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  1. Disney does nothing to combat line jumping, nor do they even care about it. It’s been like that since as far back as 2008 (that I can recall) when we had annual passes. Usually the ones who speak the loudest, shout, and yell are the ones who get to be heard by the cast members and I have seen cast members send someone who was legitimately in line first to the back of the line because someone claimed they were cutting even though the person doing the cutting was the one who complained just because they were louder and the cast member did not want to make a scene.

    1. Last time I went was 2007 and it was happening then. Nothing has been done. Same situation when standing in line for autographs and pictures with characters.
      I don’t care to go back until employees and management begin to take this seriously and do something about it.

      1. NoYourNot

        Modern society. Everyone fractioned off into white, black, brown and other…red or blue (easy to tell). Nobody held responsible, everything is someone else’s fault. Result? THIS. Disney can’t do much about it. They’d end up with assaulted workers or being sued. It is what it is.

        1. Erwim

          Maybe if we start chopping off limbs people will stop line cutting!

      2. Mike

        Disney has get a hand on this problem, they need to step up and take these people and throw them out of the parks and ban them for 5 yrs. Maybe this will stop the problem.

    2. Leona

      I am boycotting Disney any just one more reason not to visit
      Disney should have security on those lines and kick some ass..

  2. Bad neighborhood

    Disney is full of foreigners now and they don’t know how to behave like civilized people. It’s not safe, go somewhere else.

    1. Javier C

      The Americans are the rude people in Disney parks, they should ban all the Americans.

      1. myk

        Hey Javier, mow my American lawn already…

        1. DD


    2. Deb

      That’s really not a nice thing to say and also not true ,bad manners are not limited to “foreigners” !

      1. Erwim

        Wonderful experience at sea world , a person was escorted out of line by security for line cutting, when we told them it was grounds for dismal from the park! Now whats wrong with these other parks?

      2. Erwim

        It is true Javier didn’t mow my motherinlaw lawn either! And he was supposed to!

      3. Statistics

        It doesn’t have to be limited to them to be disproportionately exhibited by them.

  3. Galaxy’s Edge or bust

    Would you risk confronting an already misbehaving “guest” about anything when you’re only making $14/hr and the current staff shortage ensures no backup support from additional employees will be available the incident escalate? I think not . . .

  4. Galaxy’s Edge or bust

    Would you risk confronting an already misbehaving “guest” about anything when you’re only making $14/hr and the current staff shortage ensures no backup support from additional employees will be available should the incident escalate?
    I think not . . .

  5. Phoebe L Ho

    Just say to them, like you would to a spoiled child- “Now, you know that if I let you cut in front of me, I’ll have to let everyone cut in front of me.” Be really condescending.

  6. Nancy

    The WORST are the people who spread huge blankets in front of the castle for two hours before fireworks to save a spot for their 20 family members that are off riding a ride. Then at 9:15 i’ll 20 family members show up and crowd in front of you. We usually get there about 8 o’clock for the 930 firework show and it’s very annoying when the whole family rolls in at 9:20 in front of you. Same thing with the parade route. You can walk down Main Street at 5 o’clock people are already putting out huge blankets to save space for 10 to 15 people for a 8:30 parade.

  7. Kristie

    Line jumping happens all the time now. The cast members used to enforce the no jumping rule but in the last three years they just gave up. It’s beyond ridiculous and so are all the fights and brawls that keep happening

  8. Lee

    This has happened for yrs. One person holds the place and large groups barge ahead. Very hard when you’re standing with young children in the heat. These were large groups of students from other countries chanting waving flags plowing ahead our whole week there. Horrible that I spent thousands to bring all my grandchildren and had to experience this.

  9. Kelly

    If Disneyland would put up some barriers to separate the lines, it might help to keep people from doing this. And if they placed a cast member at the start of each attraction, that might help as well to catch any cutters from the start. I don’t remember Disney world being nearly as bad as Disneyland was. Six Flags isn’t even as bad as Disneyland in regards to line cutters.

    1. JMR

      Unfortunately, while that’s a great idea they don’t have the staff.

  10. Cyndi

    Most of the joy has been taken away by the entitlement of many guests. Rudeness has no place in society. We need to figure this out.

  11. Sue

    It’s all entitled people. The ignorant ones which we have plenty here in America. And Disney cast members don’t care they, don’t get paid enough to care and I don’t blame them it’s not worth getting into a fight about bc lately that’s what has been going on at these parks. Fights. Disney is going down hill very fast. But if you want to spend your hard earned money at some place that could care less about you or you child then go ahead.

  12. Dr Mike Tuccelli

    Sigh … please EVERYONE cancel your Disney trips. If they lost all business in August maybe they will heed the suggestions already posted.
    I was one of the first ones to go to Disneyland in California in the 1950s and I am not happy at all with todays greedy and ineptly run Disney.

  13. Deb

    Just like a lot of things in life, if there were consequences for line cutting it would go down. Disney can certainly figure this out, but they have chosen not to. I saw one streamer and friends cut lines 3 times in one stream. It is just acceptable behavior, which of course just irritates the rest of us. If Disney knows large groups are the culprit watch them. How hard can that be?

  14. Jason

    This line cutting debacle has gotten out of hand. From both sides. The people who think that not even one person should be let by and the person who sends there family ahead while they take a call or something. I was separated in line for Soaring from my family. Where the line starts narrowing. Family stood completely across to keep me and my son from going around. Then when I got around, they of course made comments. I had been standing with my family the whole time just stopped to send a text for work. What I am saying is that this whole country has forgotten about a little common courtesy. I do believe that if a child has to go to the bathroom then people can be polite and let them back in line without being rude. Either side of this discussion has its wrongs and its rights. We as a society together can be kind.

  15. Line cutting abd jumping over fences to get into lightening line . It happens a lot! Employees don’t do anything! Also the adults using motorized wheel chairs. These people aren’t disabled. They use it to get through lines and move up. I saw a couple speed down to get on a ride they stopped wheel chairs jumped off ran to the line. I over heard a guy said he was only using wheelchair cause he had worked the night before he was in his late 20’s physicall able no issues he too I saw walk normally abd run to a ride. We had to wait over an hour to get on tram to get back to our car. Then the tram dropped us off we had to walk to cross two parking lots to get to our car (traffic) took us another 30 mins . My co workers said we all going to magic mountain and Universal next year cheaper than one day Disneyland!

  16. Buck Up

    “Disaster” would be more like hindenburg, Titanic, avalanche or earthquake.

  17. Mickey M.

    It easier just to fake that your handicap. Same thing as line cutting. Society now days don’t care. It’s a shame what some people have become. We don’t visit Disney because of all the fake handicap people that abuse the system. Shame on you.

    1. Jack Sparrow

      Too many fatties clogging the walkways.

  18. Patty Marks

    What a freakin’ nightmare…..wouldn’t waste my time and money!

  19. Bruce Katzenberg

    I don’t understand. Over the last year or so I’ve read thousands of comments to Disney stories talking about how overpriced, crowded, and unpleasant the parks have been. How the “magic” is gone. How Disney’s “wokeness” is out of control. But after reading all of these comments, the parks are still jammed to capacity and Disney feels there is enough demand to continue raising prices. I guess even though many of you are complaining, very few are actually choosing not to go back. If Disney’s policies truly bother you, DON’T GO. After awhile when attendance drops significantly, they lower prices and alter the practices that many of you object to then you can return. Money talks.

    1. Can't beat them

      I’ve said this before. The parks are mostly full of foreigners now.

  20. Erwim

    Im getting back at these line cutters, next time they cut me in line I’m going to put a sticker on thier back that says line cutter!

  21. Cheryl

    I think as a guest I have the means to just say no. I don’t mind a parent and a child who left the line to use a bathroom. I do have issues where mom got in line and the kid got to enjoy other ride while my kids waited My upcoming trip. I’m just saying no. Your party can come back and catch up with you

  22. Terrance

    You always want to ask these line jumpers how they would feel if you did it to them. 1 or 2 people, usually not an issue at all. But these big groups, ah hell no! One thing I did notice is that people would hardly jump or cut lines when there was no Fast Pass or Genie+. Kill the Lightning Lane, Disney!

  23. Erwim

    Next time I see a line cutting, im going to take thier hand and say, ” Lets pray, Oh heavenly father please forgive this line cutting of thier evil ways, Amen!”And put a cross on thier back that says , line cutter so God will recognize them !

  24. Erwim

    Next time I see a line cutter, i will pray out loud with them and give them a cross that says line cutter. So God will recognize them!

  25. Erwim

    Did i forget to mention I’m taking a 20.00 fee for line cutters and for those who don’t go potty before the ride.

  26. Mr White

    This is what happens when you let in underisables without values. Like when we worry about children, these types do not care about anyone.

  27. Erwim

    If my husband can say hold it! Whats wrong with the other males?

    1. Erwim

      “Dad i have to go potty” dad says, “Well we are not getting back in line!”Whatever happened to that!

  28. Erwim

    Dad and the 50 million people trampling people making a domino effect!Worst than Black Friday!

  29. Dear Magic Kingdom,
    My daughters and I went to Disneyland in July this year and we were disgusted at seeing an adult male, possibly in 20’s to 30 yrs in age, plus a group of 4 kids , ages 6-14ish yrs in age, cut in line in Splash Mountain. After they cheated by cutting under the rope into the Lightning Lane, they all kept looking back at us and wondered if we were going to snitch. I really wanted to tell a cast member but I didn’t because I want didn’t want to ruin their trip or make the little cheaters cry. But letting them get away with cheating will most likely emboldened them to possibly cheat more in life. It could lead to shoplifting at Disneyland’s gift stores, etc. Please don’t put us in this awkward position of tattling, it could lead to an argument or fight, because cutting is so aggravating. Please install many security cameras that have a cute sign, “Peek a boo, I DO see you.” Or even install that orange, heavy duty plastic fencing, like at construction sites that are high enough not to hop over plus have it secured to the floor. Also many more signs that say “Saving spots for others, this is considered cutting in lines and may result in your being expelled from park”. Being pro-active against cheaters will keep aggravation down and keep Disneyland the “Happiest Place on Earth”. We adore Disneyland. We’ve been going there since I was a kid, 60 years ago. Now with my own family, I’ve been buying Annual Passes. My kids are now all grown and we still love going to Disneyland & CalAd. Please consider installing fencing that will eliminate line cutting & even fake security cameras with a sign might deter line jumping. I don’t want your cast members burdened with the hassle of ejecting or reprimanding these cheaters. But do know that their cheating spoils the day of good citizens. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely yours, Anne, 61 year old Disneyland superfan 😀

  30. Timothy

    “big groups pushing through the line with only one or a couple of their members seemingly “holding their place in line,” which is actually against the rules.” has become common practice. with no end in sight. Unless Disney & its Cast members decide to take a stand, it will continue to get worse and more fights will break out.
    I have been an Annual Passholder “Dream Key Holder” since 1995 and this is the worse I’ve ever seen it.

  31. Jack Sparrow

    Disney parks are infested with entirely too much trash these days. Doubling the admission prices would be a good start keeping out the riff raff like the 2 families brawling a couple of weeks back.

  32. Jordan

    In Disneyland, once you get through security, the lines do line up with the rows for the tram. The problem is, when the people in front of you don’t move to get on the tram and then the people in the next line get on in your row. Now you have to wait for the next tram and hope the people in front of you will move. Next, the cast members don’t do their jobs. I have watched the tram drive by with empty rows or only one person in the row. The cast members should be working to fill all the rows.

  33. Rebecca

    I went to Disney world last month. It makes a me mad when I have been in line for over an hour no one got out of line and then a group of 20 people cut in front of you and say I got separated from my group. Yeah doesn’t give you the right to cut in line. It’s bull crap. Non stop every line every park. Disney needs to do something about it. I understand why the guest fights are happening. Put up cameras and make them wait in line all over again. Do something…

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