Comments for Disney’s New ‘Frozen’ Dinner Show Led to Extreme Disappointment

Disney Wish - Family Dining - Arendelle A Frozen Dining Adventure

Credit: Disney


  1. Jayne1955

    This seems like it would suit the Alaska Cruise on the Wonder better than the Wish. Hopefully before I go next spring it will be there and be better.

  2. Sebastian Hale

    Not in person! I only watched that “Frozen” show on the new Disney cruise ship on YouTube. I couldn’t believe that Kristoff and Wandering Oaken sang the song “Let It Go”, which was originally sang by Elsa, but the “Frozen” show on the new Disney cruise ship was still enjoyable and it was nothing compared to the YouTube videos created by Come Play With Me, which starred little girl Anna and Elsa dolls, along with adult Anna, Elsa and Kristoff dolls as their parents, other little girl Disney princess dolls as their friends and Barbie dolls as other characters like the Miss Bailey Barbie doll, who sent the little girl Anna and Elsa dolls to detention, which was quite a shock.

  3. Katie

    I’m confused… you said because of where your table was located you were not able to interact with the characters and yet there is a picture of yours (credit ITM) where Kristoff and Anna are literally at your table. Sorry not everyone can get a front row seat but maybe don’t exaggerate (or flat out lie) in a professional review article because you feel entitled to better.

  4. Tony

    The frozen show was the only good dining experience I had. My family was next to the stage. Kids enjoyed it. The worse was the marvel dinner. It was just re- runs of the shows and characters no one cared for. My son played with butter instead of watching. Very lazy and boring experience. Does not look like it will change much. Ship still working out kinks. Food service slow. Was on the 3rd sailing.

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