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  1. Disney does nothing about the bad behavior so it just keeps happening. This is at every Disney park.

    We were at Disneyland long before the pandemic, and we waited two hours to see the Christmas Fantasy Parade. We had the perfect viewing place and we waited since it was our first time seeing the parade, even though we had been annual passholders for years. Two minutes before the parade, this couple comes and pulls the trash can out into the middle of the street, sits behind the trash can, pushing us to the side, and leaving the trash can in the middle of the street. Instead of making the couple move, the cast member moves the trash can to one of the pathways and allowed the couple to stay in their viewing spot. That was the last time we ever got a spot early for anything at Disney.

    We haven’t been back since Disney started making all of their changes. We have DVD’s with the parades and fireworks and enjoy watching them at home instead of waiting in lines all day. We had our great run at Disney before they changed it for the worst. I’m happy we had all those great years.

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