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If there is one nightmare any Disney fan has, it’s the possibility of never being able to return to a Disney Park. I mean, aside from losing a day of magic, having to be told to leave would likely fill anyone with years of embarrassment. Plus, there is a chance that if Disney ever asked you to leave any of the Disney theme parks, that they would never again allow you to reenter.

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As long as you are just focused on the magic of Disney and having a good time as you typically would at the park or dinner, you will of course be totally fine. You would really need to push Disney’s limits to receive a punishment as strong as banishment, but it is possible. Because of that, let’s take a look at what you should avoid on your next Disney vacation, be it to Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort.

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Please note, that whether or not the result of the below actions is immediate removal from the park or expulsion for life from Disney would vary on the situation and what Disney’s decision with the subject at hand is. Also, if you think Disney can’t remove or ban you, they definitely can! Remember: When you are on Disney property, you are also on private property, and if Disney security or officials deem you a trespasser, you need to leave.

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These are some things that you should not do when you are visiting the Disney Parks:

  • Stealing: This one is obvious. If you steal, you will not only be in trouble with Disney but likely the cops as well.
  • Don’t use rude gestures: If you are caught doing something terrible such as giving the finger on an attraction for the photo, whatever comedy you thought of will be gone as you are removed.
  • Propaganda: You can’t just roll into Disney World with banners and posters to push your ideals. I know what you might be thinking, “Who in their right mind brings a banner to hang at Disney?!” and I also wonder that too. But, some people may see Disney and it’s large crowds as a huge platform to spread a message, which is likely why this happens.
  • Don’t throw dead people: You would not believe how many people think they can bring ashes of their loved ones to scatter at a Disney Park. It’s a popular myth that the Haunted Mansion is a dumping ground for many, especially so they could be that lucky number 1,000! Well, even on a dark ride like the Haunted Mansion, Disney is always watching you. If you attempt to do this, Disney will stop the attraction, sweep and toss the ashes, and you will need to leave the park.
  • Don’t get drunk: You are of course allowed to drink at Disney! EPCOT is highly popular for its drinking around the world challenge, and Disney California Adventure has plenty of cocktails to enjoy around the park, so this is definitely something Disney encourages Guests to enjoy. However, if you are too drunk to behave properly, Disney will have to escort you out.
  • Smoking: If you don’t know, smoking has been banned from Disney Parks in the U.S. If you want to smoke, there are designated smoking areas outside of the parks that you can use. But since March 2019, smoking (or vaping) of any kind is not allowed inside the parks.
  • Fighting: Unfortunately, altercations have occurred on Disney property. Whether it be Guests harassing Cast Members or other Guests, fighting at a Disney Park can have you removed.
  • Sneaking backstage: This should be common sense, but if you attempt to go “behind the scenes” at Disney, you will be kicked out. Backstage areas are solely for the Cast Members, and it helps to protect the magic by keeping all of the inner workings hidden away.
  • Jumping out of a ride: There is a reason every Disney attraction states to keep your arms and feet inside the ride vehicle all the time. If you try and cause a scene by jumping out of a moving attraction at Disney, you will not only ruin the ride for all the other parties around, but you can also get in trouble.
  • Cutting in line: Lines can get pretty long at Disney, so you need to respect all of the waits that all Guests have to do in order to ride. Finding a way to cut the line would be disrespectful, and if you are caught, there’s a chance Disney will reprimand you (and possibly you will not be able to wait in any more lines that day!).
  • Not wearing a mask: This is a new one due to the ongoing pandemic, but Disney has made it VERY clear that all Guests over the age of 2 are required to wear appropriate face coverings. If you do not have a mask, you are out of the park. Even if you are not properly wearing the mask, a Cast Member will call you out in front of everyone, and during such an uncertain time, this could be highly embarrassing and reckless.
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Click here for the official Walt Disney World Resort rules. 

Click here for the official Disneyland Resort rules.

So, if you do not want to be kicked out from Disney or “blacklisted” for life, please make sure you are always complying with Disney’s rules and standards.

Do you think Disney is too harsh or just right with these punishable offenses?

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