Comments for BREAKING: Brawl Breaks Out at Magic Kingdom

fight disney world


  1. Robert Narcisse II


    1. Jose

      We use to make several trips a year and always stayed at Disney’s Deluxe resorts and used top restaurants. We easily would spend tens of thousands of dollars $$$$ per yr.

      NO MORE. Their woke agenda and no dealing with Animals like this. WE ARE Done. People go to Disney to get away from this crap. Disney has made their choice diversity and wokeism over $$$$.

      1. Katy

        Wow what does diversity have to do with this? I didn’t know the parks were for whites only.

        1. Martin

          If you notice it was all black individuals and this is why it is difficult to go anywhere cause some people dont know how to act in public and it ruins the trip and fun for everyone. Either act like adults or stay the HELL HOME! Let others enjoy their day. But you cant teach certain people how to act like GROWN UP ADULTS!!!

        2. Candice

          Lol, since when is Jose a white name?

      2. Scott Charlton

        You’re an idiot, what the f%$k is ‘wokeism”?
        Is this another term used by the ignorant and uneducated conservative in this country and their racists ways?

        1. silky

          Seems you’re the racist not admitting what woke is and attacking conservative values.
          Bad behavior seems to be the epitome of liberals

          1. Really?

            Attacking someone’s political view is not racism. Not knowing what “wokeism” is isn’t racism. It could be called ignorant, but not racist. Educate yourself.

          2. PPhil

            Idiots come in all colours.

        2. Woke

          It’s what you are promoting.

        3. Noticing is bad

          Isn’t it odd how it takes “education” (especially of your kind) to stop noticing obvious trends.

        4. Erik Jeffries

          You mean uneducated democRats and their racist ways. The poster’s name is JOSE you racist moron, Scott!

      3. John

        Bunch of Woke trash animals ruining things for everyone.

      4. Steve-O

        So you’re against diversity? Careful there, “Jose”–your racism is showing…

        1. Not diverse

          Diversity failed. It brought America to the brink and may push it past. Time for strength and unity again. Diversity will die.

          1. Manny

            Thank you Russian bot codename Not Diverse.

      5. TJ

        Ok JOSE. You are part of the diversity you are slamming. Very strange. It’s like saying I hate Disney for allowing more of…..me.

      6. Guarantee no ban fdom the parks for animals- firat of all, they are black, the rules arent the same for blacks– plain truth. 2nd- typical of the trash because willing to bet they are locals or within state…3rd – happens too much anymore, Disney invited this by giving incentives to locals as well as not having security and law enforcement near enough to arrest and fine the hell out of this garbage! People- quit attending DW, its the only way the Disney execs will get the picture- losing money!

        1. Sue

          Arod I’m glad you said that bc people are so afraid to say black anymore we might offend them. Sure looks like a bunch of blacks that think they are entitled to me. And I would bet they didn’t get kicked out of the park and most likely they are living off the government that working class people are paying for these animals. And you can call me abrasive if you want. But I call it as I see it. And proud of it

        2. Dawn

          I see some “white” looking folks in the video, not just black. Open your eyes, people of all races/backgrounds can be horrible, it’s not limited.

      7. Johnny Rotten

        You must be rich.

        I just got back. Awesome time but pri-say

      8. CJA

        Idiocy is not an agenda, woke or not.
        People who choose to go to their lowest base instead of rising to patience and good manners are the problem. For some reason we have been encouraged that violence is strong and kindness weak – a lot of times by those who profess to follow a Carpenter who said that peacemakers are blessed.

      9. I’m happy to hear the parks should be less crowded on my next visit, so many with your views that are boycotting the parks should make it a more enjoyable trip.

      10. Bella

        Absolutely agree with you! This is just sickening to watch! Disney has become nothing but a money making machine and yet they charge an arm and a leg but where the hell is security?!! This brawl lasted several minutes and not one security guard in sight! Absolutely ridiculous!

      11. Beth

        Total Ghetto!!

      12. Connie

        Agree. Plus never knowing if flights will take off on time and Genie +.

      13. Db

        100% correct. They are worse than animals and can’t even function in society.

      14. Shirl

        I agree

  2. Drew

    Disney wanted diversity. They got diversity.

    1. Scott

      Oh look a miserable racist. Btw Drew you shouldn’t use your regular e-mail. Does your wife know you cheated on her?

      1. Deport Democrats

        Typical democrat-level discourse. Can’t wait for Brandon to be in jail this November.

        1. Cope harder

          Oh is he the one under investigation and being considered for deposition?

          1. Azza

            Well, he’s incompetent in the extreme, dementia-ridden and never knows where he is, so perhaps a rest home might be better and more humane.

            1. Steve-O

              Counterpoint: He didn’t try to overthrow a lawful election.

              1. Biden the thief

                Actually, that’s exactly what he did, and getting away with it is why he’s “president” right now.

          2. Carl

            Answer? Yes, Biden is under investigation as part and parcel to the federal investigation of his crackhead pedophile son Hunter’s selling of his father’s influence to China.

      2. sam

        demographics isn’t racism.

      3. silky

        Scott, you’re showing your ugly side which is not a good look

      4. Db

        You people are the exact reason they get away with this. No accountability and if you somehow call a spade a spade you are racist. GTFOH you woke trash. Take you are your fairy lgbtq and stay away from my kids.

      5. Shirl

        What kind of a jerk are you?

    2. Katy

      What does diversity have to do with this? I didn’t know the parks were for whites only.

      1. Patti

        All I know is Disney parks used to be a lot more peaceful and nobody worried about violence breaking out. There’s trash being left all over the park. A lot of guests now have no respect. They’re entitled jerks. The more Disney pushes their “We love everyone no matter how bad they behave” agenda, the worst it gets. It’s a fact. Disney is so concerned they’ll offend the woke crowd, they’re driving out their loyal guests who always acted like decent human beings in the parks. If you think all the woke crap is more important than having clean, safe parks (that you spend a ton of money to go to), then you’re the problem. If keeping the future Fairy Godmothers of the world (whoever they are) from losing their minds means that much to you that you’re willing to go to a Disney World like we’ve seen here (again), have at it. Just don’t say logical thinkers didn’t warn you.

    3. Trakita

      Why it’s always my people doing the most….do better black folk

  3. S1

    Looks like normal to me

    1. Silvergirl

      Go liberal , go ghetto .
      Happens every time .
      Chicago, LA, Baltimore…. The list goes on and on. 🤣🤣🤣 Gah people are stupid.

      1. Scott

        What’s it like being racist trash? 😂

        1. Go home

          Why don’t you democrats stay in your own states and cities? Why do you insist upon invading America? We don’t want you.

          1. Katy

            America doesn’t want you and your bigotry.

            1. Go home

              No, you’re not part of America. You’re something else. You’re a parasite.

          2. BeanE Jill ill E. Bean

            “Invading America”? 🤦🏻‍♀️

            You know we’re ALL Americans, right? RIGHT?🙄

            1. American

              No, you’re really not. Being American is more than sitting on a piece of land designated on a map. You fail every single one those additional requirements.

        2. Blackstar

          Why can’t we all just get along?

        3. Azza

          What’s it like being naive and blind to reality? Just look at Democrat run cities. Just look at countries like Sweden that were beautiful, safe places until the Deep state elite flooded them with ‘refugees’ (that happened to be all young men) from the middle east and Africa. Now they have ‘no-go zones’ of crime, violence and arson where even the police are afraid to go.
          Welfare state policies are destructive.

          1. Katy

            So say your racist without saying your racist

            1. F grade

              You’re*. Try getting an education.

        4. sam

          the term ghetto isn’t associated with race. if you see racism everywhere, maybe you are the racist?

      2. Katy

        Please learn the history of the word ghetto. Your education isn’t up to par.

        1. Roy

          Katy, you keep talking about other folks and their education when you clearly didn’t get one… what’s up with that?

  4. Matching outfit

    At least the fights in the park are inclusive now, so we can file this under the “good” column for Disney management. I see an elderly white man, an Indian guy, three blacks, and a Hispanic. Putting my money on the red pants having started it.

    1. Scott

      Nothing makes me happier knowing that either you don’t go to Disney anymore or you do and give them all your money. It’s a win win lol 😂

      1. Sugar daddy

        You don’t have any money my tax dollars didn’t give you.

        1. Katy

          You mean your daddy’s or grandfather’s tax dollars?

    2. AQ

      I was unfortunately part of this altercation and the young man wearing red pants, sporting a shirt “brother of the birthday boy” was one of the main culprits who initiated the fight.

      1. Beth W.

        So then, what did start it? Since you were part of the altercation, surely you know. It would be interesting to find out, and set all this mess straight.

        1. Marji

          From what I have been reading: One of the women (not matching shirt group) left her phone on her EVC and stepped out of line to retrieve it. Matching shirts would not let her back in the line with her family and supposedly pushed her. Her family confronted the matching shirt group after the ride about it and you see the result.

  5. Scott

    Dear lord look at all the racist losers on this post. Why don’t you be brave and post your full name and place of employment if you think these comments are ok. Oh what’s that? You’re silly cowards miserable with your own pathetic lives? Thought so. Lol 😂

    1. Exactly Scott. When people use race and politics as the excuse for how/why everything happens, that shows their closemindness. The people involved in that brawl are pathetic folks who don’t know how to act. Regardless of age, race or political side..btw, how was that guessed by just seeing the video? 🤔🙄

      1. Liars

        You’re the same person. You made these two posts within minutes using the same zoomer emojis. Why don’t you post your real name?

        1. Katy

          You must come from a really small town if it doesn’t even have two people who disagree with you close minded bigotry Liars.

          1. Not Scott

            I bet you’re also “Scott”. You just had the sense to drop the emojis after it was pointed out.

    2. Peter

      Scott, what’s your full name?

  6. Derek

    The inclusive comments are so great and funny. Sucks it’s true. F the libs. Grow up. Be strong. Be proud. Accept we messed up in america. Don’t buy into the racial propaganda and race baiting This kind of stuff is allowed to happen now. Let’s go B. Bring the boss back.

    1. Katy

      America is racist and nothing will get better for poc or the lgbtqia+ or immigrants till we admit we have a problem.

      1. silky

        OK with me

      2. Mason

        America had a black President and America is one of the safest places for people in the LGBTQIABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ community. Since some places on earth being lgbtq can result in death. The USA also endorses BIPOC culture more than white culture. Stop living like we are still in the days of Jim Crow or slavery.

      3. Admitting it

        Yeah, we have a problem. “lgbtqia+” and “immigrants” are a start.

  7. Cleanup

    Democrats have been taught they can do anything they want any time they want. First by their failed parents, then by the government indoctrination camps we call schools, then by the police when they burned down cities, then by the public as we sat idly by when they staged a coup against our elected leader.

    Just look at the thug “Scott” up above, displaying the same mentality as the people who started this fight. We can’t have a peaceful and prosperous society again until these types are removed from it.

    1. Justdiealready

      Is this what decades of drinking from a lead contaminated water supply does to a brain?

      1. Leaded Democrat

        Democrat cities are the ones with lead in the water. Look it up.

    2. Rachel

      Wow. I think you need to stop watching Tucker Carlson. Your facts are seriously off. Only good thing that came from the last president is he exposed all the racists in our country.

      1. Patti

        You are so very delusional. The only racists President Trump exposed were the extreme leftists that hate everybody except themselves.

    3. Katy

      Yes, because January 6th was so peaceful for this country, its not like were still having trials over that day.

      1. lyssa myers

        What about all those peaceful protests in every major city across america a couple summer ago? You know the ones where the cities were burned down, businesses destroyed, people murdered?

      2. Stop the coup

        You democrats rioted in every single city in America that same summer, causing billions in damages and numerous deaths. The only person who died on Jan 6 was a peaceful protestor murdered by police.

        Biden lost the election and some day he will pay for his treason.

        1. ack

          This is the Republicans Battle cry of the uneducated racist. The truth is TRUMP LOST, BIDEN WON. not even close end of story

          1. End the coup

            Biden’s election was invalid, he did not receive enough valid electoral votes. America has not had a president in two years. Biden is simply occupying DC. He will be removed – soon.

  8. Stephanie

    Do we know what started the fight? Just curious what was worth getting kicked out of Disney for.

  9. F

    I heard a monkey escaped during park hours.. 😁

    1. Becca

      I heard that too but didn’t know it was a whole family of them!

      1. Katy

        No, Becca your family is still fine at the zoo, they wouldn’t want such uneducated people running loose.

    2. Katy

      Not true your mom is still in the zoo.

      1. Moo

        I would make a joke about you being in the zoo, but I have never seen a zoo display old cows.

  10. S

    The behavior at the Big D has nothing to do with gov’t tyranny or plandemics. This country survived actual pandemics before. Spanish flu more than 20 million dead, Tuberculosis (the white plague) in which people were forcibly put into sanitoriums against their will and millions dead, Polio (making a come back), Rheumatic Fever, Yellow Fever, etc., etc.
    The problems in this country, the behavioral problems goes far deeper. There are NO MORALS, NO GOD, NO LAW (which makes ALL people equal under the law, i.e., murder except self defense, is prosecuted to the max whatever your background, childhood, race or financial status, punishments are not negotiable), NO REPRECUSSION IN THIS LIFE, NO RELIGION (EXCEPT GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED RELIGIONS OF LEFTIST NONSENSE, i.e., CLIMATE, TRANS, ALPHABET PEOPLE, SOCIALISM, ANARCHY, IS their religion). EVERYONE Believes they ARE ENTITLED TO SPECIAL TREATMENT, they believe THEY ARE SPECIAL for merely existing and NOT JUST TO THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS but to the entire world, THEY BELIEVE that what THEY think, feel, or imagine at any given moment is correct, factual, good or even relevent. ITS EGOism, ITS ME-ISM ON STEROIDS, ITS ALL ABOUT THE SELF NOT ABOUT SOCIETY. YOU WANT IT TO CHANGE? You want it to stop? You know what has to be done to do it. You don’t want to, it’s too hard, it’s not fun, so you won’t. THAT is the problem.

    1. Sue

      Dude. You missed a dose of your medication.

    2. lorraine

      people have no respect for each other any more, period. I read, ( but do not know if it was true or just hearsay) that a woman left her group to go get her phone she accidently left in their stroller, the other group wouldnt let her back with her family…..Like I said , dont know if its true but she was dressed like the others in her group so “duh” she probably belonged with them……..Not like she was trying to get at the head of the line by lying

    3. Katy

      This country was founded on people thinking that are special than other people. Go read a book for once.

      1. Drew

        Katy that is an uneducated, misinformed response. Have you actually read anything on our founding fathers or just regurgitating what biased teachers have fed you? Have you even skimmed through the Federalist Papers? What these men knew, without a smartphone in their hand, was amazing. Stop applying today’s sensitivities to them and ask yourself, where in the world would you rather live? If you base your choices on “free” healthcare and government giveaways then try it for a while. There is a reason people are trying to immigrate to this country in such large numbers and it isn’t for the freebies. Freedom doesn’t mean all of your cares are taken care of but it does give you the opportunity to profit from your sweat and inspiration.

      2. Martin Luther

        Apparently Katy was educated on CRT. Wonder if she got far enough into the lesson when they teach how Africans sold other Africans into the slave trade, that’s literally where their journey began.

  11. Military mama

    You are absolutely right, Cleanup. Dummycrats like Scott are thugs who think they own us.

  12. Nedjik

    Thanks Desantis, he did that.

    1. lorraine

      um no, I dont think so………….

    2. Katy

      Yes please vote out that baby killer, I love Disney World but I wish it was in a better state like California or New York or Oregon or Connecticut.

      1. Look in the mirror

        Which babies did he kill? You mean the ones you want to kill in abortions? How does that work out?

  13. Deb

    All these comments get on my nerves! For god sake I don’t care what colour anyone is ! The behaviour is outrageous and scary and should never happen in Disney,we all need to just take a chill pill and be kind and enjoy being in a happy place

  14. Truth Hurts

    Security was probably addressing another fight in another part of the park. Things are out of control. Fights. People cutting in line. Stealing. Entitlement. Not going to another Disney in America.

    1. lorraine

      It doesnt matter where you are any more, you could be in your home and someone can attack your family………Its not safe anywhere, period

  15. Janet

    Oh lord ghetto arrived at Disney

    1. Katy

      Oh make belive person that sits on a cloud uneducated has arrived. Please learn the history of the word ghetto, your bigotry and stupidity is showing right now.

  16. D

    I haven’t seen this many Trumpanzees in one place since their “typical tourist visit” at the Capitol Building.

    1. Animal control

      If democraps weren’t allowed in Florida, this wouldn’t have happened Democraps are animals.

  17. NonWokeMom

    I don’t know Scott. Why don’t you ask the black family that waited outside a ride to call another family terrorist? STFU

    1. lorraine

      seems like some democrats have called republicans that and worse………I dont see me attacking anyone……….

    2. Katy

      How is Scott going to ask that? It seems if your not woke your also not educated.

      1. PI

        Hey Katy, post your full read name.

      2. Drew

        Please learn history, then the difference between your and you’re.

        1. Roy

          Hahahaha Drew, that made me chuckle.

  18. Walt

    Nope jail…. along with his crap son and wife as well. Don’t be offended Azza – idiots would not see the truth if it punched them in the face.

  19. lorraine

    These people , along with lifetime bans, should be prosecuted

  20. Christopher

    It cracks me up that people think that security can just magically appear after the first punch is thrown. Life doesn’t work that way, they are also busy responding to medical calls, providing an “escort” to someone who decided 11:30 in the morning was a good time to get drunk in front of their kids, or busy bringing a found item to lost and found so you can get your ear bud back when you finally realized you lost it.

    1. Ben

      For the number of guests, the park size, and the amount of money Disney makes there should be security everywhere, and particularly not far from the center of the park (which is where this is).

  21. Ben

    Too many kids, plus hot weather, plus tanked up on steroids (both corticosteroids and regular variety) equals another Magic Moment ™ at the Magic Kingdom ™.
    Security have magically also managed to do a vanishing act!

  22. Sale

    This is what happens in red states, time to boycott racist, sexist, and homophobic governments. Florida is on my no vacation list along with 35 other states.

    1. FJB

      Please stay out. The state is a safer place without Democrats and their crime.

      1. Katy

        Its only safer because uneducated Republicans are not tempted to kill people in their line of vision when they see diversity. I also wish Disney World wasn’t located in this baby killing state.

      2. S1

        You literally have the most dangerous state in the United Kingdom. There is a reason why you are a meme, and your province is a joke.

        1. Florida, England

          Florida… is in the United Kingdom? Did something get deleted or edited here?

    2. Stay out

      Ok buddy, please. STAY OUT. We don’t want your kind in America. Keep to those blue states where your behavior is normalized.

  23. Cyndi

    Lifetime ban for everyone involved! It’s the only way to stop this behavior! Show some credibility Disney!

  24. James

    Not surprising really. It’s hotter than hell there, the lines for EVERY RIDE are long AF, and they sell booze. You’re stuck next to some Bozos for 102 minutes in 105 degrees for a ride that lasts all of 90 seconds or you can pay $75 every time you want lightning lane access

  25. sam

    people need to learn how to act appropriately in a social setting.

  26. Bren

    I find so many of you so amusing. Love how your bigotry is shining bright. You know who you are. You’ve automatically decided it had to be the black person who started it. Heaven forbid it may have been the white person! So quick to judge! I didn’t know there were so many Gods on this site either! I thought there was only one God in the Christian religion. Dang, guess all those church sermons were full of lies! Love it! I think the best I can say is quoting a bumper sticker I saw recently, “Jesus is coming, and he’s pissed!” Better start repenting fast suckers!

    1. bren the bigot

      Statistics, and that’s all I’m gonna say.

      1. Katy

        Fox News doesn’t count has a place to get your statistics.

        1. katy the bigot

          open your eyes! the black community makes up 13% of the overall population yet they show up in situations like this 90% of the time! feel free to look up crime stats on any site you want! (you and bren should totally hook up!)

          1. Katy

            Please just don’t make up statistics, just cause fvox news only shows you 100% racists videos doesn’t mean that is the truth. Calling out bigotry doesn’t make you a bigot. Everyone who votes republican really needs re-education.

            1. katy IS a bigot

              I’ll say it again . . . . feel free to look up crimes stats on any site you want, and yes somebody who calls somebody a bigot is by definition a bigot themselves

            2. FBI

              The statistics literally come from the FBI. I wonder if Joe had them erase those yet?

    2. Roy

      That’s like the pot calling the kettle black… get it?

    3. Go away

      Stow it, demoncrap. Most of us know who it was because we bothered to find out.

  27. Angel

    How absurd to have adults acting this way. We wonder why so many of our young people have turned into criminals, murderers, drug addicts……… Having parents and family that will take part in a physical altercation, in a family friendly theme park, that should, be a happy, safe place to be, it’s no wonder. There is no reason for this type of behavior. Ok so, someone won’t let you back with your party in line. Is that seriously enough to get into a fist fight? We have had many people do this line catch up thing, at best it’s just a mom or dad who’s little one needed the bathroom so one stayed in line with the kiddo’s while the other took the little one out and rejoins the family in line. At worst it was multiple people who decided to go get a snack, or ride another ride, and 1 or 2 of their party waited in line and then the other 20 attempt to join them after 45 minutes of waiting your turn. I have seen both, the latter one is the one that causes these type of fights. I have never seen people refuse a re-entry for a parent and child, I have seen it for 20 of their friends. It’s common courtesy and common sense, that is lacking in these situations, along with class, morals ………and a laundry list of other social deficiencies. We need to put the focus on our families, our children, grandchildren, our children’s friends, our neighbors children. These kids are our future, they are the future leaders, teachers, scientists, doctors, if we do nothing to change what is happening now, our future world looks terrible. That’s not what I want for my children and grandchildren. The examples that are being taught to little eyes, exposed to this nonsense will have the exact same results, it teaches this behavior is not only ok ,it’s acceptable, and there are no consequences for it. If people will act like this in public, how do they act in private. This isn’t a race issue, it’s systemic, it isn’t a political issue, as there are terrible people on both sides who should never be allowed in our government, it’s a people issue, it’s the mindset that they can do what they please, without fear, it’s the criminal being given a free pass and shaming a victim for fighting back, it’s the everyone has to get a trophy even if they don’t deserve it or didn’t earn it, it’s the equal pay without equal effort, it’s so so many things. I witness these types of situations and wonder, where will we be in 20 years, and do I even want to be there for it?



      1. Katy


        1. Alicia W.

          LOL! i totally see your point, things are so much better since biden came to office!

        2. Mickey Mouse

          I normally do vote Republican but the Dems have run me out of money with their runaway social programs and skyrocketing costs for everything. I can’t afford to drive to a polling place. I did have a Democrat Supporting neighbor offered to vote for me since here in my state, you can vote with no ID.

        3. Miscount

          It doesn’t matter if we do, because you will count the democrat votes 5 times.

        4. Roy

          Katy STFU, nobody wants you here. If you have such a problem with America leave already.

  28. John

    Send in Aladdin to fix this…

  29. This has nothing to do with Politics !!
    This all has to do with Disney not hiring enough security.
    Plain and simple !!!!



    1. Go away Katy

      You’re a racist, Katy, and extremely ignorant as well.

    2. Epstein

      With _________, you lose.

      Madlib here. Hint: it rhymes.

  31. Roy

    Diversity at the Parks sure paid off didn’t it? The behavior of a certain demographic hasn’t been isolated to Disney either, just look at what happened at Knott’s Berry Farm recently. Can’t take those people anywhere, they literally don’t know how to act.

    1. Katy

      What does diversity have to do with this? The parks are not only for white people and never was. Learn some history.

      1. Roy

        The parks aren’t only for gays, disabled and minorities, neither are Disney films. Get it? Learn some history, in the meantime GTFO.

        1. Katy

          Who says its only for them? They are not the ones trying to keep anyone out. We are the only ones mad trying to keep people out. Very mature of you, if you don’t like diversity you can GTFO.

          1. Roy

            If you don’t like other folks opinions there’s always the option to protest?

            Just make sure you don’t riot or block the streets and highways this time, that’s not protesting is it.

            As I said before, GTFO

          2. Stop noticing

            If you don’t like the opinions of others, you’re the one who can GTFO and shut up. No one cares that you’re offended we notice reality.

      2. Who,me?

        Hey Katy, look up FBI crime statistics on the official U.S government site.
        There you will find the truth on race and crime if your brave enough to actually read it.
        It is what it is cup cake.

  32. Jon Heil

    ha must be measuring their magic mountains Got to love the snowflakes

  33. Really?

    This is about PEOPLE’S poor behaviour, not race. Can there be one ITM article comment section that’s not crying about race or agendas? Can it not be about the actual content of the article instead of a place for ignorant people to vent their hate?

    I think this mostly stems from people paying so much for a vacation that when it doesn’t go well the poorly tempered take out their frustration on the rest of the guests.

    Where was security? Seems like it went on for quite a bit!

    1. Roy

      Where was security you ask?

      Most Police and security won’t go near black folk anymore, they don’t want to lose their careers or worse.

    2. Heard it

      It wasn’t about race, OK. I’m sure any time a white person does something you dislike, even if they’re actually Hispanic, it’s a sign of systematic racism in America. We know your type.



  35. Erin

    It’s really amazing the number of people that accept and make excuses for this type of behaviour as soon as they see its black people. You’re all such diversity warriors! What would we do without you!

    1. Katy

      What does black have to do with it though? People have all colors fight and in public.

      1. Katy

        *People of all colors have fights and in public too.

        1. anthony

          no where near as much as the black community!

          1. Katy

            Fox News is not a source.

            1. Roy

              Katy is cult of entitlement.

            2. anthony

              who said anything about fox news?

            3. Liarliar

              Neither is Katy the liar.

      2. Erin

        I don’t know, you tell me. I’m not the one sticking up for them, you sure seem to be though, so you tell me, why are you making excuses for their behaviour? This type of behaviour should be condoned by everyone regardless of the colour of their skin.

        1. Katy

          Who is making excuses for their behavior. I’m calling out bigotry.

          1. Erin

            There’s no such thing as bigotry when its based on fact (and please don’t say fox news is not a good source, i don’t even have a tv!)

          2. Katy go home

            You’re the bigot, Katy. We know this because ITM removed your posts, something you admitted yourself.

      3. Mr White

        Why is always black folks doing these things then?

  36. Roy

    Typical woke, apparently free speech only applies to them.

    1. Mr White

      Don’t make up lies.

    2. You poor moron

      Kinda funny how you knock other posters and call them uneducated, yet you do not know how to use your and you’re properly.

  37. Minnie Mouse

    I’d like to see my boss double the price of admission so the park would be thinned out a bit. It was easier to work here until a few years ago when your generation started with the Woke BS and Grooming policies. Our park is being overrun by the new entitle minded crowd and the tik tok losers.

  38. MK

    What I’m seeing is that we have no standards of behavior these days, especially for specific demographics. Don’t lie, you notice the disproportionate amount of altercation videos online of fights breaking out too, ignoring the issue will do nothing but make the problem worse and you’ll be seeing more videos like this. Standards are lower than ever and we see this kind of thing happen at places you’d never expect to see them at really frequently.

    1. Goofy

      It’s just like there being a black or red sheep out in the field of white sheep. Everybody sees but nobody wants to point it out. That would be racist.

  39. Jina

    ITM should really strongly consider closing the comments.

    1. Captain Obvious

      It’ll never happen, this site is only interested in clicks and ad revenue.

    2. SL

      It’s amazing how threads like this brings all the white trash, rednecks, southerners, and white supremacists. This is like their bat signal to congregate. Guess Fox News and Stormfront is getting boring.

      1. Go home

        Go home to your Twitter echo chamber.

      2. sl not the brightest

        the truth hurts doesn’t it “sl”? keep bahhhing like the sheep you are, you’re actually part of the problem and not the solution, stop making excuses for the people that don’t know how to be civilized or act in social environments

      3. Roy

        “It’s amazing how threads like this brings all the liberal trash, woke, and angry black supremacists. This is like their bat signal to congregate and riot. Guess CNN and Colin Kaepernick is getting boring.”

      4. Kevin

        Complains about people lumping other people into a stereotypical group while doing EACTLY the same thing. Bravo SL, you win Biggest Hypocrite of the Day Award.

    3. Snowflake

      Censor everyone we dislike! People aren’t allowed to disagree with us or notice things going on in society! I’M CRYING!!!

    4. Mr White

      Why? Because you don’t like hearing the truth of the woke mobs bringing society down?

  40. Twitter is your home

    Twitter trash needs to stay on Twitter.

  41. Davids

    13% now coming to Disney.

  42. Who, Me?

    Absolutely disgusting behavior by White Supremacists yet again!!
    When will they ever learn to have the respect, restraint and excellent cultural values of their minority brethren??

  43. Mr White

    Oh look at all those respectable black folk at it again, even nice little uniforms for their fighting and to wait for the other family to get off?

    These people need to be in correctional facilities. They are not fit for society.

  44. Amani

    Red dead bodies in red shorts with one hand

  45. Danette K

    I find it sad that Disney World has become so overcrowded and such a money making business. People are rude, the lines are entirely too long. Disney is not the same Disney of 8 yrs ago.

  46. Bob bob

    I see people fighting, a normal part of life with all groups of society. People here talk of skin colour, political parties etc. Fighting breaks out here. Further proof Americans are so divided, so different in an ugly way. You call it the greatest country, but we observers from outside see nothing great but great divide. In short, Americans are as mad as everyone else in the world. The only pride I see is selfish and aggressive.

  47. Military mama

    I’m an old white lady and went to Disney for 50 years and nobody ever got in a fight until recently. What the HELL happened?

  48. Ben Collins

    People need to read the Disney world website for prohibited activities while they r at the parks. At this point where are security cameras?

  49. JD Navarro

    Disney is EVIL TRASH. Unnecessary place to go now.

  50. ThugLife4Ever

    Sigh. The usual suspects doing what they do best. And then they cry racism over the stereotypes which they completely act like. Stereotypes are there for a reason, they don’t just come out of the ether. Take this trash behavior to Six Flags where it belongs. Teach your kids to act like savages there instead of Disney.

    And for a more complete story than this blog will ever give according to TMZ (where you can view the full video) someone went to retrieve a cell phone left out on a wheelchair and got back in line with her party. They other party took offense to this and started the brawl. And as a result one of these surely just misunderstood families has been banned from Disney parks for life.

  51. Rex the Dino

    Ever notice there is usually one consistentancy with the WDW brawls?

    It’s only a matter of time before one of these people get a gun gets through and someone gets shot there.

    1. Unwelcome

      Typical brain-dead liberal take. If you don’t like our Constitution, GET THE HELL OUT. You are not welcome and never will be.

  52. Goofy

    Black folk are above the laws in this Country… didn’t y’all know that?

    1. Kevin

      Thats what happens when every time they don’t get their way they scream “racism” at the top of their lungs.

  53. Joes

    Anytime I hear of any violent crimes, robbery, etc. I always know it’s 95% chance of being black people. Then you see the video or surveillance video and yup, it’s ghetto black people being black and chimping out.

    They probably used all the Biden money to come to Dinsey… anywhere you allow too many of them, becomes ghetto and low class, they’re simply unable to be civil and act like humans and never add value to their surroundings.

    Don’t ghetto our Disney World!

    1. None

      99% chance of being shot in masses by a white male.

      1. Kevin

        Guess you have never been to Chicago, LA or NYC if you think that. Also stuff like what is written about in this article happens WAY more often then mass shootings.

      2. Bret

        Ok CNN lol

  54. Brandon

    That common denominator

  55. Deb

    Disney might have a bigger problem than the brawl. Looking at Orange County arrest records and doing some Google searches it has become clear why those arrested have not been listed in the media.

  56. None

    Clearly too many racists on this page. Both groups aren’t Black. Yes, similar skin color, but one group is Indian. I see Woke is use as a new word to get away saying the N word. People need to grow up and stop using color to inflict racism.

    1. Bret

      Woke is woke nothing about racist about it.

    2. Kevin

      You say “racism” while anybody with half a functioning brain that can see empirical evidence for what it is knows its reality.

    3. Roy

      Everyone is racist when they don’t agree with you, right? Woke is the new “N” word you say?


      Try harder, your woke strategy of lying about everything and accusing everyone and their “karen” grandmothers of racism has gone far enough and the good people of this Nation aren’t taking anymore that’s for sure.

      Take your own advice and stop being racist, it’s obvious who the real entitled haters are and have been for decades.

    4. Out

      Get the hell out of our country before we make you.

    5. Mr White

      Yes The N Words picked on the indian family, but ofc that’s not racism because they are not white.

  57. Mike

    Several if you want you can argue whatever you want this or that facts or fax numbers and numbers it’s always the blacks causing this problems end of story it’s a statistical fact.

  58. Bill

    His name’s Jose… I’m sure he’s white though… genius

  59. Terri

    Kinda looks like the group of women started it.

  60. Voice of Reason

    My dear Republicant’s and Democraps. Here is something to remember:

    “That’s the way the ruling class operates in any society. They try to divide the rest of the people. They keep the lower and the middle classes fighting with each other so that they, the rich, can run off with all the f@cking money. Fairly simple thing… happens to work. Anything different, that’s what they’re gonna talk about. Race, religion, ethnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality – anything to keep us fighting with each other so that they can keep going to the bank.”

    – George Carlin, Jammin’ in New York (1992)

  61. Wayne

    Thus is what happens when you pack the park totally full on a hot day for profit.
    Shutting several attractions down in Vacation season only add to the hot tempers long lines.
    Cutting lines.
    The biggie faking handicap to move thru a handicap ♿ line at Disneyland California.
    People’ know when you have 11 family members and you all are running laughing all the way to the front of the line.
    Stupid people.
    Ruin it for everyone else.
    American way of life now very present in People’s lives. Inbread American families lol

  62. marie

    Wow this site sucks at moderating, so many racists and bigoted comments. I hope to see none of these “people” at the parks. Very disappointed.

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