what “woke bullcrap” you’re talking about unless you’re still unwilling to acknowledge gay people exist and some kids have two moms or two dads.

      1. Tony

        I am willing to admit and acknowledge gay people and that gay couples have kids.

        What I am unwilling to do is be subject to this being shoved down my throat and being told that I must accept and acknowledge it.

        I do not have a problem with anyone’s lifestyle until someone cannot live their life or day without making sure that I see that it differs from mine must have my stamp of approval or then resort to calling me names.

        Why do so many people crave the need for others that are not like them, to notice them and applaud their every move?

        1. Amanda

          But it’s okay to “shove” straight life on a LGBTQA+ person or family member and tell them that they are “wrong” and can’t live life the way they want to because YOU can’t handle it. Grow up and quit being a hypocrite.

        2. WaltDisgusted

          Back packers (gay men) can only have butthole babies. Scissors (gay women) can’t have anything without the seed of man. So, here lies the conundrum, to live their lifestyles, which they are free to do, they can’t really have kids unless they adopt. But, then, they should not do that because then they are only passing their mental illness down to the child, robbing him/her of their innocence.

          1. BigotsNeedToGo

            You are a sick bigot and a jerk. Talk about an ignorant comment. Being in the LGTB+ community is not a mental illness and you need to grow up.

            1. Ken Brenner

              As I recall, the Lord destroyed two cities for such as this. Talk about a divided society…

        3. She


        4. Ken Brenner

          Concur Tony – tired of the tail wagging the dog. Very sad…

      2. Kathy

        That’s totally irrelevant to the cost of Disney.

      3. That’s totally irrelevant to the cost of Disney.

  6. Ava

    My question is if the prices have soared making it ‘unattainable’ for the ‘average family’ to even make it inside the gates, where are all these ‘undesirable guests’ causing physical fights and getting arrested coming from? You would think people would be on their best behavior if they had to save for years to make the trip.

    1. Be Nice

      Thank you, my thoughts, exactly especially to those here in the comment section claiming that all the fights are caused by “trailer trash” or “ghetto”. You can’t have it both ways either it is out of reach for the ‘average’ family, or the ‘poor’ people are causing the issue.

  7. Bev

    They should be ashamed for charging the prices they do. Sure Walt wouldn’t be happy. It’s all about the money not family.

  8. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

    Disney should be ashamed that their prices are not reflective of the market. The Demand exceeds the Supply, so the prices are toooo low. Raise the prices so that the Supply can meet the Demand. Prices need to go up considerably.

  9. T Eakins

    We will join the throng in September when passes expire…

    It’s sub-par… Not worth the money.

    1. Mike C

      I want to hear from all the Disney Brown-nosers who always say, “they’re just raising their prices with the rate of inflation.”
      They’re IDIOTS

  10. J

    Please increase it more so the crowds will become more reasonable.

  11. Ken Brenner

    I’ll add non-fiscal reasons:
    1. Ruining Epcot
    2. Woke-inspired changes (i.e. Splash Mountain)
    3. Not keeping quiet about social/political issues (WDW used to be a place where we could go to get away from all the social/political issues, but – no more)

    1. Bud

      Glad that you aren’t going there anymore. Go to D.C and raid the Capital or something.

      1. S

        Ken fits in the category of the only guests who matter. The purists. If you weren’t going during Walt’s lifetime, are a descendant of those guests, are educated in the way Disney was ran prior to Michael Eisner (yes he did some great things), or believe Disney should be asking “What would Walt do?” then I’m sorry but YOU are not welcome and Disney will be made great again without leftists. Some aren’t worthy of setting foot in Disney theme parks just as Salazar Slytherin said some weren’t worthy of learning magic.

        1. Ken Brenner

          Hi S.
          Thanks for reading my comment.
          As for “leftist”, I’m anything but…
          Regardless, I respect everyone’s opinion, mine is just one.

      2. Russ

        Of course, these are the main reasons ppl stop going. But, they’ll never admit it
        Pplare still going in droves, so they should be quiet or stop going. I did. Guess what? Life goes on. Take your family other places. There’s a lot to see in this great country

        1. Ken Brenner

          Hi Russ. I concur on “moving on”. After going for so many years, its hard to see so many changes.
          Will be trying cruises again, I normally get the same “getaway” feeling on a cruise as I used to get with going to WDW. Another feature of WDW I liked was the Dolphin hotel and its nice location. I’m also hiking the Appalachian Trail in sections, so there’s another opportunity.
          Have a blessed day…

      3. Russ

        That’s an ignorant response. You should be a travel agent

      4. Ken Brenner

        Hi Bud.
        I appreciate your reading my comment.
        I’ll pass on going to DC and raiding anything, I’m retired… 🙂
        Have a blessed day, and enjoy WDW on your next visit…

    2. I agree with you Ken. As for the idiot telling you to go raid the capital. Shut up that’s getting old. Ken is just stating the facts disney should be kept neutral and out of politics.

  12. EricJ

    “The price increases were necessary to recouping the losses caused across the theme parks by the closures during the Pandemic…
    For the last time, the Galactic Starcruiser had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!–It was a good idea, quit picking on it! It’ll sell out at Christmas, I promise! 🙁 ”
    – Bob Chapek

    1. CB

      Bob Chapek is a moron!

      1. Jayne1955

        Yes, he is. Him staying on ruined my last hope that this ship would right itself.

  13. CB

    Disney will sink and then just raise their prices. The people running it, is ruining all of it. Too Political and not to mention Mickey Mouse is going to lose it’s copyrights.

    1. Russ

      But, ppl are obsessed, like addicts. They will do anything, pay anything to get that disney fix. Just stop going. Kufe goes on. Lots to see in this beautiful country.

    2. DLand

      Cb, I know what you’re talking about, about Disney MAYBE LOSING its Copyright © for Mickey Mouse 🐭 Did you see see who wants to BUT HIM & add it to his collection? ELON MUSK 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Let him by Mickey & watch what happens to ALL THE DISNEY PARKS 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Russ

    But, ppl are obsessed, like addicts. They will do anything, pay anything to get that disney fix. Just stop going. Kufe goes on. Lots to see in this beautiful country.

    1. Jayne1955

      You’d get a lot more support if you didn’t keep putting “kufe”.

  15. RB

    As with any other luxury, and a lot of necessities like gasoline, the pandemic created a lot of pent up demand for good times which will be satisfied at any cost. If enough people could just say NO, the prices would return to more reasonable levels. But don’t hold your breath. Delaying gratification is something we Americans are not very good at.

  16. Maria

    I think Disney has alienated their fan base and what is happening in the parks now is a representation of the guests they now attract. Not only are the prices too high and the perks all but non existent, also long gone seems to be the gentle spirit of a wholesome family experience. Brawling on Main Street? Guests who disregard, disrespect, and dismiss cast member pleas for order and compliance to park rules? Reminds me of what happened to the North Pole when Jack Frost finally got his hands on the globe in The Santa Clause 3. Maybe someone in charge at Disney needs a hug?

    1. Ken Brenner

      Maria – Nicely put “gentle spirit”.

  17. DyAnne

    I started going to Disney at 8 years old I went at least every year had my honeymoon there too! now sad to say at 59 I can’t afford it the passes are too expensive even for floridians for the first time I’m saying goodbye to it hoping if enough people leave they will get back to Walt Disney Dream and make prices affordable for everyone not only the rich like it use to be.😢

  18. BPyle

    Missing a big point – complete loss of value. I would take my kids once or twice a year. We went in June and it was officially our last trip. Parks were a mess. Real park hopping is gone. Annual Passes – levels not even available (this is bizarre). Genie + was a rip off – essentially you have to pay close to $200 pp to enjoy the parks for a day. Magical express is gone, so there is that. I am also a DVC member and have decided I will just use my points for resort stays or non-park locations.

    1. Deb

      You’re right. No value for your buck. It’s the little things that are missing. The problem is you can overlook a snafu here and there but after a while it becomes one thing after another. And then you have cast members treating you like an idiot with a smile. I appreciated the CM at Jungle Cruise in desperation stating that she was sorry bit I am doing the job of 4 people. I didn’t appreciate the CM at Ratatouille that wouldn’t move my hubby’s ECV closer. I truly hope when he gets older his back deteriorates like my husband’s. Oh and for those wondering the back acted up 2 days before our flight. Too late to cancel.

      1. Ken Brenner

        Deb – sorry about your husband’s back problem. God Bless for healing grace, peace, and comfort (for you both).

  19. Jayne1955

    OF COURSE it’s gotten too expensive. We went in 2018 with all our kids and grandkids, nine people, but we will not go again. Next time I’m going to have the family reunion at Universal. But enough people are willing to pay these ridiculous prices so they won’t care.

  20. Maryann

    Absolutely out of reach for average families. I have been coming to Disney world since 1971. My children all came at least two times per year and their children the same. I never felt so ripped off as I do now. Rides breaking down -services excluded-prices skyrocketing and extremely rude people. It’s crowded now because people are looking to be happy in an unhappy world so tempers are high. In another year or so Disney will find itself on the losing end They are pricing themselves out of the market. Families will find other venues Shame on you Bob Chapek and your board.

  21. Al

    In the past I defended the prices with experience provided but can no justify the cost increase, poor quality of food, merch and lousy overall service

  22. Arielle

    Disney Corporation only cares about money now. I strongly believe if Walt was here not only would he 🤮 be ashamed of everything that’s being charged for, like parking when your a passholder anyways, I believe he’d be like the few good ones at the gas stations who are lowering the prices on they’re own; that he’d look at the rising inflation and the reality of the average family being able to visit and seeing that they can’t and keeping things at a reasonable price. He wanted people to be able to go and experience the magic not pay the price of a kidney for a subpar visit, long lines, and no merchandise because the ticket itself was too much to begin with 🤦🏼‍♀️

  23. Rroe

    Screw Disney………Bob Chapek had a financially lucrative 2021 and took home $32.5 million, up from $14.2 million in 2020. His base salary was $2.5 million. Included in Chapek’s earnings was a bonus of $14.3 million and $13.9 million in stock options and awards.

  24. Edward

    I used to take my Family there about 20-30 times a year. Living nearby made it very easy. Even had Annual Passes for the 5 of us for many years but this year when I went to renew my passes and she told me it was raised and it was now going to be $5900 for the 5 of us I immediately said no thank you and bought Annual Passes for Universal, Busch Gardens/Sea World/Aquatica and only spent $3500 for those 6 parks for the year. So long Disney it was a Great 30+ years with you.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Edward – I understand how you feel, nicely put!
      Hope you all are blessed with the new “getaway” places…

  25. Mary Basel

    They have gotten WAY to expensive at the parks and resorts, and the level of service and really declined. When staying at a disney resort, they don’t clean your room everyday any longer, only offer clean towels and empty garbage, but they have no problem charging higher prices.

    So much has changed since my children were young. I just took my granddaughter. She loved it at age 6, but she had no idea what she missed from year ago.

  26. John

    I’m done….no more visits to WDW for me. Look for me at Universal.

  27. Has anyone noticed that since Bob Chepak took over the pricing has gone through the roof making it mostly unobtainable to those who have to save for years?
    He’s making Disney into a millionaires paradise.
    Walt Disney never wanted this, he want everyone to be able to bring children to a place of fantasy and enjoy it with their families.
    But now most cannot afford the ridiculous prices.
    They have out priced a lot of people, me included, for my family to visit WDW it would now take a miracle!
    Chepak needs to be gone, bring back Walt’s wishes and stop making WDW a commercial commodity, Chepak is only interested in making money, not making it a happy place!!

  28. Edward D Jankauskas

    Save Disney, Bobby Paycheck must Go!

    1. AmericanbyGod


  29. Lisa

    This is getting insane!

  30. Christopher

    I’m sick and tired of people blaming disney for the price increases. What did you expect, it happens everywhere because of the covid 19 pandemic and the illegal war in Ukraine. I just suck it up and deal thank you.

    1. Vince

      If the prices are too much for ya’ll, I hear ya! But, you don’t have to go. I have been going since 1972, well within the first year it was open. Not happy with the prices either. Still have my annual passes, just the Pirate Pass. Many times I just enjoy going to Disney Springs for the food and shopping. Only 90 minutes away. Do or not!

    2. Be Nice

      Okay I can see the pandemic but really do you really believe everything is because of “Putin’s War”. I agree we are seeing an increase in prices to everything and there is out of hand inflation, but I think you need to look beyond CNN for your information.

  31. Tommy V

    Out of reach for middle class and lower families. Not what Walt and Roy wanted. Chapek and Iger drove WDW into oblivion and have killed the magic. Bring back Michael Eisner!! Until then, we won’t go. Our next FL trip is to Busch Gardens and Universal.

    1. Vince

      Indeed both are great choices. Busch is great only across the bridge for us.

  32. Rachel

    I loved Disney! Now after the price hikes and new programs (dining, fast pass, etc) I have NO INTEREST in ever going again. If I am going to spend thousands on a vacation, it’s not going to be at Disney!

  33. Disney has not only gotten more expensive, but there is so much less value then there used to be. Fast Passes are gone, and now they want you to pay for shorter lines. The food has gone up in price but the quality and portions have gone way down and don’t match the price. The souvenirs have gone up in price but the quality of the clothing in particular has gone way down in price and is almost see through because the fabric is so thin. They’ve cut out buses to and from the airport so you have to find alternate transportation.

    Then there is the rude guests which Disney does not do anything about until it gets escalated to full on brawling and then Disney takes acting. They’ve been ignoring the cutting in line and guests in restricted areas for years, especially from influencers. And the cast members for the most part are overworked, underpaid, and no longer care about making Disney magic.

    And then there is the peeling paint, faded signs, and full trash cans as the parks are not being maintained.

    Other theme parks are stepping up their game to take over people fleeing Disney and they are getting Disney’s business and people are learning that they can live without Disney for the first time in their lives. When Disney decided to cater to a few and spit in the faces of everyone else, that’s when I walked away. I haven’t been back and I won’t be back. But unfortunately, the parks are still crowded and there are plenty of people willing to help line Chapek’s pockets (he’s the worst thing that ever happened to the Disney company).

  34. David

    It’s time for Bob Chapek to go and also get rid of the losers on the board which must kiss up to Chapek or he to them. Bob Iger made a big mistake yes a real Big MISTAKE

  35. Squirrel

    The prices are outrageous. You have to pay $25.00 to park at the hotel you stay at. The rooms are outpriced and the tickets prices are crazy. I went 4 years ago, But now I can’t afford to go there anymore. I love Disney, But they outpriced themselves for a family to go there anymore.

  36. Marie

    Unfortunately greed has taken over and it is not about what the WD Co can give to its visitors but more what profit it can make. Just like soo many other companies. It is no longer filled with as much sense of magic more a worry as to what you can and cannot afford to do once you get there is you manage to do so. Coming from the UK is soo much more expensive now too. Unfortunately there are soo many great points people have made on here and they are right. Inflation is natural but not to the extent a Disney trip is now. Staying onsite benefits are near non-existent now which is a huge shame. But again it is all about what profit the big guys at the top of the chain can make, forgetting about the cast members who work their hardest to try and make each guests visit magical and are left to deal with the guests complaining!! Photography cast members were always a huge hit with guests capturing those extra special moments at each point and they have been reduced meaning some extra magical shots are no longer going to be captured. It’s a huge shame for cast members and guests alike that the changes have been for the worst 🙁

  37. SS

    I easily spent $4,000 to $9,000 on a Disney trip, this is bull. I remember when it used to cost $1,000 for the whole expeience.

    1. joenywf64

      Would you believe $2!!($19.12 today- half that for a child) for a ticket to the ‘ 64-‘ 65 NY world’s fair?! – which had 4 attractions by Disney – including the original Small World, Carousel of Progress(with an additional upstairs show on atomic FUSION power), an animatronic President Lincoln, & the Ford Magic Skyway ride. & the non disney GM futurama 2 & Bell telephone ride. & plenty others.
      Would take several days to see everything. But it was mostly EDUCATIONAL, like the ORIGINAL Epcot. I don’t think Walt intended for so many 3 minute roller coasters to take over his parks!
      Watch these youtube fair videos – in this order …
      1. To the Fair (1964) – the version that is in color
      2. RARE 8mm film footage of the General Motors Futurama
      from the New York World’s Fair 1964-65
      3. ’64-65 NY World’s Fair FUTURAMA Ride Video
      4. 1964-65 NY Worlds Fair – 2015 New Year’s Montage
      5. The 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair Remembered

      1. Sharon

        Love your post!
        Walt wasn’t greedy. It’s all the board members since Roy Disney died who are greedy “good for nothings” including that crook Chapek.

  38. Mickeymouse3

    I’m sure Disney is taking notes on all these comments which are posted on a non-Disney site….Not.
    Wanna make a difference? Start posting your angst directly towards Disney on their site, not ITM or any other media outlet.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Thanks for the suggestion, I thought about that, but don’t now where to go to leave a comment.

  39. Sharon

    I’ve been saying that Disney is catering to the rich. The rest of us regular people have been priced out. I’ve noticed this when the built that Golden something-or-other development with the million dollar plus houses being sold to rich people. Of course, as we can all see, they’re getting screwed over too with the Parks falling apart and unnecessary building going on. The Rich will be bored with this soon. Not the lifestyle they’re used to. Disney will wish they treated the rest of us better.

  40. Sharon

    I’ve been saying that Disney is catering to the rich. The rest of us regular people have been priced out. I’ve noticed this when the built that Golden something-or-other development with the million dollar plus houses being sold to rich people. Of course, as we can all see, they’re getting screwed over too with the Parks falling apart and unnecessary building going on. The Rich will be bored with this soon. Not the lifestyle they’re used to. Disney will wish they treated the rest of us better.
    THIS WAS NOT A DUPLICATE COMMENT!!!! Disney is scamming in every possible way. Bunch of liars!!

  41. DLand

    The only way for change, would be “IF” EVERYBODY WOULD STOP 🛑 GOING TO ANY & ALL OF THE DISNEY PARKS,” but unfortunately that’s not going to happen. So people will keep complaining & Disney will still keep making money 💵 & the prices will keep going up because NOBODY wants to stop 🛑 going. It’s plain & that simple 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

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