Comments for First Look at New Gender-Inclusive Cast Member Role at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

fairy godmothers in training at magic kngdom


  1. Cheryl

    I love everything DISNEY! My dream is to work at Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. I’m a retired cosmetologist of 44 years. I think no matter what they’re name is, children will enjoy the experience. It’s magical!

  2. SpokenWoken

    Jeezzus…eat a damn salad for a change, Fatty Godmothers.

    1. Tiffany

      Have you never seen the movie? Stfu

    2. Wtf

      Whoa lol

  3. Marie

    What is the difference? Training/Apprentice?
    Now changing the word “GodMOTHER” which Identifies with female!

    1. Tea

      But they didn’t change the word “godmother”….

    2. BUT…. they’re still training to be Fairy God MOTHERS – why can’t they be Fairy Godparents – or better yet, Magic Makers in training or something that truly EMBRACES all genders!! And if they did care that much they’d also provide a gender neutral costume – all I SEE ARE dresses!!

      1. Arthur

        I don’t think you are understanding the language here. They are apprentices of “the one and only” fairy godmother. It doesn’t mean they are also planning to be called a fairy godmother in this fantasy aspirational storyline.

        1. Carol

          Exactly, before they were “Fairy Godmothers in Training”, now they are Apprentices to the “Fairy Godmother”, which is actually more accurate, because they were always and forever “training”!

      2. Vinnie

        Read the two terms carefully and pay special attention to the apostrophes in the two terms

      3. Mr B.

        LOL. woke much?

    3. Agreed -swing and a #miss Disney!!

    4. Jordan

      They are the Fairy Godmother’s apprentices now, not training to be Godmothers. That’s the difference.

  4. Tea

    So the difference is what, getting to wear pants? It appeared there was someone in a picture wearing a pant and vest combo instead of the dress. Don’t get why people think that’s a problem…

  5. John

    So Stupid,
    A “Blank” Apprentice is someone training to be a “Blank”, so they are still Fairy Godmothers in Training!
    Or Oxford definition;
    a person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer, having agreed to work for a fixed period at low wages.
    “an apprentice electrician”

    So I guess they just want to let everyone know how little they are getting paid!

    1. Jordan

      Not when the the god mother’s name is Godmother. That’s the difference between Godmother’s in training and Godmother’s apprentice.

  6. EricJ

    Let’s not go overboard on the G-word:
    All they did was turn “Stewardesses” into “Flight Attendants”, so that they could have male ones.

    (And while I’m making no personal judgments on male flight attendants…)

  7. jimmy


  8. drew

    Disney is having a hard enough time filling open jobs all over the parks. They can either start having some additional help by slightly changing the rules for the Boutique or all the Karens that want their precious daughters to get an expensive makeover can go ask for a manager at City Hall instead.

  9. B

    This is another stupid Disney idea giving in to the stupid minority of cry babies in 2022. Thank god my daughter got the experience when she did because she could have cared less about the labels and more about the glitter. Disney is so out of touch with their base audience that more people prefer to spend their money elsewhere.

    1. Wtf

      Walt is definitely spinning in his grave with all the crap his Formerly great company has been doing

      1. Carol

        Actually Walt was always inclusive. All this does is make it possible for anyone qualified to fill the position and be included in the “Magic”.

    2. Jordan

      Their base audience? Majority of people see no issue or enjoy the change. The minority, like yourself, are crying about something that literally does nothing to you and Disney couldn’t care less because you weren’t going to go to it anyway.

      1. Mr B.

        Disney has always been inclusive. They didn’t have to say it. They want more tranny’s. It’s pushing an agenda. If you can’t see it. You are part of the problem.

  10. JJ

    You have got to kidding! Wow!

  11. Debra Rusovick

    I don’t care!!!

  12. Rod Simonson

    How can an experience that specifically targets mothers who want to bedazzle their daughters be considered “gender inclusive”?

    1. Dora

      Because they offer pirate makeovers too. I personally would want my daughter having a female Godmother giving my daughter her makeover. Not a male.

  13. Karen Baker

    Definitely done with this nonsense. They are fairy godmothers. Disney keeps pandering to the left. We did the boutique for my granddaughter 3 years ago and it was a wonderful experience for her. Disney wants to ruin every they touch. I am done and I know Walt Disney would not approve of the mess these woke people have created.

    1. Gina

      100% agree.

    2. Jordan

      Disney also lived in a different time and had different standards, such as men had couldn’t have facial hair and women had to wear dresses. Disney also knew things would always change and would probably understand if he were to have lived on to see everything. To think it’s being ruined simply because you don’t like something doesn’t make any sense either

  14. Justin L Offutt

    Male and Female – not something they want to make up. this is sick on so many levels. if a dude wants to pretend to be a girl…whatever, but to expose children to it is just wrong.

    1. Jordan

      It’s more wrong to expose them to your ignorance. Some men still identify as men and like to wear make up. Nothing wrong with that

  15. Tdc

    What is going on here is; Disney is “pandering” to the small number of attendees who are gender confused and will be missing all the income source from people who are clear about their born/obvious gender.

    1. Louise

      Agree. It is fantasy. A godmother giving a little girl her makeover into a princess is fantasy. Leave it alone and let it be the way it was. What’s next, the Dapper Dan’s letting females be part?? Oh wait, I better not give them any more ideas!

      1. DLand

        Hold on Louise, I use to sing Barber Shop just Like the Dapper Dans & I would Love to see a Women’s Barber Shop Quartet. When I was a senior back in 1983, my school was asked to take part in a Special Event dealing with the Olympics back then & we came. Well my Barber Shop “Girls”
        Quartet knew several of the same songs that the Dapper Dans were singing & we just jumped right in. Everybody thought we were a New A t for Disney because we were that good. The Dapper Dans Loved it that we started singing with them & after there set was over they came up to us to tell us just how Good we were and we were only in HIGH SCHOOL, so Seeing & Hearing a “WOMANS BARBERSHOP 💈 Quartet would be Great 🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉🥳🎉👏🏼

    2. Jordan

      The small minority or people that find stuff like this offensive will not be missed. The majority doesn’t see a problem with this and will continue to show support for Disney.

      1. Ava

        Jordan, that’s why you’re all over this thread arguing with the majority. Most parents of young daughters don’t want a grown man doing her makeup or helping her pick out a dress.

  16. SP

    You cannot change the Cinderella Story!!! They are Fairy Godmother’s!
    If you are gender confused, you shouldn’t apply for a job if you don’t want to be Cinderella’s Godmother! Please don’t expose children to your personal issues! Just SO wrong….

    1. sherry

      Fairy Godmother is the character from the story.Before they were called that title in training-HER trainees. Now instead of implying they will all go into the title of Fairy Godmother they may instead choose to be called a Fairy Godfather or Fairy God Person etc. It is absolutely NOT changing the current story -which I too would have been very upset about. The ‘ s just means they are her apprentices which can be any gender.

      1. jo

        Sherry have you lost your mind? Fairy Godmother in Cinderella was an old white woman. Not in anyway a man. Any trainer or apprentice is still a woman in training to be a fairy godMOTHER. Moron.

        1. Jordan

          Did you even bother to read what Sherry said or do you enjoy making a fool of yourself? Your ignorance is showing

  17. Sue C

    It’s stupid and ridiculous. Done with the “woke” BS and done with Disney.

    1. Sue

      Crazy. Let’s see who else Disney does not want to offend. Bc we don’t want to do that even the ones who don’t know if they are or boy or girl. I guess they need to look at there birth certificate. Oh wait you can change that now. And just put ? Mark there now.

  18. Woke Disney World

    Just more catering to an entitled, attention-starved minority. Go ahead and keep doing that Disney. Eventually the majority will be heard.

    1. Jordan

      The majority is being heard. They are ok with what is being done. The minority is the one whining about changes they don’t like even when it doesn’t effect you

  19. Byron

    Disney showed the truth about current Disney executives when they said the they were trying to add queer to everything they could with the blessings of the company. The woke morons that currently run Disney hate Walt’s dream because Walt Disney stood for family values which they want to subvert. There is no surprise that they floated the idea of removing Walt’s name from Walt Disney world. Disney is rotten to the core.

    1. Jordan

      How is being inclusive not a family value? I’ll wait.

  20. They did change the name Godmother to Godmother’s . It is now possessive instead of plural. So they are the Fairy Godmother’s workers. This makes it inclusive to all without an obvious big change. I’m fine with it. However it’s a doctor’s charter so even before if somebody didn’t identify as female it shouldn’t have matter. They were “acting” in a roll.

  21. CT

    I don’t care what they call themselves as long as a woman styles my little girl’s hair.

  22. TM

    How is it different? Apprentice LITERALLY means ‘in training’! So, they’re STILL Godmothers in training!

    1. Jordan

      You must have struggled in language arts. Godmother’s apprentice is to mean the fairy herself training people versus godmothers in training is literally that, training to be a godmother, which a guy may not want to be

    2. Jordan

      You must have struggled in language arts class.

  23. jo

    At least they all appear to still be women. Taking my great niece in Oct. We will still call them Fairy Godmothers IN TRAINING. Little girls still believe in the magic and ask questions. When will your training be done, how long have you been training, do you have a magic wand yet.. Chapek is slowly ruining all the magic. He truly sucks pond water.

    1. Jordan

      So you’re ok with excluding people because you don’t think your niece wouldn’t understand a godfather? That’s flawed logic

      1. Ava

        Jordan, maybe she doesn’t want a grown, adult male playing dress up with her niece.

  24. Gwen

    I think Mr. Disney would be so proud of how his company is stepping up and recognizing how we can all be different but the same. His primary goal for his parks in particular was to have a happy atmosphere
    where the family could play and have fun together. Not all families are the same but they are all families. I proudly boast of being a Disney Fan! Good Luck to all the new Fairy Godmother Apprentices.

  25. J

    Disney has clearly jumped the shark. It is history not the future.

  26. DisneyFan

    I don’t care about the title change, but what will the children receiving the makeovers be called? Friend? I think it’s ridiculous they won’t be called Princesses anymore.

  27. Disney is literally changing everything they touch when there is nothing wrong with it to begin with. Meanwhile rides are breaking down, animatronics are broken, trash cans are overflowing, paint is peeling, souvenir quality is in the toilet, and food portions are shrinking and the food is terrible. Instead of creating new problems where no problem exists, I wish Disney would fix the ACTUAL problems in their parks, the ones that are part of the guest experience.

  28. Mickeymouse3

    If Disney wants to continue to push the gender inclusive line, shouldn’t they follow the political trend and call them fairy godbirther’s apprentices? Maybe fairy god-menstruating person apprentices?
    They wouldn’t want to offend anyone by using the word “mother”, now would they? Which, by the way, none of us would be here without a one.
    Stop trying to fix things that ain’t broke.

    1. Jordan

      Fairy Godmother is the character’s name. You are trying way to hard to be funny

  29. Ava

    Something about grown men wanting to work with mostly 3-10 year old girls, playing dress up and doing their hair and makeup is slightly off putting to me.

  30. Lisa Pappas

    This is pathetic. Disney you are a bunch of snowflakes.

  31. Lily

    I’m just wondering if Jordan has a job or if his job is to have an opinion to everyone’s comments…Disney is ridiculous being inclusive and respectful isn’t about making changes like this.

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