1923 Exceeds Expectations on the Disney ‘Wish’, Deserves More Recognition

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1923 on the Disney Wish tables

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

1923 is one of the three new restaurants aboard the Disney Wish, the latest Disney Cruise Line to set sail.

I was able to experience the Disney Wish recently, including 1923, and I am happy to share that it completely exceeded expectations!

1923 on the disney wish
Credit: ITM/Kelly C.

When you arrive, you will be seated in one of two dining rooms, each named after the Disney siblings — Roy and Walt. We were assigned the Walt Disney side, which was filled with various drawings, sketches and other animation props, giving a more elegant Animator’s Palette vibe.

drinks at 1923 on the disney wish
Credit: ITM/Kelly C.

We were seated near the window, giving us an incredible view as we enjoyed our meal. The atmosphere of 1923 blew me away the instant I stepped through the doors.

We ordered the The Buena Vista Boulevardier, which was Woodford Chocolate Rye, Campari, Lillet Rouge. It cost $12.00 and was absolutely delicious!

appetizers at 1923 on the disney wish
Credit: ITM/Kelly C.

As a starter, I ordered the Hyperion Four-Cheese Tri-Color Tortelloni, which consisted of Meyer Lemon, Artichoke, Sun-dried Tomato, and Baby Spinach and I devoured it! One of the best food items I have ever tasted.

salmon dinner at 1923 on the disney wish
Credit: ITM/Kelly C.

For my main entree, I decided to try the Seared Verlasso Salmon Filet, which is described as Californian Wild Honey Parsnip Purée, Orange Fennel Essence, Sautéed Black Garlic Rapini. It was very good, not the best salmon I have ever had, but very close. Some bites were a bit too salty for me, but overall the dish exceeded expectations.

dessert at 1923 on the disney wish
Credit: ITM/Kelly C.

And of course, we had to save room for dessert. This was by far the best dessert menu aboard the Disney Cruise ship. Every single dessert we ordered was delicious. Pictured above is the Burbank Blueberry-Lemon Bavarian Cream, which is described as Ecuador Vanilla Bean, Lemon Rocks, Dried Raspberry Meringue.

Overall, I feel 1923 doesn’t get enough love as it is hidden in the shadows of Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure and Worlds of Marvel. But honestly, this was easily my favorite restaurant aboard the Disney Wish.

More on 1923

1923 on the Disney Wish tables
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney Cruise Line describes 1923 as:

Named for the year The Walt Disney Company was founded, 1923 celebrates the golden age of animation.

Indulge your senses with the best of California cuisine. Inspired by the fusion of cultural flavors found throughout the Golden State, 1923 features a diverse menu showcasing the region’s unique blend of Asian, European and South American influences. Dishes are prepared with a bounty of sunshine-infused ingredients like wild honey, earthy pistachios and gloriously fresh fruits and veggies bursting with flavor. All paired, of course, with a fine selection of wines from California’s world-renowned Napa Valley.

1923 on the Disney Wish
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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