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Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights

Credit: Universal Hollywood


  1. Diesel

    The Weekend is a good artist but I am not paying to go to HHN to see his hauted house.

  2. Hannah

    I… just dont care enough about The Weekend 🤷‍♀️

  3. Faye

    What is HHN thinking! We want scary house.

  4. D

    I understood the collaboration with Rob zombie. I even understood and really liked the idea of when they worked with Alice Cooper…….but……the weekend?!?! What bottom of the barrel dirt weed are they smoking?
    Universal, the once golden standard in horror, loses sense of itself once again. They need to just go back to the basics. Would it kill them to just do one year where they went all out on the entire classic lineup?

    Still waiting for a mind-blowing encounter with the creature from the black lagoon!!!

  5. Renee

    I like this idea myself. I don’t know who will recall walking through the beginning of the house US and heard the theme music playing. Which was a spooky rendition of I’ve got five on it. Psyched me up every time I walked in that house. Gets you going and in the mood. Made me think I could do a whole house like this with different songs. And the creatures you invision in them come to life added to the music is going to be mind blowing immersive experience! I wanted to create whole haunted houses based on this idea and universal beat me to it. I see the complaints, but what’s cool is universal does some classic, some movie, some originals..we all get something!

    1. Brian

      I am reserving judgment, and I like The Weeknd, but this feels at first like HHN making the same mistake GoT made with Ed Sheeran. I hope they pull it off.

  6. Mary Jo

    Awesome, love, love, love The Weeknd! This is experience will be haunting thrilling!

    1. Horrible waste of a haunted house.
      I’d rather watch The Fonz jump a shark on Happy Days.

  7. NYB

    The who? Who is this nobody?

  8. Michael wilhelm

    Never heard of whatever you speak of

  9. Michael wilhelm

    Who is weekend again😒😒

  10. Juliet

    Well it will be different. I didn’t mind the Rob Zombie scare zone. I don’t neccessary think of the weekend’s music as scary. However, I feel the HNN creators are creative enough that it will be a good house.

  11. Armand V Gallanosa

    Bwahaha.. sooo is this the safe space house?!

  12. Chris Wood

    Well if universal whated to redo the houses with the opinions of empty head zombified people, they should look into the heads of AOC. That’s scary. I hope universal isn’t trying to pander and placate for diversity sake, look how well it worked for Disney

  13. Simplejack

    Garbage pop music has no place in HHN. This would be like setting up a Marilyn Manson themed attraction at disneys fantasy land. How much are paying these universal execs to screw this up so badly?

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