Comments for Former Disney Cast Member Calls For End to Grad Nite, Religious Park Events

Left: A woman talking in front of a photo of Cinderella Castle. Right: Guests smile with a "Grad Nite" banner at Disney California Adventure.


  1. Aaron

    I’ve heard during cheerleader competitions, they have one of the most highest theft (middle school to high school girls trying to be cool and shoplift). I’m a former LP Disney cast member and that was one of my questions for our magical plaid when we hired her. I do believe the tree lighting ceremony is almost like a Disney Mass, which could be great, but very subjective. Although it’s tradition, the US and the company has changed over the last couple decades to not make religion such a huge part and be more inclusive. However grad nites for me was amazing, as I’m gay and had a blast celebrating our academic accomplishments (as I transition to real life adulthood) with my best friends. It comes down to Disney’s and the schools enforcement on what’s acceptable and not, because Disneyland is a privilege not a right. It’s not cheap, so I’d be sure to learn basic life lessons on how to act appropriate. It’s not fair for others that want to experience the real magic and innocent intent for Disneyland’s older guests.

    1. Pepsiman

      “Not make religion a huge part” never did, never was, never will be. Night of Joy is it. While the idea is good, poor poor execution. Also I don’t get why you say it would “be more inclusive.”

      1. Allen

        This person is saying that if they had religious events for more religions it would be more inclusive. Clearly you need to read better.

  2. Britt

    Former Cast Member at California Adventure stores. Working Grad Nites was always a pain. Not only did we not get out of there till 3 am but most of the time the stores were empty. With some store locations ( like Curios in Carsland) you stand outside when no one is in the store and keep the doors closed until someone wants to go into the store, that gives us the opportunity to look at everyone on the dance floor.

    Some of the things that I’ve seen in the dance floor are insane. People throwing water, one guy was laying on the ground and this girl was dancing over him.

    Other stories that I’ve heard the same nights working was the night someone jumped out of Grizzly River Run, which is why it’s now closed on Grad Nites, a student and chaperone getting a little too comfortable, kids doing drugs.

    Me and my best friend did Grad Nite at Disneyland in 2012. Then in 2013 it moved to California Adventure.

    1. Jay

      One Tik Tok video said theft goes up and guests are unruly during a Christian event? I call BS on Disney, and say “prove it”. Show me some stats. Or is this just more of the new “religious people are evil” stuff I see oozing out of Disney now? Prove it. Show the stats that clearly show that incidents, misbehavior, and criminal activity go up during Christian events. I want to see it.

      1. Liliana

        Universal’s Rock the Universe is equally unruly. It’s children in general. There’s more thefts and kids choose to not behave. You can’t say anything if you haven’t worked these events.

      2. Doc

        I worked for Disney for decades and currently at Universal Florida par-time in a “division” that manages unruly people. I admit that Grad night at Disney was miserable but Night of Joy was easy. Rock the Universe is the easiest shift I work of all events. I would take 50 Rock the universes to one night of HHN. The stories of shoplifting have never been proven and are not true. working where we “trespass” people who are caught, I am confident that there is much more done on one HHN than other events. Also Universal requires chaperones and manage sex and drugs remarkably better than Disney did years ago.

        1. Disney sucks

          Satan is the prince of lies

          1. Meg Schramm

            I graduated from high school In 1975, and I went to Grad Night at Disneyland. Back then everything was well supervised, but you had to buy souvenirs from the kiosks because all shops were CLOSED. It was easier to prevent theft that way.

      3. Jay

        I worked at Universal and can confirm. My 1st rock the universe, we had to bust up a group of boys getting a blow job from 1 girl in our ride line. The sex isn’t the worst thing though, it’s how the chaperones and kids walk around treating the team members, like absolute garbage. And don’t forget the group of yahoo’s who bought a ticket just to harass the Harry Potter employees, prostalitizing about how they’re going to hell for devil worship. Every theme park employee hates the grad events and the religious events, not necessarily in that order.

        1. Todd Hudson

          I know this is bs ive been to multiple parks for religious outings never have i seen or heard anything like this at any of them. Having said that its probably mostly teenagers going to these as well and i hate to say this but nearly all kids are selfish disrespectful people today. Everyone wants to say a better planet for our kids id prefer better kids for the planet.

      4. JLR

        I agree. We’ve gone to rock the universe for years and go specifically because you don’t hear profanity and everyone is so peaceful and polite. I’d like to see some actual numbers on this from non God haters.

        1. Caleb

          I second the motion

        2. Krista

          The source and the person that brought this article are absolutely bogus. The author of this article should be ashamed of themselves. She had the audacity to publish this article without any proof or any facts.

      5. Mark L Sheldon

        They are evil ..they believe in farrie tales with 0 truth and push those beliefs on others 🤮

        1. Kevin

          Unlike your “tolerant” self, you hypocrite.

      6. Nikki

        I am a Florida native and have attended Universal/Disney events for over two decades. I have also worked for Busch Gardens. Rock the Universe Christian event was the most vile by far. I was 15 when I went with my church. I was groped, cussed at, and pushed over by drunk adults. It was so traumatic that I hyperventilated in crowds for years. I’ve never seen so many sloppy drunk and horny adults in my life. Halloween Horror Nights is much less crazy.

      7. Yvonne NC

        Totally agree with you on that. Just because someone says something on TicToc does not make it true or even newsworthy.

      8. Michelle

        I went to Grad Nite in 1993 and Night of Joy in 1996 both at Disney World. My family was also season pass holders from around 1986-1990. I’ve been to the Very Mickey Christmas celebration as well. Hands down the rudest patrons I’ve experienced was during Night of Joy. Shoving in show crowds, people smoking marijuana (only time ive seen that at *any* Orlando park and remember this was 1996 not people sneaking in medical marijuana vape pens like they could now), cutting in line on rides, and I was somewhat physically assaulted in one line because I wouldn’t let somewhat cut the line after his buddies already had. Rudest people ever. I’ve warned people against going to Night of Joy ever since. I’m glad to hear it has ended at Disney World.

      9. Jason B

        As someone who lives in the Sevierville/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area and grew up in both here and the Orlando area. It is not a lie. Christians and Christian groups are the worst. They are disrespectful, liars and destructive thieves. No one wants to deal with any of them. I worked in restaurants at the time. No one group made a bigger mess and walked out on more checks than the Sunday Church crowd. Christian Cult members are the worst of the worst. They are scum.

        1. Lynn Kendall

          I couldn’t agree more. I too, am in Sevier County. Trash, the whole lot of em. As a manager, I had a difficult time keeping any service staff on Sunday shifts because it was so stressful. As a server, I absolutely refused to work Sundays as a condition of any service job. Big groups of em, loud,make a mess, unruly children, rude attitudes and leave you a church pamphlet with $2 inside for a group of 9. Yeah, I’ll sure pick YOUR church. Great example set. If we weren’t able to add a pre-gratuity to a group of Jesus people or Amish, I wouldn’t give service at all. At least the Amish weren’t rude, just cheap. Any of the groups order waters for 8 with lots of lemons and make lemonade while one would get sweet tea with 10 refills because their kids all shared it. Split meals, kid’s meals for adults, seperate checks and a big fat mess. I despised all of the religious nutters. Ask any religious server which day of the week is the worst. I’ll wait. You can show these people here all the proof in the world. They don’t care. They don’t believe you no matter. No god haters. You can’t hate something that doesn’t even exist but the sky wizard’s fans are the worst behaved. If you’re one of them, congrats. You’re the reason why you’ll often get poor service.

      10. The Emperor

        Believe it or not in 1099 a bunch of damn Christians but your every man woman and child in the city of Jerusalem regardless if they were Christian Jew or Muslim.
        It is very well documented so as you can see Christians are an evil religion no different from the Jihadists

      11. Jake

        Uh Jay. Religious people are evil. And I’m sure Disney has the stats to prove it. One thing companies like Disney know very well is money. They know when they are making it and when they are losing it. If Christians would jeep their lose out of other people’s lives and worry about their own maybe more people would like them but as it is they try to cram their BS down everyone’s throats you know just the way god intended. I think he said it somewhere in the bible to go forth with thine BS and crimes it down un uninterested peoples throat!! Amen. This is typical riligous peoples bs interfearing with total strangers lives to the point that theyre hated and then they cry. Oh everyone wants to persecute us. oh I’m the religious victim! Just stfu

        1. Lynn Kendall

          And to this, I say AMEN! I’ll take 100 emo kids or actual Satanists before I’d take one evangelical teen boy.

      12. Jake

        What a religious douche bag!! Oh in Jesus name!!

      13. Odiebob

        Exactly !!

      14. Paul W

        With a statement like that, even if you were shown stats you wouldn’t believe them. In fact, you wouldn’t believe any solid proof at all even if videos were shown of it happening, you would try to explain it away. It’s actually people EXACTLY like you who commit such thefts and then deny it ever happened. The proor, my friend, is in your reply.

      15. Kathi Torok

        I don’t know if the “unruly” activity goes up during the Christian events but we stopped going to the Night of Joy concerts, after having gone for several years, because of the behavior of the young people. Most of the kids were well behaved but there was enough bad behavior to make for a very unpleasant experience.

      16. Chub

        I don’t think it’s so much of the highly religious themselves and more of the people who go to these events, posing as regular festival goers, but actually go specifically for stealing things.

      17. Lynn

        What you said! I didn’t believe this one for a second! It’s a Christian-hater statement and not true

    2. Chris Wood

      I,find it hard to believe that religious and christian groups would be so unruly? But they already stated they got rid of these groups for a more pandering and placating atmosphere. If these millenials don’t like their jobs then they should just quit, instead of crying on tic toc

      1. Mark L Sheldon

        Boohoo .who says how they should vent frustrations not you thank goodness

      2. Jason B

        I find it hard to believe that members of a cult would act like members of a cult because I belong to that cult and as a cult member, I refuse to accept that cult members would act like cult members.

        1. Kidding

          How dare you! Cult daddy (who is also cult baby and cult ghostie, i think. Right?) will make you kill seventy seven more animals to show your love to him to make up for this.

      3. Jake

        You find it hard to believ that religious people are unruly!!! They are the worst if of the worst. Because they try to cover up their bs hate and racism with the bible.. I grew up in church. I know first hand how nasty these so- called God-fearing folks are!! The worst people!! Img they all voted for Trump if that doesn’t what kind of person they are then you’re an idiot.

      4. Lynn Kendall

        You find it hard ro believe because ALL holier than thou religious ppl think they and theirs are above reproach when in reality, you all are the most offensive. There’s enough of us here telling you the same. They are allowed ro vent on TikTok all they want. Maybe they should be rude on a message board like you instead? They ARE leaving those jobs. Crappy pay and customers like you and the religious groups. You all dared em to leave. They did and now your customer experience is suffering. Ta Da!! See how that works? Enjoy those lines, high prices and zippo customer service.

    3. I worked grad nite in DCA during 2013. We closed games because no one would play because it cost money. I moved to Tees, Hats, and Tatoos to watch for shoplifting. I didn’t have the problems that others did because I was a just retired high school teacher and coach. I used my teacher voice and kept things under control in my section. Also, I was a chaperone for my high school and understand that situation. We had no control of our students at the parks because they were everywhere. Plus, it was much different when I wen to grad nite in 1971 as a student.

  3. Disneyland did not have that problem until they turned to the new way of Grad Nite’s. When I graduated high school in 1999, we went on Grad Nite to Disneyland. The girls had to wear dresses and the guys had to wear suits or dress pants. You got a free photograph with a cast member and there was adult supervision in the form of teachers everywhere. You didn’t have all the fighting, vulgar language, etc. because if you did Disneyland kicked not only you out but your entire school and your school was never allowed back to another Grad Nite. This is the same way it was in the 70’s at Grad Nite when my significant other attended as well.

    The big difference now is that Grad Nite ceremonies spill into both DCA and Disneyland and turn it into an all day thing. The classes are allowed to stay all day, with very little supervision and the teens are basically running back and forth. But there are other guests on that day trying to enjoy the parks who paid full price and don’t want to deal with the Grad Nite unruly behavior. It also used to be only one night and now they have multiple Grad Nite celebrations. I can see Disney losing control of the situation and with the behavior of most young people today I can see why it’s a nightmare for the cast members. They should have kept the old system.

    1. Tara

      Instead of whining and wanting to “end Grad night”, here’s a thought, hold the unruly kids responsible. That’s the real problem with much of the issues these days. The kids think they can do whatever they want because that’s what they’ve been taught most of their lives. In 87 when I went to Grad Night we were told in no uncertain terms that our behavior reflected on our school and if we caused any problems our school would be banned from ever participating again. We were also required to dress up in dresses, skirts and suits or dress slacks and sports coats. There were plenty of adult supervision because it wasn’t just the teachers from our school keeping an eye on us. Any teacher could snatch you up if you broke the rules so it didn’t matter that we broke up into small groups. There was always someone keeping watch.

      1. Rob

        I went in 87 as well, and it was the best time I had at a theme park (any theme park). And I remember the rules…everyone on their best behavior, as no one wanted to be the one who ruined it for everyone else. Our school had criteria for discipline issues prior to being approved to go (the “repeat offenders” were excluded from the beginning).

        Now, adults are some of the worst, and the kids emulate that.

      2. Be Nice

        Although I never went to one of these events, I can totally believe this, I graduated in 88 and if we went anywhere, we were well chaperoned and were held responsible for our behavior. (I could tell you some stories of a few unruly students and the consequences) I can see students having to ‘earn’ the ‘privilege’ to go.

    2. Nick

      Hate is all they have. Take that away, and they’ll need to look in a mirror, or God forbid read their book and realize that they are everything their savior said is sick, depraved, and shameful about the world.

  4. Brandy

    Then you need to stop Pride month too! I’ve seen guys putting their hands down each other’s pants. Making out in front of children. Cast members don’t do anything!

    1. Liliana

      Straight couples do that too in broad daylight. Keep up with the double standard.

      1. Kim Callaghan

        Yeah sure I want to see either of that😩

      2. Heather

        Lol but when the homos do it, they play victim to get away with it.

        Oh poor me, I’m being targeted and discriminated against!!

      3. Gay Days--YUKK

        Straight people do it w their significant other but gays do it with people they just met so it happens way more

        1. Jack

          I find it hard to believe that the Christian groups go around and stealing things.

          1. Pat

            Who is monitoring these posts. It’s absolutely outrageous that people should be allowed to post homophobic comments like this. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

          2. Jason B

            That’s because you are a brainwashed cult member

      4. Lilian, it is not a double standard to hold you to the same rules and directions you insist we all live by. If you cancel grad notes, you must, to be fair, cancel pride nites too. JS

        1. RPM

          Showing your true neo-con colors and putting forward the cancel culture you so often rail against.

    2. AH

      Yes. I refuse to go during gay days.

      1. Kim Callaghan

        When is that?

        1. Heather

          Typically month of June

        2. Mark L Sheldon

          All year

      2. Mark L Sheldon

        Good no one cares if you go at all stay mad homophobic pos

        1. Why do you insist on bunching us all into that category? Not everyone who disagrees with your life style is homophobic!! JS

    3. Chase Woofer

      Disney doesn’t do anything special for pride month. “Gay Days” is an organization that puts on the events, going to the parks is just like any other group of people going to the parks. So no special prices , no closing the park to other guests, no nothing. So you have no clue what your talking about.

      1. Susan

        They may not promote “gay days” but they do put out the “pride” merchandise to ok the it. I am not saying that Christian’s are better because we all sin. It is sad that I am being disrespected and discriminated against because of my views. So I get called homophobic or whatever. I hurts all the same.

      2. Jan K.

        I see a lot of merchandise with Pride on it for the entire month of June for them not to be acknowledging it!

    4. Heather

      THANK YOU! I laugh when they say they’re moving away from religious things but that’s a straight up cult!

    5. Mark L Sheldon

      Shut up ..your opinion is🤮homophobe

    6. Eve


    7. Linda

      What’s your issue with kissing in public? Do you want straight couples to not kiss also?

    8. milayne

      I think that people need to stop talking about night of joy and rock the universe because this is the reason the youth act like they do because they want to get rid of God everywhere and that’s why there is soooo much violence going on. they should get rid of halloween horror nights. us christians are more respectful than these kids that destroy everything and trash the parks.

      1. Your dad

        Well the only time ive kicked out a group of teenagers AND a chaperone for gangbanging in a bathroom was at rock the universe only dealt with a few drunks at horror nights, but the depravity at rock the universe is unmatched. 15 year security vet

  5. Kevin

    Complaining about events that were already canceled 11 and 4 years ago? From someone who doesn’t even work for the parks anymore? Seriously? Go clutch your pearls somewhere else sweetie.

    1. Kim Callaghan

      When is that?

      1. Kevin

        According to the article Grad night was cancelled 11 years ago and the Christian night thing was already cancelled 4 years ago.

  6. Lawrence Lewis

    I went to Grad Night in 1979 from Oakland High we brought 9 buses of seniors. Back then Grad Night was overnight after the parked closed to regular visitors. We had to wear suit and ties and girls had to wear dresses or pant suites. We had a great time and no trouble, but kids have changed so much from my day.

  7. John

    Apparently, this disgruntled former employee doesn’t realize that not everyone that goes to Night of Joy is a Christian! Most churches uses the event for outreach, since some people, apparently like this disgruntled worker, wouldn’t go to a church, but would go to Disney…

    1. We had to end our day at Magic Kingdom due to Night of Joy. So how are they doing outreach if only people from the group are in there?

  8. SW

    What a load of crock. Clearly someone just doesn’t like “religion” or “religious people.” What this person is describing is the exact opposite of anything we saw or experienced at Night of Joy.

    1. Mark L Sheldon


    2. Mark L Sheldon

      All these homophobic losers in this comment section must be trumptard repuklican’ts 🤮

      1. Kevin

        Mark Rails against people being intolerant with just as much (if not more) intolerance of his own. You’re so precious, Mark. Actually, a better word to describe you is: hypocritical.

        1. Voice of Reason

          Mark: 0

          Kevin: 1

    3. SY

      I went to church camp every year in high school specifically to get stoned in the forest and hook up with girls. Doesn’t sound very much like a Christian camp, does it? Just because you don’t experience something doesn’t mean it isn’t taking place.

  9. Mason

    As a Christian I don’t think Christians would be racist because it is an atheist idea and steal because stealing is a sin.

    1. Mark L Sheldon

      Your delusional

      1. Monkeypox

        Gay Days v Night of Joy


        @ Mark L Sheldon, YOU ARE A FUDGEPACKER! Calm down and Shut the F up.

      3. This time I agree with you, Mark. Mason is somewhat delusional

      4. Kevin

        YOU’RE (not ‘your’. Jeez get it right just once, will you?) hypocritical, Markie Mark

        1. Grammar Police

          Mark: 0

          Kevin: 2

    2. Off the Marx

      It is actually a socialist idea to cause strife between classes.

    3. Off the Marx

      It is actually a socialist idea to cause strife between classes.

  10. Tim W

    This is not news and it is not new. Don’t like it; don’t work there. It is not volunteer work, it is paid. Behavior is a problem at all events and all theme parks. Have rules and kick people out is all you can do. But don’t call for them to be canceled just because you didn’t – past tense – like working them.

  11. Gay Days--YUKK

    Straight people do it w their significant other but gays do it with people they just met so it happens way more

  12. Rob

    As a former youth pastor, I’m not surprised to hear about the grad nights or Christian events. Let me explain. For obvious reasons, we know that teens are prone to acting out, especially when they think they can get away with it. Grad nights are celebratory, there are large crowds and they go largely unsupervised. At the Christian events, the main offenders of these theft and illicit activities are also likely teenagers. Why do I say that? Because 1. A vast number of teens in youth groups, which are likely the largest portion of those in attendance, are not Christians. They attend youth groups either to be with friends or because their parents make them. That doesn’t mean no one in youth group is a Christian, but there are a lot who aren’t. Then there are a lot of people who use these large scale events as an evangelistic tool. “Hey, come see how cool you can still be and be a Christian.” So they bring unbelieving friends, which they should, and with that comes all kinds of different worldviews. Don’t get mad if a theme park takes away a Christian event. They originally did it to make money anyway. If you want your friends to know Jesus, give them the gospel and trust the Lord to save them.

    1. John

      Finally. A realistic take on the situation. I was one of those kids who wasn’t a Christian, yet still attended events. And let me tell you, the worst offenders were the kids who’s parents were the most devout.

    2. Be Nice

      Thank you just Thank you!

  13. boo I'm a lesbian does that scare you

    why are there so many homophobic people calling for the cancelation of gay days when all I ever see gay people doing at Disneyland is avoiding homophobic comments in ride lines. gay days isn’t even run by Disney, its just gay people attending the park lol. my husband and I go every year, (he’s gay and I’m a lesbian) and literally nothing ever happens. I also went to grad nite and it was hell. just say you hate gay people and despise minimum wage workers and go. straight people are so weird lol.

    1. Nobody cares that you’re a lesbian does that make you feel less special

      Nothing in your post makes sense and everything you say is contradicted with the next thing you say.

      1. not really because it made you mad enough to take the time and reply to me :)

        I’m sorry you don’t know how to read a simple paragraph, that’s not really my problem though. idk why you’re mad? gay days is harmless, not sponsored by Disney, and is far better than grad nite or any religious event I’ve attended. theres no reason for people to be bringing it up in the comment section and saying it should be banned when lgbt people are way nicer and calmer than any of you religious straighties. is that easier for your little baby brain to understand?

    2. Grammar is Good

      What scares me is the fact you may have passed English and be considered the future of this country.

  14. Estevan

    What a kill joy, “these young punks are having entirely too much fun, in my day we stayed home and read the the communist manifesto… no kid will have fun with their friends on my watch.”

  15. Ann Marsh

    I couldn’t agree more with this person on TikTok AND I’m a follower of Christ! I really try on a daily basis to be a positive example of the beauty in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some days it’s a thumb up and some days a thumb down. I’m human and by no means perfect. I’ve been to a few Night of Joy events and was shocked and embarrassed at the behavior of a lot of the attendees. Behavior from being disrespectful to cast members to acts of vulgar behavior. Definitely not enough chaperones. It’s was like thousands of teenagers running amuck. They didn’t deserve having this special night. I personally know cast members and how on a daily basis guests will verbally abuse them especially after opening up after the Covid shutdown. Night of Joy should have been a night that cast members themselves looked forward to because it should have given them a welcome reprieve from daily guest abuse. But instead it was a Night of Dread. SMH

  16. lovesdisney

    Remember the opening day speech?Disneyland was created for everyone. If everyone would just be aware of how many little innocent children are in there and just exercise decency around the innocent then we can focus on the fun and not the couples regardless of preference.

  17. Michael

    Well they haven’t had Night of Joy at Disney world for a few years now. If they had it to hey didn’t mention it at all

  18. Oscar

    Just curious, all of this article was negative towards grad night, but included a Christian one as well? But nothing about why that one?

  19. Michael

    I’m a former cast member at the Disneyland Resort and I know people who work Grad Nites and they hate it for all the same reasons she said

  20. Mr White

    Oh another SJW trying to kill the kids fun, not only have they tried to convert good straight Christians …they now want them to stop having special nights at Disney.

  21. Zeke Johnsen

    I agree with a good chunk of the former CMs and team Members. I worked as a security guard for Universal in Los Angeles and the Grad bash here, I had a chaperone and a bus driver go off on me for not being able to cross into area’s that were closed off to the public. The chaperones also act much worse than the students and they’re supposed to be responsible for these teens. It was partially the reason why I quit. Don’t get paid enough to deal with irresponsible/ negligent people.

  22. MAD DAD

    As a guest sometimes, I have a question for the current and past cast members and theme park employees. If most of the guest treat you like garbage, are there any that treat you with respect? How does that look like to you as employee? I try to go out of my way to treat the employees nicely and not to get in their way and to have my children do the same. I am often told I look mad even though I am not but since my eyebrows naturally form the frown creases, I have to live with it and believe me it is lonely at times cause no one wants to associate with the “mad” dad all the time.

  23. somepeoplestillcare

    I graduated in 1981. Grad night is one of my favorite memories. I must say it sucked to have to “dress up” for the event. The magic Kingdom isn’t really High Heel friendly but other than that small inconvenience. It is a memory I hold dear they had KC and the Sunshine band there which I know most of you have no idea who I am talking about. Kiki D was also there. It’s a shame how today’s society and lack of respect for others property steals from the great memories. All the world seems to need anymore is ONE person to say oh this or that offends me and the whole world must change because of a few misbehaving narcissist to say thier feelings are hurt we change all the rules instead of fixing the problem. I know way off track but nail on the head the lack of discipline allowed is damn stupid. I know there is real child abuse I experienced it 1st hand so no I am not against protecting the children I am against taking it to extremes. no I am not against lbgt or anything else my opinion is God knows our hearts and whatever the choice, that is between them and God. We were not put here to judge our fellow man we are here to give love. Isn’t that the teachings we probably all learned love your neighbor as yourself. I am not some zealous religious person pushing anything on any one like I said to each their own. I am not to judge. Everyone is so worried about stepping up or even standing up for all that the fewer are destroying, our “freedom” because they love drama and pushing pushing pushing. If that were your child would you give in to their demands or set certain boundaries? This is exactly how we should be in society, if a grad nite or whatever group is causing a ruckus, stealing, having inappropriate sexual encounters. They should be removed from the park and forced to sit on the bus until the event is over. If more people would enforce the rules less people would abuse the rules. Just like raising children you have to teach that there are consequences for doing the wrong thing. I know it seems I got off track but I have not. Everything in life should have consequences for breaking the rules and everyone in life should obey the rules. period end of sentence.

  24. Mike

    I say cast members should quit their job if they’re unhappy. Disney should bring back the cleancut look and no nose piercing or lip etc.
    Learn your history, because when I asked a cast member a question, they didn’t have the answer nor did they try to find out.
    I wonder how come to stop PRIDE DAY. The bigot.
    Stop giving cast members extra tickets. Let them only sign in for free 3 times a year to get into the parks.

    1. Lynn Kendall

      And they ARE quitting their jobs. Now, your experience there suckssssss. Good luck. Pride events don’t cause any chaos. The repressed religious wingnuts and their hor*y offspring with sticky fingers are. That’s why THEY are banned. 😅 You all keep complaining but go right back to Disney. Dummies.

  25. Foob

    I’ve got no issue with this, but if Disney starts banning these special events then they should ban all of the special events including LGBT events. But we know Disney doesn’t have a backbone.

  26. Raft 1

    Isn’t theft what kids do now? Look at Los Angeles. If there’s one thing that city has taught us is, theft is not a crime anymore.

    I used to work at Disneyland between 2000-2005, and the regular non-religious grad nights were full of sexual behavior and douche bag teenage bahavior. The religious thing is moot. Teenagers are teenagers, and teenagers are gonna f**k. I’ve seen it with my own eyes at DLR. The bimbo in this story is a knucklehead. I worked there too. The f**k is she on about?

  27. Peter Parker

    It’s ironic that these whiny immature tiktoks/”influencers” totally conradict what I hear from people I personal know who have worked there and/or go regularly.

    The do you so they get blog attention and likes and nothing else. They know they are lying or at very least exaggerating in a major way. but don’t care…
    They are the social media generation and facts just don’t matter.

  28. Me

    OMG yes these need to end. Disneyland cast member here. Grad Nights are absolutely awful at the Disneyland resort. They do these stupid mix in during the day with regular guest and the guests hate it. The teens are so loud and rowdy and just ruins it for guest and cast a like. Absolutely no respect for anyone. The cheerleaders are the second worse because the parents actually encourage the behavior. Though I doubt disney can do anything about the cheerleader crap because the convention center hosts the event and they just come to Disney after.

  29. What “religious” groups are these? Are they being sponsored by a church? Why are you not calling them out by name, embarrass them and ban them from the park.
    I have a feeling these are “religious” groups in name only.

  30. Walt

    OH MY GOSH! One irrelevant tictoking, attention seeking little tart makes accusations – well they must be true. I can imagine that Grad nights have gotten worse with her generation since they “deserve” everything YOU have for doing NOTHING – but I call MAJOR BS on night of Joy. Been there done that NEVER NEVER did I see anything even remotely approaching what she alleges. Poor baby just needs attention because the most incredible thing she ever did was work for the Kingdom and now thats past. Look at me! Look at me!

    1. Lynn Kendall

      And wahhhh, who’s crying online? Old grumpy man says huh?

  31. Lee

    The article starts by saying that Disney has already stopped doing both, so I really don’t get the point. Don’t worry, they’ve made sure the only thing to be celebrated in Disney is your sexual orientation and how different everyone’s skin color is. No recognition of academic accomplishment or Judeo-Christian beliefs allowed.

  32. I’m sorry I’m just not buying the idea that The Christian night of Joy causes a bunch of “incidents”. How about PRIDE month? I can’t believe that isn’t accompanied by LOTS of indecent acts. I’ve seen pictures of hundreds of speedo-clad guys at the waterparks and it looks “terrible.” Not too hard to believe about grad night but the account of Night of Joy doesn’t seem truthful or accurate.

    BTW -it feels like every other article on the internet about Disney concerns a “former Disney World cast member says this…”

    I was a former Disney cast member, too, but that doesn’t make me an expert or a voice that should be followed.

    1. Lynn Kendall

      Wahhhhhh cry more. Homophobe says what?!
      It’s your people that are indecent. We all know that the church is where the pervs hide, not in the gay community.

      1. You poor moron

        Ignorant mouth breather says what?! You’ve clearly never been to a pride rally or seen pictures of some of the shenanigans that go on at some of these events. Once you’ve come face to face with a gaggle of grown men dressed as unicorns with rainbow colored dildos strapped to their foreheads, you might have to rethink your moronic statement.

  33. Tim

    I grew up going to Night of Joy. And had my Grad Night in ‘87. I loved those times at Disney. But I think it’s a whole generation that doesn’t have respect. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  34. JC

    Oh but I do remember this as a Cast Member back in the early 90’s. Grad Nite was rowdy, but it was the Night of Joy that struck terror into our hearts. Fights, theft, drugs (lots and lots of weed), and…ahem…adult activity on Tomorrowland rides…yikes. Turn loose some Christian kids when they think nobody’s looking and it’s a recipe for disaster.

  35. Jan K.

    I was at Grad night in 1996 and in 1998 as a chaperone for my kids. In 96 there was one chaperone for 6 kids and in 98 there was one chaperone for 5 kids. The chaperones stayed with the kids all night except for dining. If they didn’t want to ride the ride the rest were riding, then they waited with me. We didn’t have any issues with any of our kids and they were all told in advance that the school was purchasing them grad night ears and keychain any other items they wanted would have to be purchased by the kid. Our school never had an issue with any of what is being mentioned in this article. We have also been at the Night of Joy and informed them of the same all items except keychains were to be paid for by the individual.

  36. Carlton

    I must admit I like the idea of parents being held responsible, and receiving the same punishment!

  37. Ember

    It doesn’t surprise behaviors that happen during any of the events especially during religious events. They are the worse. Grad night growing up was something I looked forward too. Being at Disneyland all day before Grad night was miserable so I can imagine when the whole park is shut down for a bunch or young adults and teenagers. If events still happen then cast and other workers should get higher pay for their time working and other benefits as well as rules and policies being adjusted.

  38. Mario

    The logic of taking things away because of the actions of a few is moronic.

  39. Jarrod

    But LGBT is ok, always attacking the Christians

  40. Kim

    Don’t end some – end all…I find hilarious that “inclusive people” always have a very specific list of ways to only include one group but not the other…so be fair – end them all – we’re all the same no need to have any night or event specifically for one group

    1. Rational thought

      Boom! Well said. This has been my view for a long time. It’s funny how most of these self-interest groups (and religions) scream at others “don’t tell me how to live” while simultaneously telling people how they should live. The term hypocritical comes to mind.

  41. May S.

    So basically, Tik-Tokker complains about something that happened years ago & all the raging Christophobes expose their bigoted selves on this article. Cool.

  42. Voice of Reason

    It’s tragically hilarious how our society so readily uses blanket statements to describe entire populations of various people. ALL gay people are like this. ALL Christians are like that. ALL black people, ALL white people, ALL Democrats, ALL Republicans…blah blah blah. It’s as if we’re all so proud of the fact that over half of the population possesses double digit IQ’s nestled squarely within the dull-normal range that we can’t wait to post idiotic comments to prove that fact. It’s even funnier to see all the virtue signaling and advocacy of one side parallel the admonishment and criticism of the other within these comments. Good job folks. Where’s a well placed, globally catastrophic asteroid impact when you need one?

  43. M

    Eliminating religious celebration is the opposite of inclusive..
    Ever since people lost faith they lost ethics, morals & manners as well. Bad behavior has gotten worse since covid, there’s several studies by psychologists on it. Since when do we condone it? Why don’t we hold people responsible & accountable for their actions? We’re descending into a lawless society. If people can’t behave and act like a decent human being then yes, no more specialty groups.

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