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EPCOT's Spaceship Earth

Image Credit: USAToday.com (Photographer, David Roark)


  1. Jane

    During one visit we were on the People Mover when lightening struck and shut the ride down. We didn’t wait long before a cast member carefully escorted us off the ride and down a stairway and through The Buzz Lightyear building. Was a little nervous having a small child but the cast member was great!

  2. Cyndi

    Absolutely! Flooding has been going on for years. It’s just getting worse because the rainstorms are worse

  3. Shaun Harrington

    Can any of these articles get right to the point without paragraphs touting how wonderful everything is and what is available in these parks?

  4. Nathan WILLIAMS

    The recent extensive damage at EPCOT from rain & flooding, as well as the ongoing problems with flooding at the Magic Kingdom highlight the DISNEY COMPANY’S FAILURE TO KEEP UP WITH BASIC MAINTENANCE AT WALT DISNEY WORLD OVER THE PAST DECADE. While ticket prices & annual passes have nearly doubled (or more) in just the last 5 years for fewer services, no fast passes, no magic bands, no Photo Pass,
    & parks with drastically reduced hours- Disney has also lagged behind in basic park and ride maintenance (as can often be observed from the many rides that are down throughout the day at the WDW PARKS & from the ridiculous wait times because so few attractions are actually functioning. It seems the Disney has either over committed itself to it’s Asian Theme Parks (Shanghai, Hong Kong, & Tokyo), where it has spent billions on international expansion in the last 20 years, or that it has lost interest in maintaining the once stellar quality of WDW & DISNEYLAND!

    It’s hard to understand how Disney could miss the mark so badly on the 50 new attractions & shows for the 50th anniversary of WDW, yet still create so much new content for the Shanghai & Hong Kong PARKS! Moreover, it’s unbelievable how WDW IS STRUGGLING WITH PARK & RIDE MAINTENANCE ISSUES, WHILE TICKET PRICES CONTINUE TO SOAR. HOW CAN AN ANNUAL PASS AT SHANGHAI COST AROUND $350 WHILE AN ANNUAL PASS AT WDW COSTS 3 X THAT AMOUNT AT AROUND $1200? This disparity needs to be addressed & WDW NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT BACK TO THE GOLD STANDARD IT ONCE HELD!


  5. The Calvery is Coming

    The mabul (flood) of biblical proportions has hit Disney. Not like they dont deserve it.

    1. The Jesus

      Jesus doesn’t like you.

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