Comments for First Images of Rachel Zegler As Snow White Leave Fans Divided

Rachel Zegler Snow White header


  1. CalledIt

    Everything gets be touched up in post production.

  2. Mr White

    Agreed, looks terribly cheap and she looks like like Snow WHITE, the fairest of them all…

    Nothing against the spic actress but casting needs to do better.

    1. Mr

      Opps meant to say Nothing like Snow White

    2. Andrea Conti

      Won’t see it or little mermaid. The cartoons are way better, and Iam sure Walt won’t like these live action film remakes.

    3. Wow Mr White, do you hate much??? You are a body part I probably can’t call you on here. I think you can imagine what part. Oh and I’m white. It’s people like you that make me not proud of that fact.

      1. ddf

        That’s because Mr. White is NOT white. It’s a troll trying to make all white people look bad.

      2. Where have I hated? Please point out the hate?

        Is Snow White supposed to be a spic or is she supposed to be a pale white european ?

  3. Walt

    More wo ke BS from the wok est place on earth!

  4. Mickeymouse3

    Gee, why don’t everyone just get their panties in a wad cuz they snap a few pics of an actress, who is portraying a cartoon character, while she’s sporting some hair clips.
    ITM sure does a nice job stirring the soup pot tho, with their spin on skin color.
    Maybe Snow took a break from cleaning up after the dwarves to vacation in Mexico, where she got herself a tan.

  5. Eric

    Disney needs to stop being too concerned over what minorities get a role in their movies and give the roles to the people who actually look the part. Snow White was a German Fairy tale, not a Puerto Rican princess. And Ariel was a red head, when was the last black person with red hair seen? Sorry but Disney is too woke now, stop being scared of the minority left progressives

  6. TammyBaker

    Just a thought: If it wasn’t announced that Rachel Zegler was Colombian, would you have thought twice about her skin color or ethnicity? She just looks like any other young pretty brunette to me and looks great in the costume. (PS, if you think her costume looks cheap, don’t forget about post-production! Filters and effects can transform anything.)

    1. Sarah

      Yeah, but the post production is gonna cost so much more than actually making a good looking dress from the get go. It’s just lazy. Plus, that yellow never looked good, and in real life it looks 1000 times worse than animated. I think they should’ve hired Karolina Zebroska for the costume, she’s got a whole video where she made a historically accurate dress based on the colors and design of the animated Snow White’s dress. Way cheaper than any post production and looking way better.

      1. TammyBaker

        (ITM deleted my previous comment, ha!) TOTALLY agree with you! And thanks for introducing me to Zebroska. You’re right, her Snow White dress is visually interesting and a great representation without looking like it came from a Spirit store. 🙂

    2. Yes because she is naturally darker.

      Would you have a pale white girl playing a character thats supposed to be Latino or would you moan about that?

  7. Jesus Christ

    I have no interest who plays Snow White. I just want to see how the dwarves/orcs/midgets/Oompa Loompas are gonna look.

  8. Cera Tops

    Zegler is Colombian Snow White got her name from her white skin, Zegler is a light caramel mocha.
    Huge missed opportunity to give snow white white hair and a dress redesign.
    I hate the dress and the hair, her overall look could have been dramatic but still classic inspired true to the character.

    That shade of blue they’re using on Zegler clashes and reflects the yellow in her skin making her look green.

    Like white wave bob with bangs, royal blue elizabethan corset dress with bold red accents with a yellow beautelicate skirt.
    That should have been the direction they took, not neon mess.

  9. Annette

    Seems like there are so many racist people out there..if you don’t like who is playing a part then don’t do see the movie. No one is making you! You don’t like a subject in a movie or because someone is kissing someone of the same gender you don’t have to go see the movie. People just need to keep out of other business that has NOTHING to do with their on life. There are some out there that understand this and are getting really sick of those that want to control everyone else’s business or ideas. Yes I am white and no I’m not a lesbian but all are entitled to live their own lives as they want!

  10. Sean

    I love the CASTING and the DRESS. There is no reason to spread the hate. People who do ruin the magic.

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