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  1. Gwen

    My daughter and I went end of Aug 2021. Granted, genie plus/lightning lane wasn’t up and running yet. But we made a vow to only be on our phones when we were relaxing at the hotel, not any other time. We had the magic bands for payment, room key and reservations. We didn’t really need our phones. It was amazing and sad at the same time. Amazing for my daughter and I. Everything was easy going. Haunted Mansion too long? That’s ok, we’ll try Pirates. Want lunch? Just walked up to random counter eateries we saw. Ate at neat places we would have never known about if it hadn’t been so random like that. We chatted while in line and at sit down dinners and enjoyed our mother daughter trip a lot! But it was so sad also because since we didn’t have that distraction, we noticed how bad so many others depended on their phone! Omg, they slowed down lines. We were constantly behind people who had huge gaps in front of them because their faces were buried in their phone and they weren’t paying attention. We kept getting the urge to say, “move along!” (We didn’t, but the urge was there, lol) So many kids were on their phones, not interacting with their parents. People on their phones will eating. Sooooo many selfies, but in “influencer” sort of ways, not vacation selfies. Like, how many angles you gotta take? You’re blocking the path! 😂

    We’re coming back in September and doing stand by only (refuse to pay to ride rides faster, Disney is pricey enough as it is!) We’re going to do the same thing with our phones as last time. You don’t HAVE to have them if you really don’t want to. If people hate it, stop paying for Genie/lightning and send Disney a message. Stand by isn’t bad. We never waited longer than 20 minutes on most rides, never over 45 for the bigger ones. People were on their phones before genie/lightning, so I’m thinking it’s just an addiction problem in general.

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