Comments for Guests Mock George Floyd’s Death at Universal Studios

Universal Guest Mocks George Floyd

Credit: @TheLonelyBanter


  1. Brooke

    Not surprised at all that Ryan Kinel has revealed himself to be a racist. Both Ryan and his buddy Drunk3PO – sell pro insurrection tshirts online. They supported January 6th, they’re covid deniers too. Real braintrust – these unemployed slackers. I hope they lose all of their subs. Time to get your jobs back at WalMart stocking shelves.

    1. Natol

      Seems like he’s a free thinker. And it’s not a crime to make jokes, even if you don’t think they are funny.

      1. Nosecone

        “Free thinker” is sadly just another name for a racist who is afraid to call themselves a racist. Just own your racism like the “Alpha Male” that they always claim to be.

        1. Noticing

          Not very smart, are you?

        2. Duff Berrman

          Guessing that everything you don’t like is racist in some manner.

      2. silkyrlf

        Yep, seems jokes and racism only go one way.
        But Orange man bad
        Lighten up people

      3. BluesMessiah

        “Free Thinker” from someone who LITERALLY lives by the QAnon motto “Where We Go One, We Go All.” Jan 6 insurrection supporters are the biggest sheep ever known to man.

        1. Heroes

          Jan 6 heroes are freedom fighters.

    2. Factual account

      Floyd was a drug-addict felon who died of an OD where being taken into custody for trespassing and resisting arrest.

      1. sam

        I’ve struggled over the past few weeks to understand the difference between Jayland Walker, and George Floyd. the protests that sparked after Floyd, vs the complete nothing that happened after Walker.

        why weren’t there mass protests after Walker? is it all down to who is actually president at the time of the death?

        it’s very odd to me how this happened, and makes me wonder if there really is some agenda driven party that instigates these things.

  2. Michael

    You can sugarcoat this as much as you want to, but George Floyd was murdered by somebody who was paid to protect us. So don’t throw Ron terms like freethinker or alpha male, or speak ill of somebody after they have been killed by a police officer. Just have some decency and respect. You know, the opposite of these two morons.

    1. Protection from you

      It says a lot about you types that you adopted a druggie who threatened a pregnant woman with a gun as your messiah. He wasn’t killed by the police, but if he was, they would have been protecting us more than your ideology ever has.

    2. Truth speaker

      Maybe the problem is that we have way too many insensitive chumps these days. What the man said was funny whether you like it or not. We all know George Floyd may not have deserved to die during that traffic stop. His criminal record , especially the charge against a pregnant woman, shows us he was nothing more than a piece of trash and that Karma claimed another victim.

  3. Enemies

    Leftists are pathetic bullies. What do you think this cretin is trying to accomplish tagging YouTube and Universal?

  4. Hairytoe

    Floyd couldn’t breathe because his respiratory system shut down from 3x the lethal does of fentanyl. A saliva covered pill was found in the back seat of the police cruiser. He asked the cops to put him on the ground and the cops didn’t have a knee on his neck. But he is their lord and savior.

  5. John Hackley

    George Floyd? I say “Dust-ah.”

    As in “Another one bites the dust-ah.” Freddy Mercury should be included somehow in every GF memorial.

  6. JJH

    George Who?

  7. Blake Holly

    Cool story, traitor.

  8. The Bad Dancer

    A traitor says what?

  9. Jarvis

    Universal does not stop blacks from threatening, racist, loud, attacks on white people. Nope, since George Floyd (drug dealer, wife beater, fentanyl attict), blacks can do and say anything. Thanks Democrat party.

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