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Krakatau Volcano Bay

Credit: Universal


  1. Paul

    A lot of these “injuries”have nothing to do with the park or the condition of the rides. What a waste of an article. Must be a slow day if you have to dig that deep for something to write about 🙄🙄

    1. YasmĂ­n Medina

      Exactly drink water, Universal has a board which list if you have or experience any of these do not ride. Elbow pain is arthritis or you hit it somewhere and don’t remember, you know your body what you do with it is your choice.

  2. Trent

    Ah, the dreaded ride induced elbow pain…. gets me every time.

    1. Paula

      Right!!! How rediculous!!

  3. B

    So…where is Disney’s, SeaWorld’s, and Busch’s injury reports? Or is this solely an attack on Universal? You want to be taken seriously? Then don’t be biased! You also don’t mention if they had prior conditions. What a joke. Take it down or include the other info before you look even more stupid.

  4. Paula

    Right!!! How rediculous!!

  5. Brian

    My joint, especially knees, ache with high humidity. I should complain and blame the park!

  6. Melissa

    That was a waste of 5 minutes.

  7. None of these sound like the fault of the parks.
    My favorite story is the one of the 13 year old girl that had to weigh herself and could not ride the water slide because she was 5 pounds over the 200 weight limit. What parents let their 13 year old child get to that weight???

  8. Bryan

    I don’t want to sound rude, because I don’t know if the person that rode the Caro-Suess-el had any conditions or anything, unless if they were dizzy or had a headache from the music or people talking what head pain would you feel on a carousel and also I never heard of an incident like that on a carousel, because I believe the Caro-Suess-el is like normal carousels except themed and you can animate the characters.

    Again I didn’t make this comment to be rude, I’m just saying what I think based on what I know

    1. Trent

      Youre not being rude. This whole story was a nothing burger.

  9. Shaun

    I just left Volcano Bay July 16, 2022, I rode the ride on the raft with two others and did the drop down the tube. I turned 40 July 14, 2022 and my elbow definitely felt out of socket, sore, or bruised.

  10. Jorge

    I loved Volcano Bay. Only gripe I had was the winding river, no idea why the bottom has to constantly get shallow and then deep over and over. Seen plenty of skinned knees from that from the current carrying you and then floor picks up abruptly. Tried to keep my knees up the whole time but it’s a chore. Got me in the end too. Still love the place though!

    1. Bj

      Originally when it opened, that ride was a inner tube exclusive ride where you werent supposed to be in the water, but floating on top, think of a mini version of the popeye ride, but people would constantly jump out or fall out of the tubes, so they now make everyone wear a stupid life vest and wont allow the tubes anymore. Trust me, you’re not alone, especially after the “wave” maker and where it bubbles up… its basically an automatic pumice stone.

  11. Renea

    As a healthcare professional, these are preexisting conditions NOT injuries related to or caused by Universal or rides. People in bad health trying to get something for it. People making bad choices like drinking coke and not water.

    1. James

      Did you examine each of these people? How do you know they had pre-existing conditions? Do you think it’s appropriate for a health care professional to diagnose a medical condition by reading a news article?

  12. John

    Can I get a refund for the 5 minutes I just wasted reading this article?! Visited Universal & Volcano Bay in April – only good things to say, total positive experience! The free-fall water slide near the top of the volcano is worth the price of admission alone!

  13. Stanley

    The stupidest and least informative article I have read in a long time.

  14. Keith

    I don’t see a problem. Clickbate article. Anyway, my 9 year old nephew and I had an absolute blast at Volcano Bay

  15. Casey B

    We were at Epcot a few days ago on Spaceship Earth. After standing in line with it breaking down off and on. “More off than on” we finally made it to sit. Sat for 10 mins or so and was told to get up and leave. It was gonna be a while. Then told. We all get a express pass dcanned for when it reopens. For our time. A rider in front of us. A maybe 60, 65 yr old man. Had his leg smashed in the door. Foot, ankle and shin! To help 2 men snatched and pulled like the opposite way your taught to help. Anyway Nothing helped. The guy laid there calm. Like it was nothing. I guess he eventually got out lol. My kids were tripping out. Tbh I was too. Compared to the folks in the above article. It was a real emergency.

  16. Mike

    It’s the people that have issues not the attractions. I’m 50 and went on everything at volcano Bay last week. Also took in the roller coasters. I have suffered from.backnpain for years etc. Then signs are clear, take your chances or don’t ride. Simple. The rapid river at volcanonis no different than the one at Aquatica. If you don’t know what you’re getting into then that’s your own stupidity.

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