Comments for TikToker E-Mails Bob Chapek in Plea to Reverse Lifetime Disney World Ban

A photo of a man with a laptop and a straw hat next to a photo of CEO Bob Chapek at Disneyland.


  1. drew

    The last thing that the Parks need are more idiot “influencers.” I hope that Disney upholds the ban just for that reason alone.

  2. Chris

    I hope the ban stays AND Chapel makes a very public statement about it, making it clear that breaking the rules will have consequences.

    1. Karie

      This. I remember seeing he was also posting videos of the areas guests aren’t allowed and aren’t supposed to be shown on while he was an employee. Just repeatedly doing things he wasn’t supposed to do. I would bet money half his issue is he was making $$ on tiktok for his videos and now he isnt

  3. S1

    You lost me at TikTok

  4. Disney Fan

    Chapek’s PR is already in the toilet. Unbanning someone that clearly is going to go back to the parks and continue breaking rules for TikTok views and attention is not going to help him in the slightest. This won’t go anywhere.

    He will stay banned and the parks will be a better place for it.

  5. Ava

    All these lunatic ‘Disney Adults’ who cause problems for views on social media should be banned to begin with. There is a difference between adults who love Disney and act respectfully in a family environment and millenials willing to do whatever it takes to get more ‘likes.’

    1. Ron

      You said it perfectly Ava, my fiancée and I will be doing our honeymoon to Disney and then a cruise. We still enjoy the parks, rides, entertainment aspects of Disney. However a few bad apples that break the rules for social media really ruin it for others

  6. Erika

    Why are we even still giving this guy attention?? This is not news worthy, even for a theme park. Clearly he was never taught that there are consequences for your actions.

  7. Adults make me hate disney

    Definitely hope they uphold the ban. This moron was engaging in potentially dangerous and influentially dangerous behavior while he was an employee. And you know he was the most insufferable coworker. Never let the idiot back. So fed up with Disney adults go think the rules don’t apply to them.

    Just like the idiot tiktoker who was made to change while wearing a ballgown. Which everyone knows you can’t do. And she cried she was being targeted. For what? You’re an attractive white woman?

  8. Disney needs to uphold the ban. Influencers are ruining the Disney parks acting like they own the place and breaking the rules. You see videos show up on You Tube, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc. almost daily with an influencer bragging about how they broke a rule for views. Chapek needs to send a clear message that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. If Chapek lifts the ban it further shows how he doesn’t care about the Disney company or what happens in the parks.

  9. Niki

    Funny how he thinks emailing him at his personal email address is going to help his case.

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