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Universal and Disney

Credit: Universal (Left)


  1. Ralph

    Ok!Then Universal can expand London all the way around that side of the park!I am quite sure Universal is that worried H.P. Is so big they will make even more money!

  2. Mike

    I was not that thrilled with The Simpsons ride. It is one of the few that activates my motion sickness.

    1. Will

      Yes and yes! I got really sick too the combination of I think it was 3D and all the movement. I had gone on other rides too but considering the animation it was a real miss for me. I wish they hadn’t done it in 3D and just made a short film. Really poor decision.

  3. Better off

    Less super hero garbage would make Universal more appealing.

    1. Much better off

      It’s the Simpsons, not the superhero stuff? Even better!

      1. Teddy

        Change it back to “Back to the Future”. Problem solved.

        1. Bill


    2. Samantha Ranelli

      Have you ridden Hulk? It is one of the better rollercoasters I have ever ridden. Plus Marvel is a huge draw. The Simpsons is horrible. Let it go!

  4. Josh

    Simpsons is the most tired of the universal areas at this point.

    1. Chris Wood

      I’ve never been there. But this would be a good time to think of new lands.
      Let Disney have their star wars and marvel

      1. Grammy T

        I just came back from taking my grandkids ages 7 – 11to Disney and Universal Studios in FL. They loved the Simsons ride. To be honest, they liked Universal better than Disney. Disney should just let Universal keep what they have. Disney have so many other themes they can use or expand on.

  5. Uncle Bob

    Bottom line is no one knows anything. How informative…..

    1. Jasmine

      Lol thinking the exact same thing as I was reading this…

    2. Judith Haney

      I hope that Universal stands it’s ground. Disney acts like a spoiled rotten brat when they think they are entitled to something. Clearly Universal is the Adult in the room.

      1. Kathleen Brown

        Let’s face it. If the shoe was on the other foot, you can bet the almighty $$$ that Universal would do the same thing!!!

        1. Sandy

          Universal needs to update things. Was just there a few days ago. Harry Potter castle needs some work, men in black needs to go. The water ride river adventure t rex wasn’t working. Jaws needs to come back but better then before. They took twister out, I thought it was good. Showed how movie was made. The list is endless.

        2. I feel like the Simpson should stay at universal Orland Florida resort why it is because they have a nice land of the Simpson

    3. Backcountry164

      Welcome to Inside the Tragic…

  6. Hector

    they should revamp and bring back back to the future

    1. Vicky

      I agree everyone wants back to the future

  7. Steve

    That end of Studios could stand a complete rework anyway: Simpsons, Men in Black, and the show stage next to them are all pretty low draws.

    1. Elijah

      I liked the Men in Black ride when I was at Universal Orlando in 2019. No reason to get rid of it, but maybe give it a tune-up. The show stage you mentioned could become a James Bond show. Maybe Simpsons could be replaced with the return of Back to the Future.

      1. Elijah

        Alternatively, said show stage and Men in Black could be replaced with a new version of the former Jaws ride.

        1. Samantha Ranelli

          That show stage was supposed to have been demolished decades ago. It is literally a relic. They could take all that out and have a huge lot to do Jaws and Back To The Future!!

  8. Jeff

    Universal has a huge opportunity here , though it will take time , they should remove Marvel & Simpsons. Take advantage of the fact that they have Nintendo which means they can bring Sonic ( Hugh speed coaster with many loops ) or have a haunted castle Castlevania style . Do something with Earthworm Jim ( maybe a shooting ride) have a Pokémon park where people can rest but see Pokémon ( VR ) and catch them with Pokémon Go .
    These are just a couple of ideas but ya get the point.
    I think Universal is in a good spot, close Simpsons utilize Nintendo , Capcom , Sega and Sony.

    1. Sari, PhD

      They could fix the park by closing it and putting it in a state that doesn’t suck.

      1. Not a sheep

        *Warning* Groomer tantrum.

    2. Sandra

      One problem with your thinking. Nintendo doesn’t own Sega or capcom. Sony would never agree to it. But they could make an amazing place for Pokemon and like a Zelda theme ride or even Kirby. There is much they could do with IPS they have.

      1. Hunter

        Capcom doesn’t own Castlevania either. That’s Konami

    3. Brandon Lopez

      You do realize that Nintendo doesn’t own Sonic right? That’s Sega lol

  9. Ash

    No more Simpsons? Big deal. Keep Marvel, drop the Simpson and replace it with something else.

  10. Let’s think about kids too. Jeez we got rid of jaws we got rid of shrek we got rid of Barney . We getting rid of monster cafe. Park needs to cater to all ages. A little for everyone. Tornado gone. Spider-Man gone. Can you tell I have been going for years . Beetle juice gone. We need variety .

    1. Steve

      Really? Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Seuss, Minions…

    2. Kim

      Spider-man is still there.

    3. Get rid of the Simpsons, protect and keep Marvel. DISNEY IS CATERING TO FOREIGN GUESTS, not locals or American visitors. From our personal perspective, Disney and The Simpsons are “tired”, and NO amount of recent/on going renovation will erase its Disney’s tarnished reputation. Keep Marvel!!
      Truthfully, we used to LOVE Disney, had premium season passes for years, but rising costs, reservation requirements, unconscionable “allegations” in the news, etc., plus overall public dissatifaction with Disney services and post-covid policies, Disney has lost its Magic for this family. As theme parks enthusiasts, we (admittedly) were hesitant to purchase Premium Passes for Universal and Sea World. Delighted to say, after close to two years and dozens of visits to all three local parks, this Florida family firmly supports “Team” Universal/Sea World and Aquatica with our dollars.
      Just say no to ANY negotiations with Disney.

      1. Remo


  11. Steve

    Universal should have already removed all Disney properties. There is no reason to be advertising for the rat.

  12. Matthew

    Unpopular opinion: I actually enjoy the Simpsons land, and ride. Disney would be better off revisiting and expanding any licensing agreements with Universal because there really aren’t a lot of places within Disney parks for some of the more marketable (but not-so-family-friendly) IP they picked up from the Fox buyout. Universal, on the other hand, has a proven track record with making family friendly attractions around PG-13 and more adult-oriented properties. While I’m sure current Disney management would sooner chew off their own arms than hand over any theme park rights to a direct competitor, it would work out better in the long-run if they had a separate place for certain Fox properties like the Simpsons that wouldn’t clash with the family friendly image of the Disney parks.

  13. Elijah

    If it WAS time for Universal Orlando to give up Marvel, they could replace Superhero Island with Transformers Metrobase. Because of this, the Universal Studios Florida version of the Transformers ride would be replaced with The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash, complete with an expansion of the park’s New York area to accommodate the attraction.

  14. Sue

    Honestly, I’m just tired of Universal Studios or Disney being in the news so much.

    1. M

      Complaining about that on a theme park blog is pretty funny/ridiculous.

    2. Andrea Conti

      The Simpsons ride is not all that. Get rid of it, give it to Disney, since Chapek took over with his woke ideas. It is not family orinated any more. I have never read so much bad publicity on Disney, with rides closing for good, high prices, and the biggest issues PEOPLE FIGHTING. It seems Disney attracts bad elements. Universal stay true to those who love your theme parks over Disney. You offer value, and a great time for families, and no trash in your parks.

  15. S1

    There never should’ve been Springfield in Universal in the first place. Back to the Future will return and Springfield will become Hill Valley. Not that it matters anyway but Disney is going to be trust busted and broken up by Capitol Hill in the not too distant future and lose the Simpsons and all those other IPs they spent billions on.

    1. Good Luck

      Still being a false prophet I see. Tsk tsk you’re starting to get worse than Trump when he claims of a rigged election (even around 2016 if he didn’t win a state or primary he still claims foul).
      Besides, one can’t take a troll like you seriously when you only post this dribble on ITM comment threads and not on social media like Twitter or Facebook.

      1. Not a sheep


      2. S1

        You realize it’s against the law to call someone a troll? Also I know the future because I’m talking to you from the future. That’s right we can talk to people in the past including our past selves. Twitter is gone in the future.

        1. Good Luck

          Lol There’s no law for calling people trolls. Otherwise a vast multitude of people on the Internet would’ve been penalized (which, guess what? They haven’t). If you’re from the future than I’m the King of England

          1. S1

            Oh yes there is a law. Millions have been locked up and some without a trial. And yes I’m speaking to you from the future and not only will Disney be broken up, but the old Studio System will be coming back and in 2039, it’ll be 1939 in Hollywood again. Movie stars will be back under contract to the studios again and the greatest studio of them all MGM will return to its former glory under the descendants of the great Louis B. Mayer with more stars than there are in the heavens again like they once had real talent such as Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Mickey Rooney, Joan Crawford, and Judy Garland. The Hollywood that made The Wizard of Oz will rise again and Mickey will bow down to Leo the Lion.

        2. DD

          Go take your meds, you really shouldn’t skip doses.

          1. S1

            Shut up and as a veteran that’s an order. You will answer “aye aye, sir” when a veteran gives you a command.

  16. Michael Cloud

    Haven’t been to the Simpson park and don’t care to. It wouldn’t fit in at Disney.

  17. EricJ

    It’s not so much “forcing” Universal to closed an expired land, so much as REMINDING them to do it, and giving a legal reason so they’ll get around to it–
    Universal tends to put all its eggs in one industry competition basket, and when Harry Potter came along, there were a lot fewer updates at Jurassic Park…

    And the Simpsons, in a word, have had it. Frankly, they’d had it by the time it opened, which was around the time of the Movie.
    That would be another relic at Universal (who would soon be playing with the new toy of their Epic Nintendo land), if someone didn’t motivate them to move on.

  18. Jake

    I was eagerly awaiting 2028 so they can finally tear down the giant waste of space that is the Simpsons area. The sooner the better. It never should have been built in the first place. Either bring back jaws, or build the new Jurassic world ride from Beijing.

    1. Anonymous

      Jaws was constantly broken and building the Jurrasic world ride from Beijing is bad for USB because it removes the exclusivity and makes no sense considering that we have a Jurrasic park/world land in Island of adventures

      1. Andrea Conti

        He did win the election, it was stolen. I saw how the machines didn’t count Republicans votes and I reported it. And stick to the question, about the Simpson ride.

        1. Gl

          Lordhavemercy, still trying to ride that lie?

          You saw no such thing so nothing to report. Do anything else you post is suspect now.

        2. Nosecone

          Why does QAnon Cultists love this website so much? It’s like they are hoping children will read their lies and believe them. You know, grooming them. To believe in lies.

  19. Be real

    Your opinions don’t matter

  20. Lez Steed

    Springfield and the Simpsons is always the one to avoid, Universal would be a much better park without them.

    1. Brayden

      I think Universal was headed in the right direction with Simpsons land but could have used other rides and not expensive carnival games. The games are fun but expensive. They don’t need people like you always hating on the land

  21. Ray

    there are some anecdotal signs that Universal may be prepared to move on from “The Simpsons.”
    Like what???

  22. R k

    Keep marvel, many kids enjoy their super heroes. I also like the idea off sonic.

  23. I visited both sites a few years ago with my granddaughter and daughter… we spent two days at Disney it was horrible old run down dirty …Universal was amazing spent five days there ..Harry Potter world was my favorite and I’m 68 …I’ve been to Disney five times over the years and never failed to enjoy it staying on site three times but no more …it’s just not fun anymore…boring … expensive…granddaughter said I thought you said this was special ..magical…it’s boring


    Let the ride and the Land go.
    I hope they don’t give disney anything, especially money.
    Universal needs to strike while the iron is hot.
    disney’s going downhill fast.

  25. GATORLAND. That is what is needed. and hamburgers. Lots of hamburgers.

  26. Disneyland is where it’s at. DisneyWorld & Co. are not worth the hype, & definitely not worth the money.

    1. You are so right. Disneyland is the real and original place.

  27. CRT

    We have only been to the Simpson’s land once, and we have been going to Universal for over 30 years. The ride is horrible. Let Disney have it. It’s time for Universal to revamp the Simpson’s area. I hope Universal keeps the Spiderman rights.

    1. Lisette


  28. Chris Kinney

    Never been one to watch The Simpsons, but love the ride. And the food at the food court was great! That said, extending Harry Potter would be great, maybe even a Hill Valley area, while bringing Back to the Future: The Ride back. Whatever happens, I’m sure it will be good!

  29. Jeremy

    I agree with Grandma t

  30. I don’t want Universal to be removed in Florida, I think people are having fun there and at Disney World. By the way, Universal is my number one favorite theme park in Florida ever

    1. Kaden

      I think this is great! Back to the Future should have never closed. I think Universal should bring it back, whether replacing the Simpsons ride or not, they should bring it back. It was a classic I never got to experience. Only got to see it on Youtube

  31. Marcus

    If I were Universal, I’d do a deal that let’s them keep the Simpsons and give back Marvel. They could easily convert Marvel to DC.

    1. Dawn

      Magic Mountain has DC already.

  32. MB

    Love Universal Park in both California and Florida. Even worked in the Florida park when I moved there. They have Mardi Gras and live concerts. Halloween Horror Nights is top of the line. Never a fan of Disney World or Land. Overpriced and takes a good week to visit all of their parks. Universal is also fair to the employees.

  33. Scott L

    Disney should absolutely force them to close it down. Disney is soooo much better than Universal. Just Bury them!

  34. Linda

    This article makes it seem like it’s much more ominous than it really is. I guarantee both parks have been in talk about this and preparations have been going on. Best thing for universal is to do something else with this area of the park. It’s so dated, and the rides are mediocre at best compared to the rest of the park.

  35. Joe

    The Simpsons is a 1 trick pony. Let it does in piece.
    I have been to the Simpson area exactly 3 times in my 7 years as annual pass holder..
    universal should pole pass holders or even regular guests. Marvel is still producing great movies.

    1. Samantha Ranelli

      I could not agree more! We have been 8 times and I can honestly say that out of the 800+ pictures I took zero of that section.

  36. Samantha Ranelli

    Then let The Simpsons go!! That show is gone and it’s is not relevant any longer. The Harry Potter section of U.O. Is a huge selling point and that would make way for an extension of that or a new section based on Fantastic Beasts. The Simpsons is also not enjoyable and a bit outdated. It is the only part of the park I don’t look forward and the only section I care nothing about. Let Disney have the Simpsons so they can’t touch Marvel!!

    1. Dawn

      Disney would much rather license Simpson’s to Universal and have Marvel removed from Universal, if at all possible.

  37. Lisette

    Universal would do good with getting rid of The Simpsons. Anyone 20 an under really has no care for it. Marvel, Jurassic, Fast and the Furious, that’s what people want. Simpsons was ok when Universal first opened with Earthquake, King Kong, Terminator. Time to let go and maybe turn into Minion Land.

  38. Rick

    Honestly they should do it universal had always been run by horrible people they deserve it

  39. rob

    Yip, let it close. I do honestly think that back to the future will be making a return to universal, much better than the Simpsons.

  40. Tasha

    Simpsons wasnt on my fav list. No where near actually. The best thing about Simpsons is their Big Pink donut. Absolutely delicious when you know its fresh. I could eat a whole one by myself and they are the size of my head, lol.

    1. Sara

      Para falar a verdade eu nunca gostei dos Simpsons.
      Imagina colocar na Disney… aĂ­ já vĂŁo estar estrapolando mais ainda…
      NĂŁo combina nada com o mundo Disney…

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