Comments for Guests Harass Disneyland Cast Member After He Makes Viral TikTok

Jake Novak in his viral SNL TikTok and working at Disneyland.


  1. Mark L Sheldon

    Poor kid you. Cant win for loosing! Disney better just be happy he is a good worker

  2. Brie

    You are LITERALLY doing the same thing! Shame on you for making this so much worse for my friend. Jake is amazing and doesn’t deserve this and now you have gone and sensationalized this story for your own gain and then tell people not to do it. Are you kidding me. Done following you!

    1. Douglass Abramson

      Well, if Disneyland security is doing their job; anyone who harasses him anywhere in the resort, not just while he’s performing, should find themselves wasting whatever money they spent to get into the park and find themselves on the large permanently named from all Disney Parks list. So folks should ask themselves if being jackasses to one struggling actor who took a chance because his agent is obviously useless, is worth the potential negative outcome. Oh, and I don’t know about other Disney resorts, but Anaheim has A LOT of plain clothes security, so just because you don’t see someone in a security uniform, it doesn’t mean that the coast is clear.

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